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11-06-2010, 08:11
Hey guys,

I've been tinkering around with lists for days and this one seems sort of promising. There are many variations I'm going to play around with but the core will be large blocks of marauders and warriors spanning nearly the length of the board.

EDIT: lnclusion of BSB, cover/screens and slight retooling of wizard.
EDIT2: fixing up list to reduce frontage and include troll bodyguard for a retooled BSB.

Heroes - 17.6%
The Oracle - sorceror - lvl2, spell familiar, Dispel scroll,conj homonc,Enchanted Shield.[185p]
Exalted - BSB, MoK, Juggernaut, Helm of many eyes, dragonhelm, 5++vs fliers, AP sword, Shield[255p]

Core - 52.72%
50 marauders - GW, MoK, std, mus [292p]
50 marauders - GW, MoK, std, mus [292p]
18 warriors - MoK, Std,Mus Halberds [336p]
18 warriors - MoK, Std,Mus Halberds [336p]
5 Hounds [30p]
5 Hounds [30p]

Special - 12.6%

7 Trolls <BSB

Rare - 16.4%
2 hellcannons [410p]

So this army will march across the board and through a combination of sheer weight of numbers and serious hitting power sweep aside all that stands before them.

So the only problem with line formations are 1. When terrain create bottlenecks and 2. When an overwhelming push on one unit breaks the line allowing enemies to pour through and flank. Enter twin hellcannons. OriginLly I had more troops in the list but I have a feeling the hellcannons will be more useful. They stand ready to blow apart any bottlenecks and heavily concentrated groupings.

Just over 200 models and packing some of the best infantry killing power in the game the khorne wall should be interesting to play. I have a trial game on Sunday il let you all know how it works out.


immortal git
11-06-2010, 18:22
Love it =) the marauders are in 10x5 yes? it lacks something to draw fire....like a giant or a shaggoth in my opinion, but the mass will sponge up the fire i spose

11-06-2010, 18:41
Heh thanks I have a sneaking suspicion i've shot myself in the foot as there just might be too many wide formations to manoevre properly. Like I said il get a feel for the optimum number of units to manoevre around terrain and fill the rest in with cannon bait, machine hunters, centrepieces etc. Il definately try subbing out a block of each and swith them for knights to condense frontage. We shall see but it should be fun!! Cheers for the feedback!!


EDIT - yeah they are 10x5. Il have to playtest alot to find the right number. Due to dying in absolute droves to both missile fire and melée (at least in melée they get to whoop ass back) I can't help but think 60 might be a better number

11-06-2010, 18:57
I love this list lol. Feel like it wouldn't be complete without some khornate champion/heroes in there. And just cause i love them mount them on juggernauts. Also why not put in the dogs to screen your khornates so they don't get baited too bad....

11-06-2010, 19:15
I reckon you will end up dropping the block of 16 warriors for a bsb and a hero- the Ld is important and the rr for stubborn is even better.

11-06-2010, 19:41
@ Dude. Yeah The 16 warriors would be a good sub for the BSB + maybe a chariot. I always wanted to include a BSB with the list but I thought Id start about as large as I could go then scale back depending on playtesting needs.

@Zurias - Yeah it would be great to have some Khorne characters in there but the only problem is they get so expensive so quickly and soon enough the 'horde' really isnt that big after all :(. I will likely include a bsb at some point - sortof hanging out to see what the new common items are so I can make up my mind on a final build.

Cheers for the comments guys.

As an afterthought what I will definately try out will be two naked demon princes of Khorne (assuming they get the d6 stomp attacks.) With those attacks and generally striking first they - in my eyes got quite a bit better especially if kept naked. Well they are probably still overcosted but they could really help nullify the armies inherent weaknesses.


11-06-2010, 19:42
I reckon you will end up dropping the block of 16 warriors for a bsb and a hero- the Ld is important and the rr for stubborn is even better.

I agree on the BSB. But adding another hero will not do much to improve the Ld - apart from a Chaos Lord that is. The general (sorc) is Ld8 and an Exalted Hero does not have more Ld.


11-06-2010, 21:01
Yeah i agree with the BSB, and with the new magic rules to keep with the theme (after all khorne hates magic) you could drop the sorc (or keep a lvl1 caddy) and use other characters... Also, to fix the maneouverability of the army why not run the marauders 8x6 or 7x7. Or make them four units of 8x5 though that will cost you points to add 10 models and the new std and mus...

11-06-2010, 21:12
Yeah i agree with the BSB, and with the new magic rules to keep with the theme (after all khorne hates magic) you could drop the sorc (or keep a lvl1 caddy) and use other characters... Also, to fix the maneouverability of the army why not run the marauders 8x6 or 7x7. Or make them four units of 8x5 though that will cost you points to add 10 models and the new std and mus...

Yup il definately make room for the BSB - not quite sure what i was thinking actually - just trying to fit as many troops on the board as possible I guess.Il update in a second. My main problem is trying to outfit a BSB on foot. I normally run them on juggernauts which helps with the defenses alot - but that was in a majority cav army with lots of place he could lurk. I need to keep this guy on foot because of the look out sir changes and possibility for baiting out of a unit. And il want to keep him as cheap as possible to make sure i can still fit in a tonne of troops. Anyone got suggestions?

With regards to the Sorc im actually thinking this guy might be half decent for his cost.

Knowing 3 spells and on average 7 dice a phase with ones and twos ending the wizards casting for the phase Im thinking this sort of lineup will work nicely.

