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The Pale Lady
26-05-2005, 13:52
Ive written the army out as it is read from the book to avoid confusion but will update it after your criticisms with the fluff added etc. Please tear this army apart.

1996 points exactly.

Beastlord 95 High Chief of the Naga
Great Weapon 5
Armour of Damnation 30
Crown of Everlasting Conquest 50
Blessing of Undivided -
181, Lord

Wargor 60 Honorary Standardbearerbearer
Battle Standard 25
War Banner 25
Heavy armour 4
Blessing of Nurgle 40
154, Hero

Bray shaman 75 Priest of Sithek
Braystaff 6
Dispel Plaque 25
Chaos Armour 10
Blessing of Nurgle 40
156, Hero

3 Minotaurs 40 Scaleguard, Chief's Bodyguard
Great weapons 6
Light armour 3
Blessing of Nurgle 25
172, Special
(accompanied by Beastlord and Wargor on appropriately sized bases)

4 Minotaurs 40 Standard Naga warriors
Addit.h.w 4
Light armour 3
Champ. 20
Blessing of Nurgle 25
233, Special

4 Minotaurs 40 Standard Naga warriors
Addit.h.w 4
Light armour 3
Champ. 20
Blessing of Nurgle 25
233, Special

3 Dragon Ogres 70 Ancient Greyskins, old naga
Addit.h.w 4
Light armour 3
231, Rare

3 Nurgling Bases 40 Snake Swarms
120, Special

3 Chariots 85 Naga with Horned Ones
255, 3 Cores

6 Warhounds 6 Cavalry sized-snakes
36, Core

6 Warhounds 6 Cavalry sized-snakes
36, Core

2 Chaos Spawn 60 Giant, monstrous Serpents
Blessing of Nurgle 15
150, Rare

26-05-2005, 14:34
I would rather you put the fluff in before i comment on anything as that way i can see how you want your army to look. Anyway i think its a pretty deacent army, you have hounds to shield the mino units, spawn to hold flanks, chariots, D-Ogres and Minotaurs, used correctly, will be a devastating force. The only thing i would change is where you put the battle standard. Minotaurs with great weapons dont need much help to wound anyway and poison will be much more useful on an additional hand weapon unit where more attacks will mean more poison and lower strength will mean not having to roll to wound is hightly useful.

If you post your theme i will be able to comment further.

26-05-2005, 15:25
I am not too sure about this. Nurgle minotaur theme seems to be redundant. Sure you get the extra save but why don't you put great weapons on all of them then.

Also, I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say that the beast lord is on an appropriate sized base and then put him in the unit of minotaurs. He will get picked off by cannon fire and magic missles.

I agree with Riddy about the battle standard too. Save this and get another shamman or another fighter or just keep him a plain BSB and tool him up with some magic items.

The dogs and the chariot are good. I like the fact that your army is really fast, but has some ld issues. Why not use a doombull if you are going with the minotaurs.

