View Full Version : 2k clan Mors Skaven

15-06-2010, 18:18
Hello everyone this army is used for friendly play not tournaments. I dont want to use HPA because it is full of cheese and my experience modeling isnt enough to get it to look good. I also like having a good mix for more versatility in the list for more fun. here it is

Queek Headtaker- 215
Assassin- Tail weapon- 128
Plague priest- Flail- 104

Stormvermin x20- Musician, standard- 175
Stormvermin x20- Musician, standard- 175
Stormvermin x19- Musician, standard, Queek upgrade- 243
Nightrunners x20- 140
Gutter runnersx6 - poisoned attacks- 102
Plague Censer Bearers x6- 96
Rat Ogers x2- Masterbred, Master moulder, GW- 132
Rat Ogers x2- Masterbred, Master moulder, GW- 132
Doomwheel- 150
Warpfire Thrower x3 210 (for stormvermin)
Total- 2002

15-06-2010, 19:41
I would drop the night runners and bump up the stormvermin units to at least 25...

16-06-2010, 04:34
really? I thought the night runners as a flank unit sounded very useful with how fast they can get to the opponent and another 5 stormvermin doesnt sound so good because if 20 cant do it they shouldnt be there. They are harder to kill then clanrats so 25 or 30 almost sounds like points wasted, that is just my opinion however. none of the stormvermin are alone they have their warpfire thrower that can fire into combat and each will have a baby sitter hammer unit either rat ogers or pcbs.