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23-02-2006, 17:49
Hi, all! me and a couple of friends are making "story characters" that have various objectives and goals relating to the warhammer world, I will be teaming up with a DE player and would like you all to comment on this 1000point list! well here I go:D !

Kahrith, the messenger of sorrows: Exalted champion, Gaze of the cods, GW, Barded warhorse= 150points

Nyla: sorceresslvl2, 2xdispel scrolls= 170points

Servants of the dark: 12xchaos warriors with shields and fc= 210points

Knights of the black wind: 5xchaos knights with musician and standard bearer= 195points

hammer of the dark gods: chariot=120points

the silent doom: chaos spawn= 60points

the shrieks from the dark: 3x screamers= 99points.
Total: 1004points
This is a marauder free army. its purpose is to get close and hammer the enemy while the the sorceress merely dispels the enemies while adding some magic support to my friend (has a sorceress and a noble). so what do you all think?:confused:

23-02-2006, 18:01
Without Marauders... there isn't much that can be done, however, the single Spawn is something I feel you could scrap in order to get another four Chaos Warriors, seeing as you will have your Exalted Champion running off to fight with the Knights, your Warriors could well use some extra bodies.

A good idea would also be to bump your Warriors to 15, bring them in at three ranks of five and sling a Warbanner to their Standard.

23-02-2006, 18:42
This may be "t3h ****" but hows about dropping the warriors for maruader horsmen.

What's your ally taking though, it changes a lot?

24-02-2006, 01:24
Thanks all, but stouty the whole point of this is to be marauder free.(i wanted to put regular marauders in even but the point of this small army is that a powerful lord to be bring his ELITE bodygaurds and retainers in order to assist the druchi scorceress who he fell in love with(more like attracted to).
My friend will be using a sorceress, noble, a bolt thrower, cross bows and some riding units (a chariot and dark riders, maybe some cold one knights.
She has a basic i will shoot/zap and give minor front support while I charge and disembowel my enemies. We will be starting next to one another against bretonnians and I believe some high elves (the guy is pretty afraid of me as I crushed him using my Undivided exalted, yes the same one I am using in this list, I had two Cknights and had them charge the same unit of 4DPs (dragon princes)and we killed em.

24-02-2006, 07:08
If you are facing Bretonnians, the Banner of the Gods wouldn't be all too bad, seeing as they have virtues that negates the rank bonus of units they charge into, Stubborn on a Ld 8 rerollable Break Test is NOT something every Breton player wants to charge into, just make sure to keep the Aspiring Champion back so that he does not get pummeled.

24-02-2006, 16:42
Problem is how am i going to afford the banner? its 150points! what would I take out? I think that I am going to take out the spawn and put in 3x chaos warriors to raise them to 15strong, and that means I will have 11points left, hmmmm. I could get my sorcerer a horse, or I could take a scroll out and put in another screamer?......

24-02-2006, 19:46
On a 15 strong warrior unit, the warbanner often makes for happy happy win fun

24-02-2006, 21:21
does't the war banner do what the regular one does(add +1combat res)? remember my friend and my general will provide enough flanking.

25-02-2006, 09:30
It adds a further +1, so, your Standard Bearer effectively adds +2 to Combat Resolution rather than +1.