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14-06-2010, 21:02
Hi all. Some time ago you may have seen my topic regarding the Defiler or Chaos Land Raider. Well last night I stumbled upon this http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat1020050&prodId=prod1430006 . For $240 I get two marine squads, 2 Rhinos, a Vindicator, Defiler, Land Raider, Termy squad, and a Chaos Lord. As of now I have 25 Marines (10 will be converted to plague marines), a Rhino, and Kharn. Is this pack a good deal? The only thing that I don't see myself using often is the Chaos Vindicator.

14-06-2010, 21:41
Well the deal is good about a 26% discount. It comes with some good models, marines, terminators, terminator lord, land raider, rhinos, vindicator, and defiler...it's basically an army in a box and not a bad one at that. You're only problem your going to run into is that fact it has been discontinued for over a year.

14-06-2010, 21:44
The box is a great deal and all of the units can be used to at least some effect; the terminators are a little lack luster compared to what other marines get but they aren't too terrible. The chaos vindicator is actually a very viable unit, take deamonic possession on it and it will cause a lot of trouble for your opponents.

I say go for it.

14-06-2010, 22:39
Oh thanks for pointing that out. It kinda put a damper on my day a little. Is the battleforce worth it? The only thing in there that doesn't attract me are the possessed. Sigh, so much for that discount.

14-06-2010, 22:43
The battleforce is a great deal, following the latest price hike the individual units would set you back over 80.

I dont care for possessed either so I just used them as aspiring champions, gave them a few bits off the standard CSM sprue to "calm them down a bit". Works pretty well.

14-06-2010, 23:20
If you're in US, it's always a good idea to check in with Neal at the Warstore...

They offer a 20% discount on everything... and run a top notch bits service to boot.

While it has been discontinued, there is always a chance that he or some other online dealer has got one available.

Also, make sure you check out his 'bits on sprue' section as you can get rhino chassis very cheap there - 15 bucks... if you grab a chaos rhino for the 24 he sells it for and one more chassis, you should have just enough bits for the hatches you need - or just get one more chaos accessory sprue and save a couple bucks if you don't want all the spikes.

Hope this helps...


The Good Doctor.

The Marshel
14-06-2010, 23:27
I'm sure if you were to order the exact same content through an online discounter, like the warstore, wayland games or maelstorm, you'd get a very similar discount if u live in USA or Uk, and an even better one if u live in Australia, New Zealand or other countries where gw's exchange rate doesnt really match the international exchange rate.

for example, the exact same list of products will cost you about 190 pounds fram wayland games if ur in the uk. unfortunatly waylands is being a bit stuffy for me (might be this computer) and wont change the currency right now. but in american ur looking at about $280, in Aust, $330 ish. this may seem a bit high. but keep in mind that between when that strike orce first came out and now there have been a few price rises. currently, the same lot would cost you, from gw uk, 227.50. so buy buying online you're saving about 10% assuming ur in the Uk, about 7% if ur in USA (more if u go through warstore, saves postage being in the same country) and australia, a whooping 52%. of course i cant really factor in postage porperly, but if ur in america, use the warstore, the uk, use waylands/maelstorm and in australia, u still save 40% or more.

so u can still have you're strike force, sorta. you wont save as much (unless ur aussie) and i'll come in more then one box, but it'll pretty much be a strike force.

15-06-2010, 02:45
I was going to suggest the Warstore. He gives like a 20% discount its not as a good as the strike force, but through the warstore you ca nget 20% off of everything and its a great bits store as well.