Spell 1 2d6 +2
Spell 2 2d6 +2
Spell 3 3d6 +2

With any of them able to add d3 from Conj Homonc(not as bad now with BSB ld rerolls)

11-06-2010, 21:37
I think you'll need the wizard for dispelling as much as casting. I reckon a lot of players are going to be packing level 4's with +4 to cast and dispel. My Bretonnian and Empire armies are going to swap their pair of level 2's for a level 4 and still have a Lord choice on top of that.

Why not put a dispel scroll on your wizard? It seems like there's going to be a lot more area-of-effect spells in 8th you might really want to stop going off.

12-06-2010, 11:29
Ok edited OP to reflect prudent changes

(-) 303p warrior unit, barded steed (sorc), ench sh(sorc)
(+) BSB(MoK, Armor of Morslieb, Halberd) 4x5 hounds.

Think this list will be more solid to begin playtesting with. Thx all for the input and if any more ideas keep em coming!


12-06-2010, 15:00
Valkia the bloody could be very useful in this list becuase of her leadership bubble, plus she can quickly and efficiently deal with any flankers that pose a bi enough threat to your army ( like chariots )

14-06-2010, 20:45
Ok played first game with this list yesterday. I didnt tinker with any magic items from the common book but these are the highlights and intial thoughts.

I was fighting Orcs and gobbos.


1. Movement was a bit of an issue with so much frontage and an increase in terrain. Saying that I didnt really have any flanks in the initial turns of the game. Keeping an intact battleline was reasonably easy especially with the more laxed movement. My first thoughts would be i will have problems when skirmishers strike from trees. However thinking about it more all my combat units are so brutal at hitting even from the flank chances are most skirmishers simply wont have the model count to get me one on one in a protracted fight. The best case scenario for a conservative general is tie me up and turn me around for a couple of turns, or pulling me into a forest with a cheap unit that i would have to pursue or overrun on.

2. Random charges are a funny thing. As time goes on im probably going to think more about charging with infantry at base + 6. Those long charges are possible but pulling a unit out of ur line for a CHANCE at getting into combat is dicey.


We used existing lores but increased difficulties by 3. A level 2 can actually have a bit of fun now offensively. Granted not often but having 3 spells i could quite often cast all 3 spells a turn with the random dice generation.


The twin hellcannons just took things apart. Simple and brutal I had approximately a 33% chance a turn of annihalating an enemy ranked formation. The threat of these two monstrosities forced my opponent to not clump up his troops and disjointed his counter attacking manouevers. The psychological effect on his gameplay alone was worth the 410p. We handled it with seperate stats under the assumption it will be treated as a monster with handlers rather than a combined profile warmachine.


It was an aboslute bloodbath. Combats were protracted. He had nearly maxxed out his warmachine choices but had enough points to have alot ofbig bulky units. He definately won the artillery battle and my troops were getting into fights reasonably depleted in comparison. Saying that I had 34 marauders in one unit charge a unit of 45 boys - both in horde formation. Both units were basically wiped out by the end of it - I only had a handful of marauders left. His artillery hadnt taken quite a big enough toll and maybe his list wasnt optimised or he didnt disjoint my attack enough but the superior hittiness of khorne warriors and marauders won out in most cases. His hitty lord was take down over 2 combat phases by pissed off marauders stepping up and pasting him upside the head with greataxes. I lost that combat as I had been flanked by a detatchment sized unit but the general was dead at least.

Long story short. Titanic combat phase. Everything dies so quickly both him and me. But the loser would often stick around. It seems like in this Ed. alot of combats will nearly just about destroy both units taking part if reasonably evenly matched. I was dishing out a mauling with the marauders but was taking one back (especially in the first round). The warriors held up better but there smaller numbers hurt vs missilefire.

MVP for the game were the twin hellcannons. Between messing with my opponents head, no easy way to silence them and the brutality of their better template damage these guys were indispensable to this list. They kept my opponent reasonably off balance and me keeping on trucking.

Problems in the list itself.

1. I will coninue to run the marauders at 50 strong for the next while too see how that number holds up. Against a shooty army with plenty of AOE fire 50 didnt seem enough. Maybe that was because i was playing orcs and their warmachines and troops are cheap so they have alot of units to play with.

2. Frontage - it was a problem, im going to need to tinker with things to get this right.

3. No real hunter units. Fortunately my units are tough and hitty enough to shrud off alot of the lighter annoyances but having nothing that can move fast and destroy is an issie. I would love to be able to get to those warmachines quicker as the bombarding I was taking was hellatious. Valkia would be great (cheers brady) but I dont like to play with special characters.

Other than that It performed very well.

General thoughts.

1. BSB is mandatory in every list (if the rerolling any leadership tests in radius is correct). Stopping stupidity, allowing reforms, fear/terror the list goes on. But BSB's got boosted ALOT. Fantastic.

3. The whole game is faster now and more streamlined. The movement has really helped everything out alot.2500 points seemed pretty much perfect, allowing for slightly bigger formations and more options.


14-06-2010, 21:57
Its a shame you wont want to use special characters cos wulfrik with a squad of marauders can just about anniahlate any large set of guns cos of the sheer quantity of them esp if your opponent puts then near eachother and at the back of the board. I did that to my mates dwarfs taking out 2 cannons, a flame gun and an organ gun. HIs gunline gone :D. But i didnt have time to mop up the rest of his army :(