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09-06-2010, 02:49
I was thinking about the Primarchs and how you can find similarities between the different brothers as well as the obvious differences in there specific strengths, I don't just mean the apparent similarities such as Leman Russ and Angron both being incredible melee fighters, or Dorn and Perturabo both being masters of siegecraft more so the subtle similarities; e.g Ferrus Mannus and Perturabo both appear to be masters of technology (fairly sure it is mentioned in the fluff that Perturabo had an almost unnatural affinity for technology that segregated him from his brothers) it made me think which traitor Primarchs the loyalist Primarchs would have gotten along with best if they hadn't been scattered to the solar winds and the galaxy hadn't been turned upside down by that hiccup they call the Horus Heresy..

Just for fun here is a list of each of the Primarchs and some ideas on which of the others they may have gotten along with and why:

*Note* all these points are purely hypothetical ergo I will use examples of there personalities based on there character (how I perceive them) as well as there actions in the actual fluff, despite my post being based on a what if scenario. I have also decided to go against the obvious choices.

Ferrus Mannus - Perturabo
Think these guys had the potential to be close as brothers due to there no nonsense attitudes and respect for technology. They could have had a good mutual respect for each other anyway if not agreeing on battle tactics.

Corax - Konrad Curze
Both favored espionage/guerilla fighting (not the night lords as a whole, I refer to Curze's actions before he was reunited with his legion) and both went to insane lengths to follow what they believed (Corax with his mutants in the basement and Curze letting himself die to prove a point) they also both seemed quiet and introspective.

Jaghatai Khan - Angron
Both had ruthless personalities as reflected by Jaghatai's conquering of Chogoris (giving each city the choice to surrender or be utterly annihilated) and Angron's...well you know what he was like, but I like to think from the way Angron fought with his gladiators and the odd small moment you see the Primarch beneath the insanity the almost tribal way he perceives his "brothers", or perhaps had he not had the implants they could have had respect for one anothers ways.

Lion el'Jonson - Horus
Neither of these Primarchs had any single obvious defining characteristic to me other than there will to conquer of which both had in spades, both very tactically minded in battle with Horus coining the speartip and Lion el' not forgetting the importance of lightning attacks upon the enemy with his ravenwing, I'd also like to imagine that if Lion el' hadn't grown up on a death world surrounded by unimaginable monsters he would have been more charismatic akin to Horus.

Rogal Dorn - Mortarion
Rogal Dorn could have made the trenches and Mortarion would have fought in them, both are incredibly stalwart people with Mortarion willing to fight to a man with steady inexorable advance and Rogal, well he is just the embodiment of stoicism. I believe that had Mortarion not landed on Barbarus and been deformed by it's atmosphere/inherent corruption he would have been rather similar to Rogal.

Sanguinius - Fulgrim
Fulgrim and Sanguinius, the perfect Primarchs, both beautiful and embodying a spectrum of the Emperor's will, Fulgrim fought to emulate the Emperor and was not only incredibly skilled in combat but also charismatic and emotionally open (his love of art and literature) Sanguinius was said to be the Primarch who inherited the most of the Emperor's soul.

Roboute Guilliman - Lorgar
Okay so this choice might not seem that obvious at first but look at it this way: both fanatical about the emperor, both tried to do more than just conquer the planets they brought into the Imperium (ok I know Lorgar was wrong with his religious crap, but had he grown up on Terra I highly doubt that would have been his way) so yeah, I think these two could have been similar.

Leman Russ - Magnus (OH NO HE DIDN"T!!)
haha okay so now I am running out of Primarchs and am forced to use these last pairings, so I will try to stop this becoming a total farce and try to find some similarities; Both had defects with there gene seed, in my opinion had they grown up together and forged a real bond from early on Leman would not have had his irrational hatred of all things psyker. *clutches at metaphorical straws* ummmmm perhaps there differences would have made them unlikely friends, Leman and Magnus the original odd couple xD with Magnus being the scholar and tactician whilst Leman would be the straight up one who likes to fight! Magnus would be Leman's conscience and Leman would get the job done, I can envision them rolling off one another quite well.....that was almost painful to type.

Vulkan - Alpharius/Omegon
.....ok I actually know no reason why these two (three?) could be friends, any suggestions on why Vulkan might be pally with the twins?

