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10-06-2010, 20:04
Hey all,

Completely love the skaven book and am in the middle of deciding which army to focus on for the launch of 8th. Considering both my empire and WoC are cavalry based im thinking of starting out adapting and expanding my skaven for 8th. Basically I love the book. Im not a fan of WAAC armies but definately like a solid list. I have two lists in mind I have been comparing and one seems clearly more 'fun' - both have alot of opportunities for converting which is very important to me. Il give the breakdowns with brackets for thoughts on conversions to fit theme. Any and all feedback welcome. As far as Skaven go im reasonably inexperienced at building lists but have been playing the game itself for a long time. What im trying to say is if anything can be fine tuned im all ears!


Basically the theme revolves around Warlord Hari Kari of Clan Skryre returning from a successful quest to retrieve the lost Fellblade. His heavily depleted forces have been reinforced by a Grey seer, his banner bearer and a large formation of stormvermin to ensure his (well at least the swords) safe return.While the list is likely not optimal I really wanted to include as many Skryre units and conversions as possible. I havnt doubled up on anything except clanrats and slaves to meet this requirement Hopefully avoiding previous SAD incarnations.

LORDS [518p 20.72%]
Warlord Hari Kari– Fellblade, Shield, Warlitter [228p]
Grey Seer – Skavenbrew [290p]

Warlord with the Fellblade became much more viable in my mind this Edition as with his great initiative he will likely be able to slice and dice any big gribbly that comes his way. Im really set on this guy as I think the fellblade represents all that is skaven. Lethal to the extreme for all parties involved. The Grey Seer and BSB join the horde formation Stormvermin, further augmenting their WS4 S4 I5 with hopefully hatred or frenzy.

HEROES [371p 14.84%]
Cheiftain – BSB, Rival Hide Talisman, Shield of Distraction [100p]
'Ratbo'- Engineer - Level 1, Condenser, Deathglobe, Warplock Pistol [118p]
'Ratthew Bourne'- Engineer – Doomrocket. Warlock Optics, Warpmusket [80p]
'Chuck Knawess' - Engineer – Brass Orb, Warplock Pistol [73p]

The three engineers are possibly my favorite part of the army. 'Ratbo' with his blasts of warplightning, pistol fire and 'grenade' leads the Death Corp. Ratthew Bourne supports the army with his ACME missile and sniper prowess, while the crazy Chuck Knawess finds the biggest slowest target and takes it out with his Brass Orb and then runs around like a madman shooting his little pee shooter. These 3 are non negotiable and stay as is even tho the optics and musket might seem like a waste of points!

CORE [1058p 42.32%]
48 Stormvermin – Standard, Musician [351p] + Warpfire Thrower [70p]<-GS+BSB
26 Clanrats – Full Command, Shields [137p] + Doomflayer [55p] <HariKari
24 Clanrats – Standard, Musician, Shields [120p] + Ratling Gun [55p] <-Ratbo
24 Clanrats – Standard, Musician, Shields [120p] <-Chuck
18 Ratpack – 2 Packmasters [64p]
21 Slaves – Musician [44p]
20 Slaves – Musician [42p]

Pretty basic Mutually supportive Core. The smaller CR units stay close to the SV so Ratbo and Chuck can be skitterleaped as needed :D

SPECIAL [313p 12.52%]
5 Plague Censer Bearers [80p]
5 Gutter Runners [60p]
5 Poison Wind Globadiers [50p]
3 Jezzails [60p]
Rat Ogre – Masterbred, Packmaster [63p]

The Special choices are there because I wanted to do some conversions and have variance in the army. Ratthew Bourne joins the Jezzails and they just try and knock the odd model off for ranks or take out bigger gribblies. 3 wont do much but, hey, they are cheap and they are Skryre. The PCB will be converted chainsaw wielders. I mocked one up the other day and it looked fantastic. Billowing fume clouds count as the Gas etc etc. Gutter runners represent Skryres advanced expiditionary team using scanners etc instead of ninja prowess. I really like the single masterbred RO + packmaster. The masterbred with his 5 strength 5 Initiative 5 WS4 attacks is a great flank protcetor from light cav, small units etc. Conversion will be hella cool too.

RARE [240p 9.6%]
Doomwheel [150p]
Warp Lightning Cannon [90p]

Staple of Skryre armies. Im sure the DW will not do as good in 8th but it is Iconic so I had to include it

So thats the Skryre force. It should be hilariously fun to play and as far as I can see not abusive at all. No doubling up on weapons teams, cannons doomwheels + a suicidal lord and hording storvermin should make for fun times. Just writing this has nearly convinced me that this is the one I should go.

Anyway force two. Clan Moulder.


This is a decidedly 'darker' force. Focusing on kitbashing zombies, clanrats, SV, Chaos hounds, Gors, basically anything gribbly looking I can get my hands on. I think it is probably alot stronger competitive wise than the previous list. Theme is basic. Hellpit unleashed in all its gribbly glory! I dont want any shooting in this list whatsoever to maintain the monster/mutation theme.

LORDS [548p 21.92%]
'Ratoleon the Overcompensating' -Warlord – Fellblade, Shield, Rat Ogre Bonebreaker[258p]
Dr. RattenStein - Grey Seer – Skavenbrew [290p]

Same as above basically adjusted for a moulder theme. Something screams Moulder at me for magically modifying a huge bodyguard of Stormvermin to greater heights of ferocity.

HEROES [95p 3.8%]
Chieftain – BSB, Rival Hide Talisman, Ench Shield [95p]

CORE [902p 36.08%]
48 Stormvermin – Standard, Musician, Stormbanner [401p] <Rattenstein +BSB
61 Strong Ratpack – 54 Rats, 6 Packmasters and Skweel. [318p]
16 Ratpack – 14 rats, 2 packmasters [58p]
17 Ratpack – 15 rats, 2 packmasters[61p]
18 Ratpack – 16 rats, 2 packmasters[64p]

Pretty obvious from a functional standpoint. Both horde formations are pretty horrifying in what they can do.

SPECIAL [705p 28.2%]

5 Rat Ogres – Masterbred, 2 Packmasters [239p]
3 Rat Ogres – Masterbred, Packmaster [143p]
3 Rat Ogres – Masterbred, Packmaster [143p]
5 Gutter Runners – [60p]
5 Gutter Runners – [60p]
5 Gutter Runners – [60p]

Gutter runners will be converted tunneling beasts of war specifically 'modified' to fill in the weaknesses of a pure moulder force. Laying waste to artillery, and small missile units.

RARE [250p 10%]
Hell Pit Abomination – Spikes 250p

Iconic. Two is waay waay overkill and in 8th these guys wont be the monstrosities they were in 7th.

Like I said I think this list is more competitve. Between the share speed of the skaven, The stormbanner and small gutter runner units these will lay waste to gunlines which I'm thinking we will see more of in 8th. Not as fun for me to play but extremely brutal.

Anyway if you made it to here I thankyou greatly for reading. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Specifically if anyone has thoughts as to how to include more troop types in the moulder army that would be great!



10-06-2010, 22:29
well you've put alot of effort into the lists. I think you will have more fun with the 1st list. The engineers, you obviously like them, so they are a must in either list. i think you need to consintrate on more special in the units, the units are too small, too little. you need a big unit of jezzails, 9 strong plus heroe, 3 units of globadiers. and i would remove the other special choices, they don't contribute much to be honest.
and you could have way more special, you could go for a warp lightning battery (3 strong) and and an extra doomwheel at the expense of some core would be cool.

see what you think, maybe rewrite the list for a refreshed format after a couple of posts