The Pale Lady
27-05-2005, 11:03
Many are the rumours surrounding this massive continent, wreathed in steaming jungles and misty mountains. Some explorers claim that lizardmen, half-man, half-lizard, live beneath the towering canopy, stalking their prey. Others claim that the trackless jungles are home to orcs, driven mad by the climate, whose immense idols rise dauntingly over the trees, like great carved mountains. Some even whisper of strange, diminutive pygmies whos tribes are dotted far and wide throughout the undergrowth. Surely, such mytsical and fantastical tales are beyond reasonable belief. And yet, every rumour has an origin, no matter how far fetched...
Quietest of the tales tell of a race of snake people, the naga, hidden deep in the darkest, most impenetrable jungles. Physically, they are not so dissimilar from you or I, except that their lower limbs are replaced with a mighty, writhing, serpentile tail. Their eyes are cunning and sly and their scales shimmer in the light.
The beginnings of this ancient, noble race are shrouded in mystery. Those versed in the tainted ways of chaos would acclaim that the raging, mutating winds of chaos were the instigator of this terrible crossbread. Others would say they were the result of some horrible experimnent, gone awry. The own legends of the naga tell of how their ancestors, human in origin, were attacked by fearsome demons. Outnumbered, they abandonned their tribal village and fled through the entangling undergrowth. The demonic entities gave pursuit. After hours of fleeing, the surviving tribesmen stumbled upon a clearing where they met a glorious site. It was an ancient, glittering temple, overgrown with vines and its golden paths cracked. Hurrying up the heights of the stepped pyramid, the villagers collapsed before an idol of a strange god at the summit, resembling a massive spitting cobra. They cried out to it to save them from the depredations and the voracious hunger of the demons, praying on their hands and knees for mercy. Then as the demons raced closer a strange thing happened. The ground erupted with serpents, each spitting and biting and swarming over the foe. Some of the snakes were huge. In a matter fo moments, the demons had been wiped out. The tribesmen cried out in their exultation and relief, and the wisest of them translated the inscription below the idol as Sithek. As they praised his being, he lay his blessing upon them, and the first of the true naga were born unto the world.
For generations, the naga dwelt and bred and ruled over the temple complex. Though it was beyond their skill to rebuild the ruined structures, they took up residence in the dark dank tunnels beneath the ziggurat and were content. A chief was elected to rule over the naga and lead them in times of war, coronated by the High Priest of Sithek. For centuries, then millenia, the naga thrived. They are a long lived race and can live for many centuries, unless slain by some unnatural means.
Then a time of disaster struck the race, all but destroying them. Rat folk arrived on the western shores, spreading disease and plague where they trod. The naga rose ot annihilate the vile abominations and this was their undoing. Terrible virulent disease ran rife through the city. Nine tenths of the naga race was wiped out. A succession of powerful rulers and Chiefs were killed and entombed. Were it not for the arrival of Sithek himself, in the form of a giant serpent, the naga would have been all but destroyed. The god incarnate swept after the skaven foe, hunting them down mercilessly. In his wake swarmed an army of serpents and snakes. The skaven were driven off and the naga given a second chance at survival.
But they were a dying race. The skaven had reduced their numbers irreparably. Retreating to their subterranean halls, the naga slowly dwindle.
Yet when their ire is raised, they are a ferocious enemy. Their Chief raises himself and his guards from his underground caverns, and the Priests of Sithek summon writhing hordes of serpents of all sizes. Naga hunters return from the underground passages and caves with Horned Ones, which they herd into battle. Even the Greyskins, ancient naga thousands of years old, don their armour and enter into battle.

So you see i origionally used a doombull, but the inability to take anything magical other than a weapon really nigled me. I take your talk about the battle standard to heart, and will give him some different magical equipment.
Each minotaur represents a naga, there is no way i can feasabley make this theme a rank and file army i've decided and the few numbers of the minotaurs adds up with the dying race background. The dragon ogres are Greyskins, ancient naga extremely old and powerful etc, the minos with great weapons are the 'Scaleguard' eg. the kings bodyguard. The spawn will be represnted by large serpent swarms figure-wise, the chariots too hav an appropriate representative. I felt the beastlord was better because i can better protect him with extra wound, regeneration, chaos armour, ld test to attack etc...only he needs a bigger base to go with the minos. Im fine with that, hes much better than lord level characters from other armies and its a quick army so wont be shot at for turns on end. The basic rule ive given is that each naga causes fear and has at least three W on thier starting profile, so Mark of Nurgle (or blessing of Sithek ;) ) is appropriate too. The bray-shamn is a priest of Sithek and the warhounds are hound-sized sepents that slither ahead of the force as shields. Any clearer?!!

Cpt. Drill
27-05-2005, 12:26
It is some funky fluff..... i wont raise the issue of the oh so fickle people who gave up their own belifes to save their skin... but never mind! (sorry its cool)

i think the army list is not bad..... i cant help thinking you could use the ogre one if you wanted lots of big things...? but chaos works! i would definatly contemplate using some nurglings and have them as serpant swarms! but i think you should tone down the silliness of your characters as the are far to costley and there is little point in taking a wizards at 2000pts because i doubt he will get a spell of ever...!
Apart from that it is quite cool!

And thats all the ripping i can d now!

The Pale Lady
28-05-2005, 09:42
I thought about that, but dont know anything about the ogre book and already have th eBoC one