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15-06-2010, 19:05
Hey folks, i've posted this in my random log but decided to make a dedicated log for my Pre heresy Word Bearers..........pre red armoured to be precise!
This will be a 1000point army for a campaign a few friends are running! It will also contain more resin than a stick can be safely shaken at!

So here's the humble start

Bezerker assault squad sergeant!




The new ravenguard sergeant head is smexy!!!

And the bases for the power armoured dudes!


Cheers all!

15-06-2010, 20:08
beautiful start. you are right, that head is great! (had better be for the million pound cost right?) how have you found the forge world chain axes? when i used them i found them awful to use: i had to drill out the grip and wire it, then greenstuff-fix the multiple airbubbles in the weapon itself. i also found that to make them loyalist i had to laboriously and delicately trim off the chaotic pointy arrow bits from the axehead. have you intentionally left those on? i felt that i had to remove them given their difference from the loyalist armour. - i see that you have felt the same and removed similar from the blast armoured (chaos) shoulder pad.
cant wait to see more and for them to be painted! well put together and posed miniature.

15-06-2010, 20:14
also: a back banner would look amazing on the sarge- they always do on miniatures posed in a non-action manner.

15-06-2010, 20:28
Cheers dude! :) The chainaxes have been reasonably good, a few annoying bits but on the whole they are pretty cool! Haha, i meant to take those off that guy whoops! I'll get right on it!

Yeah i'm gonna put a back banner on the 2 squad sergeants. The backpack isn't glued on so waiting until the end.

Cheers again, mate, much appreciated! :)

17-06-2010, 14:02
Right, quick update

Another 2 zerkers!



Once all these guys are built i'll start adding greenstuff, parchments and stuff like that!

Cheers all!

20-06-2010, 13:46
Nice very nice, could you eventually tell me where did you get the Front torsos and the helmets?

best regards

Scribe of Khorne
20-06-2010, 21:06
Nice very nice, could you eventually tell me where did you get the Front torsos and the helmets?

best regards

Its a forge world kit I think, Red Scorpion upgrade set or whatever it is.

21-06-2010, 01:19
Its a forge world kit I think, Red Scorpion upgrade set or whatever it is.

Yep, the 'Red Scorpions Veterans with Veteran Sergeant Haas' upgrade pack.

For the benefit of others, it comes with 10 plain 'Maximus' pattern torsos and heads, 10 red scorpion shoulder pads (with the circular chapter icon - the scorpion at the centre can be easily trimmed away, giving a nice space for whatever legion icon one might want) as well as the Seargant Haas parts - a maximus style toros with an Aquilla, good for pre-heresy terran veterans or Emperors Children, a bionic power-weapon wielding arm, a maximus helmet with an aquilla on the forehead (which can be trimmed or filed off to suit taste) and fancy vet sergeant shoulder pads (again, any red scorpion iconography can be removed quite easily).

For a heresy-era army, you get the parts to covert 11 marines - with a little bit of filing red scorpion iconography as needed.

21-06-2010, 09:33
Ok Guys thx alot for the Help ^^

just one little Questions to the Torsos, is the back of the torso with in the pack? or do i need it too?

best regards frank

@all: what do you think will it be easy to get the Scorpions off frim that damn shoulder pads?

best regards

21-06-2010, 17:42
Ok Guys thx alot for the Help ^^

just one little Questions to the Torsos, is the back of the torso with in the pack? or do i need it too?

best regards frank

@all: what do you think will it be easy to get the Scorpions off frim that damn shoulder pads?

best regards

The torsos come as a single piece, back pack needs to be added.

The Scorpion icons are easily removed, just file or gently cut/scrape the icon off with a modelling knife or some cutters. Resin is a bit softer and brittle than plastic or metal (so be careful to to shatter it), but those small details are easily removed with a bit of gentle filing/scraping. For my Sons of Horus I just used a modelling knife to gently scrape and peel away the icon, filing down any uneven surfaces and occasionally using a tiny bit of greenstuff to smooth things out. Its pretty easy, just have to be gentle...

...oh, and watch for the dust - a dustmask is a good idea, given resin dust is a carcinogen.