Well that's my post done, I'm sure others can think up some more interesting pairings and ideas why they might have gotten along. Hope this wasn't too stupid a thread!

09-06-2010, 06:55
Well, he's generally a pretty friendly sort. And both he and the twins ended up trying to protect the Imperium, rather than expand it, no? I don't think it's obvious, but I think they might gel. Vulkan being the more vocal kid who defends the quiet one no one speaks to. ;)

Leman and Magnus; Neither of them liked doing what they were told. Both got things done, but did it their way, and to hell with the consequences and what stuffed shirts like Guilliman thought. I don't see a friendship between the two as overly improbable, depending on how much contact they had.

Son of Sanguinius
09-06-2010, 08:05
I prefer this oppositional pairing-

Horus / Corax
- Charisma and ambition opposed to rebellion and shadows.

Sanguinius / Konrad
- The gift and curse of foresight, and the result of resisting or submitting to fatalism.

Leman Russ / Angron
- The fury of war itself, but differentiated by the purpose. Judgment versus self-serving war.

Magnus / Lorgar
- The fanatical pursuits of knowledge, differentiated by the purpose. Seeking knowledge for its own sake versus seeking vindication.

Roboute Guilleman / Mortarion
- Pure opposition. The creation of institution and the pursuit of stability versus the inevitability of death and the overthrow of nations.

Ferrus Manus / Fulgrim
- Strength versus finesse. Function versus form. Creation through will versus creation through imagination.

Vulkan / Lion El Jonson
- Honor versus pragmatism. Charisma versus aloofness. The need to create against the the need to use.

Jaghatai Khan / Perturabo
- Faith in flesh versus faith in the machine. Improvisation versus calculation. The desire for movement in opposition to the refusal to yield.

09-06-2010, 18:47
Magnus and Lorgar
- both have a fascination for the supernatural, both are very well educated and knowledgeable, both are not merely warriors... as it turns out, both meant well and ended up destroying all they stood for...

Sanguinius and Curze
- the way I see it, they both accepted their fate... cursed with visions of the grim future and their own deaths, they walk their paths willingly...

Corax and Alpharius
- adepts of stealth, cunning and subterfuge

Russ and Perturabo
- bitter, cynical warriors; two examples of (barely) controlled aggression, both highly adept at their own complimentary methods, neither of them as blunt and unsophisticated as they seem...

Magnus and Perturabo
- both of them were ostracized because of their personal affinities; both of them would have probably been more preoccupied with their own research rather than the pursuit of war; both saw hand to hand combat as crude and inefficient;

A Shadow
09-06-2010, 22:19
Gulliman/Horus - both are loyal (well, were anyway), more far thinking then their brothers.

Sanguinius/Magnus - both are possessed of a mystical streak in their doctrines and both are the most "mutated" of the Primarchs

the Lion/Curze - both are loners who value order

Vulkan/Ferrus - both are creators of technology (although the Heresy novels tell us that Fulgrin and Ferrus were close)

Alpharius/Perturabo - both seem to dislike their brothers

Dorn/Mortarion - both value endurance and stamina, challenges

Khan/Russ - both raised amongst 'barbarians"

10-06-2010, 00:46
(although the Heresy novels tell us that Fulgrin and Ferrus were close)

That relationship existed long before the novels.

A Shadow
10-06-2010, 00:52
Exactly, and so had the Heresy not occurred is likely to have continued.

10-06-2010, 02:37
Sanguinius - Fulgrim
Fulgrim and Sanguinius, the perfect Primarchs, both beautiful and embodying a spectrum of the Emperor's will, Fulgrim fought to emulate the Emperor and was not only incredibly skilled in combat but also charismatic and emotionally open (his love of art and literature) Sanguinius was said to be the Primarch who inherited the most of the Emperor's soul.

In the Horus Heresy books they seem to have quite a good relationship, they pop up in A Thousand Sons together at Nikea and I'm sure I remember them being chummy in another book aswell.

13-06-2010, 00:42
Liking the replies to this, Son of sanguinius I like the way you drew your conclusions, very insiteful and you seemed to go for reasons for them to appreciate things in one another they themselves didn't posess, rather than direct similarities. Lot's of interesting ideas here, I never considered a lof of the reasonings put forward.