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11-06-2010, 22:11
Hey, so bored at work today i decided to create a 3000 point list for 8th. The point of this list is more goofy than anything else, i was attempting to see if i could fit 3 dragons into a list under the new rules. Meant to be a kind of Caledor themed mounted army and based on the possibility of Silver Helms being moved back to core. With that out of the way here's the list and my thoughts.

Lords-Four options here. All similar with different equipments.
Prince on Star dragon
Equiped with:
Vambraces of Defence, Armor of Caledor, Sword of might, additional weapon-621-20.7%
Vambraces of Defence, Armor of Caledor, GW-612-20.4%
Vambraces of Defence, Armor of Caledor, Lance-606-20.2%
Blade of Leaping Gold,Blade of Sea Gold-626-20.9%

Heroes-pretty set in stone-745-24.8%
Dragon Mage w/ Silver Wand, Guardian Phoenix-385
Dragon Mage w/ Talisman of Protection -360

Silver Helms x12 + FC-312
Silver Helms x12 + FC-312
Silver Helms x12 + FC-312

Dragon Princex6+SB+Banner of Ellyroin-215
Dragon Princex6+SB-200
Ellyrion Reaversx6+Bows-132
Ellyrion Reaversx6+Bows-132

So the basic idea is to quickly cover the field and charge into enemy ranks. For the most part the dragons will be in CC, even with the mages on them. If the Sword of Rhuin is allowed to be taken as a double like a basic spell both mages will have that and the one with silver wand will probably pick up a easy cast magic missile to spam. The prince will likely take center and make his way into the enemy, how fast he charges up the middle depends on which build i take. The silver helms move in tandam with the dragon princes, so hopefully both charge on the same turn allowing them to work together to cut the enemy to peices, the Reavers move out front quickly to thin out ranks/warmachine hunt, and act as a supporting flankers.

The questions i have left is whether the list is actually any good, or if it is just not fun to play against. Also still not sure which prince build to take, i'm fond of the idea of the attack maxed prince charging into the enemy. Between the 8 S4 (no armor save) Prince attacks and 6 S7 attacks from the dragon anything in front of him should be fairly beat up. Though i guess a little more survivability might help. Also do you guys feel that Ellyrion Reavers detract from the Caledor theme? Not sure if i should use them or just add more Princes?

Anyway, what do you guys think?

Von Wibble
13-06-2010, 15:00
I think silver helms will not be moved to core. Also you can't have 2 magic weapons unless explicitly stated in the weapons description. Vambraces armour and gw looks the best option.

If you want a strict caledor theme I'd say spearmen and archers are fine as every province has them. Personally I'd go 0-1 of any other provincial troop but as your reavers are only 2 small units they're OK (you can always make them Caladorian in background in some way....)

I think its tough to tell if the army is any good. I think the new changes mean its not overpowered.

14-06-2010, 06:06
Its hard to critique a list based off a bunch of what ifs. If silver helms become core again you could once again run the all mounted list again. The problem is that there isn't a high elf book on the horizon yet. So right now you're gonna have to take 25% archers/spearmen/lothern sea guard.

14-06-2010, 09:09
i was under the impression the erreta would add silver helms to core. I mean it might be a fun house list at the very least....wasn't mean to be that serious, just wanted to see if i could fit 3 dragons in there. made it mounted to keep everything as a hard fast strike force. I guess i could take archers to get them into position on the side and turn the reavers into more DPs...thanks for the suggestioin guys, appreciate it

16-06-2010, 04:44
Still, yea for fun, if your mates allow it, its great having to deal with 3 dragons.

But, Why on earth would you be under the impresion silver helms would be moving to core?

16-06-2010, 08:41
the new ed. supposedly gives high elves no restrictions, apart from having 3 units, so this MAY be possible. But i'm not a fan of what if lists, alot of stuff, from the sneers and giggles of our staff members when every we talk about a rumors, alot of them might not be true


16-06-2010, 19:22
I dunno, think i heard the rumour some time ago. Oh well, since it seems likely to be untrue i'll rebuild the list, gotta have something to do during work. The goal was just to see if i could mess around with 3 dragons.