16-07-2010, 19:00
Cheers dude, saved me typing a big thin on working with resin! hehe

Anyways, update applied directly to yo face BAM!

Finished the building stage of the last 7 zerkers, just need green stuff and grenades!! Woot





Cheers for looking!

Scribe of Khorne
16-07-2010, 19:43
Nice work with those axes, they are a pain in the ass. :p

Commander Zane
19-07-2010, 21:24
quick question about the axes, did you pin them or just glue them on? iv got some for bezerkers and they are a pain in the ass cause they always snap off lol

24-07-2010, 14:24
SoK- Hehe yeah they are a bit of a pain, but they look cool so it's allowed! :p

CZ- Yeah i pinned them in, they are fragile as hell!! hehe

Cheers for looking :D

Commander Zane
24-07-2010, 14:51
that does not help my woes with the chain axes lol but i shall give it a bash any advice for them? :D

24-07-2010, 21:08
lol, sorry for the bad news dude! hehe!

Emm the hand grips are wide enough to take a paperclip sized pin. Emm advice.........use lots and lots of swearing, pleading and crying!!!!! :p

Commander Zane
24-07-2010, 23:04
lol, sorry for the bad news dude! hehe!

Emm the hand grips are wide enough to take a paperclip sized pin. Emm advice.........use lots and lots of swearing, pleading and crying!!!!! :p

thats how most of my conversions go anyway mate :D exepct with some more sobbing and loads more swearing xD

26-07-2010, 01:04
Looking good man. Got my pre-heresy Night Lords all built now, just need to paint them. I found that the chaos legs work better with the Red Scorpion torsos, maybe you found that too?

Need to kick Brendan into gear to start making his stuff too!

27-07-2010, 17:14
C-Z - haha, swearing and sobbing cure all model related issues! lol

Ravik- Ahoy there captain toddles! Cool i'll have to give them a wee looky! Aye the bodies do fit the chaos legs a bit better.........bloody red scorpion heretics! haha

Yeah give him a bootin from me too! hehe

Well the green stuff is done, woot!





Now just gotta build the next 10 doods..........although i may start painting these guys..........hmmmmm!

Cheers all!

03-08-2010, 17:07
Right, update time, tactical squad built, just need to add grenades and green stuff!!! Hopefully gonna make a start on painting the zerkers soon too! woot!!





Cheers for looking!!

30-09-2010, 17:50
Finally got a painting update!!

Got a wee PIP of my tester model! Unfortunately the pics don't show how much effort i put into the armour, he has lots of little bits of scripture written on his shoulder pad...........and i'll be damned if im going to highlight every letter!!!!

aaaaaaaaanywyas, heres the dude! (with a whiter than white smile!!!)




Cheers all!

30-09-2010, 19:19
I like them :) Will you use the new ph sets from FW ?

the grey / black armour looks great.

what bolters will you use for your boys ?

A little tip, you can use thin platic card for the purity seals, that works good.

Another suggestion : You can youse alot of bits from the dark angels and black templares sprue, books..........

30-09-2010, 20:17
Nice one Paulface! Glad to see you're still cracking on with the project. I'lll need to get my own stuff painted at some point. Only got the terminators to finish converting now. &*$ing shoulders! :mad:

I'm somewhat shocked that this is the first comment I'd made on this log considering this whole idea was my fault to begin with... I was sure I'd already posted something here but apparently not.

30-09-2010, 20:50
Too right you need to get on it! Even i've got my Night Lords ready for the painting!

Looking good there though Paul. You've put a fair bit more effort into converting them than I have. I've mostly just filed some imperial stuff off and glued some Beastiemens skulls on.

02-10-2010, 10:41
Cheers guys!

Kublai- I may use some of the pre-heresy sets if i expand the army to 1500 points. Gonna use some of the umbra pattern bolters i think!
Yeah i have some books that i'm going to add to the upcoming terminators! :)

Fezza- Ah i guess my shoulder pad order is still a wee while off then? hehe
Yup still plodding away! Gonna hopefully get them finished by November......so i can get new dark eldar shineeeeeeez! lol

Ravik- Cheers dude, aye i've gone a little mental with these guys, i'm regretting it though.....1 guy has taken me weeks! hehe! Oh i ordered the rest of the army so i should be able to get a 1000 pointer with ya near the end of the month!!!

