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06-06-2010, 22:48
i have been having problems with defeating Daemons, wood elfs, vampire counts, and bretonians, this is what im running, little advice please, i dont get what im doing wrong:


400 pts
-LVL 4 Sorceress: D.Peg, Black staff, Pendant

192 Pts
-Lvl 2 sorceress: Tomb, seal of ghorond, dark steed

130 Pts
-Master: Ring of darkness, Heavy armor, shield, Great wep

146 Pts
-Assasin: +1 Hand Wep, Rune of Khain, Manbane (killed a blood thirster in 1 round, it was awsome, she is usually in the warriors)

117 pts
-5 Dark Riders: Crossbows, Musician

239 Pts
-32 Warriors: Full command, shields

137 Pts
-12 Repeater crossbowman: Shields, musician

225 Pts
-5 cold one knights: Musician, Dred Knight, banner of murder, life taker

277 Pts
-14 Blackguard: Tower master w/ Crimson Death, Musician, and ASF banner

175 Pts
-War Hydra

200 pts
-2 Bolt Throwers
here are some of the things i tweak out and change (mainly b/c its the only extras i have)

256 Pts
-Dredlord: Shield, Ring of darkness, Executioners Axe (Vs Daemons)

226 Pts
-Dredlord: Shield, Ring of darkness, ChillBlade

130 Pts
-Master: Ring of darkness, Heavy armor, shield, Great wep (in BG i get tired of them getting shot to death)

303 Pts
-LVL 4 Sorceress: Dark Steed, Focus Familiar, Pendant

160 Pts
-Lvl 2 sorceress: sacrificial dagger


most the time what i do (ill post some video reports, so you get a better idea of how games usually work) is i start with my warriors in front of my BG, and they sit there basically, slowly moving up, if someone charges the warriors, surprise and assassin, i own 3-4 things, then warriors eat after... if the warriors lose, thats when they now have to crash into the BG, wich as we all know, are a bundle of fun, i then proceed to eat more things

06-06-2010, 22:56
You have spent way to many points on magic items, your sorceress is on a peggy so she doesnt need the pendant (the peggy more or less is a 3+ ward as they need to roll a 5 or a 6 to hit you off it).

Id recomend droping most of the items. If you really want to take the pendants its better on the master. A bsb is allways usefull.

07-06-2010, 00:50
First of all, there is no such item in the DE book as a Tomb. They can have a book, but not a crypt lol.

@VonUber- the ward save is still pretty useful, not agianst incoming fire beut because she's throwing so many dice around that she will miscast relatively often, and this is a good way of stopping her getting hurt.

That master should be made a BSB, and is he's got a great weapon give him a SDC instead of a shield- he can't use the shield in cc (because he's always going to use his great weapon) but can use the SDC. A better option, IMO, would be to drop the Ring of Darkness and give him the ASF banner. That way, the BG can take the Armour Piercing banner- this makes them a nightmare for knights, as the character and champion can throw out 6 S6 attacks for a total of -4 armour save before they get attacked back, usually hitting on 3s with a re-roll.

That warrior block is unnecessarily large unless you're going with a Sacrificial Dagger. Taking 25 with full command and a War Banner is plenty.

Having Lifetaker on the COK champion is a bit wasted. I take it on a mounted mage (usually a level 1 with the Tome in comped tournaments), this would be better than the Seal, IMO 5 DD is usually enough when you have a pair of scrolls. A level one on foot with these is usually a must.

The Knights might be better off with the +D3 combat res on the charge banner.

I am still of the opinion that BG don't need a musician, mine tend to either lose by lots due to a lack of static combat res, or they just knock chunks out of whatever they're fighting. Never needed one.

10 xbows with a musician and shields is plenty.

As to your deployment, putting the Warrior block in front of the Black Guard means you're not getting the best out of both of your combat blocks, because they can't both engage and you're relying on the warriors to die to get the BG into combat. Instead, use the 10 xbows to shield the BG (about 4" in front). When they get charged, they can flee through the ItP BG and rally behind (or stand and shoot and then have a 4+ save in combat if it's just light stuff charging them), and the enemy will have to either re-direct into the BG or get charged by them. This allows you to have your Warrior block threating Dragons and Greater Daemons, or just hanging back and holding a flank.

Against Brets, take Lore of Metal. Even the first spell in the Lore will worry their characters no end, so spaming that with both mages will draw out a fair few dice, then you can use the Staff and the ordinary PoD spell to cast the bigger spells.

Wood Elves, can't deal with both the BG and the Hydra (when I use a chariot agianst them as well as these 2, they can never get rid of all 3, the BG are the easiest to hurt but they're also the easiest to screen).Use fire magic to get rid of the Treeman, and the hydra's breath weapon to get anything they hide in a forest. The RBTs mean you can sit right at the back and make them come to you, they can't outrange you (but bear in mind their bows have an effective range of 35").

Daemons are always hard to kill, concentrate your fire on what you can kill, use the Warrior block to threaten the 'Thirster (if you have 3 ranks, banner, outnumber and a War Banner then take the challenge with your champion, you'll still beat it- he can only get a max of 6 wounds out of the challenge and the you win with the musician) and the BG should mangle whatever comes into them. Keep the hydra away from flamers and anything that has the Firestorm Blade.

Against VC you've just got to conentrate your fire. I like allowing them to create a new unit, then stop him adding to it- you get 50VPs for each of these you kill. He'll have to come to you because you can outrange him, so make sure he's running at the stuff you want him to fight, also you can claim table quarters far more easily than he can.

07-06-2010, 02:18
i would say more casting dice, a larger black gaurd unit maybe 20 with no magic item on the champ, a BSB, less magic items, maybe another crossbow unit