View Full Version : I think my Harker is retarded

srgt. gak
15-06-2010, 03:36
So I'm not sure weather my good sergeant rode the short bus at one time, but this just seems a little odd to me.

I played a couple games at the FGS the other day; One game i played against orks and the other i played against Space Marines. In the game against orks, after three rounds of shooting there was only one grot left in a squad near Harker, and Harker had one other guy with him. Harker shot this grot with his h. bolter. The next turn the grot shot and killed harkers buddy, and then in some weird stroke of lucked killed harker in cc. The next game, Harker not just immobilized, but DESTROYED 3 Rhinos in as many turns, and then beat the living hell out two assault Marines.

So Rambo here manged to kill 3 tanks and two total bad asses, but a single grot kicks the crap out of him in close combat? Not that im truly complaining, or taking this seriously, i just thought it was funny and am no considering modeling up his chimera as a short bus. lol just thought id share this with you guys.

Born Again
15-06-2010, 03:40
Two things are remarkable: A mighty hero of The Emperor's Glorious Imperial Guard is taken down by a single Gretchin, and also that after some time people are still confusing the 40k and Fantasy forums :D

srgt. gak
15-06-2010, 03:41
man i remeber the good old days when 40k was the first set of threads lol, my bad man