View Full Version : Is this chaos warriors army 'ard'? 2k, need to beat it.

15-06-2010, 09:29
Ok so my mate is a long time fantasy player, having a big games night on sat and he runs the following. Me being new to fantasy i'm sure i'm gonna get a kicking any way but just wanted to get an idea if this army is beardy or not and what can be done to spank it.


Exalted - BSB, Shield, Tzeentch, Collar of Khorne, Sword of Might
11 Chosen - Halberds, Shields, Std, Rapturous Std, Tzeentch

12 Warriors Tz 2x Hand Wpns Musc Std Banner of Rage
12 Warriors Tz Great Wpns Musc Std War Banner
12 Warriors Tz Shields Musc Std Banner of Wrath
2x 5 Forsaken
2x Spawn
War shrine, Tzeentch

Level 1 Sorcerer, Tz, Rod of Torment
Level 1 sorcerer, Tz, Book, Scroll

Army I am doing is beasts
choppy lord
12 minotaurs (grt weps)
2 tusk chariots
17 bestigors
20 gors (2xhw)
12 gors (2xhw, ambush)
4x6 ungor raiders (2x ambush)

15-06-2010, 09:49
Not a hard list by any standards, for a start Forsaken are god awful! Make sure you run your Mino's in groups of 3 and try to combo charge the warriros, impact hits and str 7 will make light work of them. As they are Tzeentch his army is vulnerable to your fear causing units so use this to your advantage as 6 Minos will outnumber all his units. Try and get Slugtongue near those Forsaken or Spawn to make sure his ability is maximised on these small units. Good luck and remember, Bestigors and Gors are no match for Chaos Warriors in a straight fight so be sneaky (eg flank with your ambushing Gors) and Good Luck!

15-06-2010, 11:25
For the love of Dog, don't run your minos in a unit of twelve. Run them in three units of 4 (as the bestigors is a special unit as well, and you can only have four).

I'd want some warhounds (for both armies) for redirecting, but at least you've got your raiders. I'd also think about a scroll caddy instead of slugtongue.

15-06-2010, 11:29
oh yea for sure 3 units of 4 sorry was being lasy with the post didnt want it to look too much like an army list thread :).

was thinking 3x2 thou as we'll be trying out 8th and i hear they can fight in both ranks with full attacks since they are ogre sized.

Yea i had a lvl1 with 2 scrolls before, does seem like the more sensible option over 35" random famine death, then again i'm renound for lucky dice rollin.

16-06-2010, 02:21
I agree with there 3x4 mini's instead of a unit of 12...lol. I would take sluggy over a caddy though, his ability more than makes up for no scrolls against a small elite list like that.
I have been taking a gorebull BSB with a g.wep and banner of rust in a unit of 2 razorgors,with brutally mixed results. 5 str 7 -6 armor save attacks with 10 str 6 -5 as attacks is a gross unit to charge WoC with.
Then again I have yet to field bestigor successfully, and prefer razors to mini's, so take it as is. I normally refuse to play with special characters, although I do use em in local tourny's and have only not come in first two times(combat dwarf list and cant remeber other).
He can only have 3 total spells+ banner...2 of which will be flickering fire most likely so scrolls would be less than steller id imagine.Sluggy is def the way to go

sorry it is a bit long winded way of saying go with sluggy but I get pent up warhammer energy Due to only subscribing to 2 forums and stalking all of em(i.e.herdstone,dakka dakka,etc.) so either way good luck and hopefully you will crush him for all beast players.