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Lord Hurin
13-06-2010, 23:53
I'm entering a local 2250pt tournament in a couple weeks. It's a tiered system with Orcs and Ogres getting a minor boost with 2500pts and Vampires and Daemons getting a handicap with 2000 points. Basically I'm not looking for a WAAC army, since I don't want to be shunned. I would like to do alright though, so any helpful advice would be much appreciated. Here's the list as is:


Lord Vladimir Sangraal - 445pts
Level 3, Master of the Black Arts, Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Walach's Bloody Hauberk, Sword of Battle, Enchanted Shield, Nightmare

Pietr Kulling - 195pts
Vampire; Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Flayed Hauberk, Tomb Blade

Duke Mordred - 140pts
Dread Knight, Black Periapt

Ulkhang, Hetman of the Tabor - 125pts
Wight King BSB; Warbanner


The Long Dead - 181pts
17 Skeletons; Full Command & Banner of Endless Nightmare
<Pietr Kulling goes here>

The Long Dead - 148pts
16 Skeletons; Full Command
<Sangraal and Ulkhang go here>

Grave-Robbers of Moussillon - 160pts
20 Crypt Ghouls

Hounds of Undeath - 40pts
5 Dire Wolves

Hounds of Undeath - 40pts
5 Dire Wolves


Death's Hunters - 60pts
3 Fell Bats

Winged Slayers - 60pts
3 Fell Bats


Cursed Knights of Moussillon - 400pts
5 Blood Knights; Full Command & Flag of Blood Keep
<Duke Mordred goes here>

1994 Points Total

14-06-2010, 05:42
I'm not a vampire player but it looks okay. The real problem seems to be that your blocks won't be able to keep up with your blood knights, and they'll be taken apart piece-meal. I suppose you might be running with a theme but I think you would be better off replacing your skeletons with ghouls. The 6" movement at the start of the game keep them that much closer to your blood knights.

Lord Hurin
14-06-2010, 15:08
They both have a Vamp in there, so can march. The Blood Knights are something to be careful with, as it is very tempting (and easy) to have them charge off to their doom unsupported. They'll be screened with Dire Wolves, to both cover them from missile attacks and to cut their LoS until I'm ready for them.

14-06-2010, 16:14
I'm not sure you got my point with switching to ghouls. Appologies if you did. But your blood knights can move 14 inchs per turn. Your skeletons will be marching 8 inches. So after two turns your blood knights could be 12 inches away. I know you'll have vampires around so your skeletons can still march. I don't know your playing style but lets say your blood knights charge on turn 2 or 3. You break the enemy and run them down. Your blood knights are probably 18 to 25" away. Your opponent on his turn could possibly have several charges set up on the blood knights. And your skeletons will still need to spend another turn marching before they could charge. Maybe your playstyle means this isn't a problem. But taking ghouls means you'll be 6" closer and could counter charge with ghouls a turn earlier.

15-06-2010, 12:33
Fell bats are minimum three in a unit.

Lord Hurin
19-06-2010, 16:20
Fell bats are minimum three in a unit.

Well that could be a problem... The list will need a re-jigging.

As for Skeletons vs. Ghouls, I much prefer painting and fielding Skellies. I'd much sooner drop the Ghouls altogether.