Cheers again fella's! :D

02-10-2010, 10:46
Yeah, shoulder pads have been... Problematic... Not as simple as I'd hoped. Despite plans and sketches and prototypes, they either look too big, too small or don't sit at the angle I wanted. More experimenting will be required I'm afraid...

09-10-2010, 17:47
Right, update time!! The final infantry models of the army.........pre green stuff and shoulder paded!!

First up the sorceror (chaplain)


Next moody autocannon dude


Over exaggerated shooting pose guy!


And finally, Tanks....who said tanks........i bloody hate tanks......grrrr TANKS!!!......emm..guy!


Cheers folks!

09-10-2010, 17:56
You must be covered in dust from filing down all them Chaos Termidoodz. ;)

Chaplain McSmitey looks very cool. Simple but effective. Nicely posed.

09-10-2010, 19:22
What is your terminator's crozius from?

10-10-2010, 11:59
yeah books :)

they look very nice!

10-10-2010, 14:08
Fezza- yeah my lungs are now offically dead! :P Cheers matey!

Raellos- Its the mace from the Chaos Knights kit, lots of funky weapons in that kit!

Kublai- Cheers dude, yeah i figured some of these guys should have books!

Well the first dude is finally finished.....only 23 to go, hehe!





Cheers all!

10-10-2010, 18:03
Looking very nice biscuit, the poses are nice and dynamic! Will follow this log with great interest!

Hadriel Caine
11-10-2010, 11:25
great painting to match cool minis. excellent. really jealous of the FW stuff man.
termie poses are nice too. lots of helmetless heads though- any particular reason?

18-10-2010, 20:11
Salvindogath- Cheere matey, much appreciated!

Hadriel Caine- Thanks dude, yeah the forgeworld stuff is lovely.....i now have no money to eat.....but meh, hehe! Emm the powerfist sarge has no helmet because i though it would look cool for that pose. The termies have no helmets to show how badass they are and also i'm going to try painting tattoos on their heads..........also means i didn't have to make pre heresy termie helmets, lol!!

Well here's the Termie group with some shiny new pads and their bases!




And the first part of this forces armour!!


Cheers all!

18-10-2010, 20:21
Man your bases are really cool! I have always thought that marines looked cool in grey armor, I have just never been able to bring myself to commit to painting that much grey

18-10-2010, 20:31
Those shoulders go really nicely on them, i've seen them before but can't remember where...

19-10-2010, 10:31
Those shoulders go really nicely on them, i've seen them before but can't remember where...
Yes, where are they from?

Did you make them or are they on sale somewhere? I wouldn't mind getting me some...


Aha, found them!

21-10-2010, 18:51
Aha, found them!

Please, do tell!

21-10-2010, 22:12
Those are from MaxMini.eu (http://www.maxmini.eu/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=12&products_id=88)


Solun Decius
22-10-2010, 12:17
It's impressive how you're doing these detailed conversions on every model here, so every model's a character! Very well done!
I'll keep my eyes peeled for more here.

01-12-2010, 16:34
Thanks all!

Skawolf- Hehe cheers dude, yeah the grey armour is driving my mad......looks good though, haha.

Hehe, cheers for posting the link! They are really nice parts, take a little bit of shaving and scraping to get them on, but they look rather spiffy!! The company is good too, fast service!

Solun Decius- Cheers matey, that was the plan with this army, i want to take my time and do the best job i can on them, plus i've never done an army full of conversions before!!

Well a quick update

Got the base colours done on 3 more troopers!



Cheers for looking! Take care! :D

01-12-2010, 17:18
I can't belive I've missed this thread. Very nice models, i really like your terminators, specially the one that's reading a book, very cool. Also your predator is very clean too, keep it up!

03-12-2010, 23:52
Lol just picturing the one on the left going all Oliver Twist and saying ''Please sir, can I chop some more?''

06-12-2010, 18:49
Aiwass- Cheers matey glad you like the stuff!! :)

Captain-I will now be unable to look at that model the same way again! lol

Well quick update!

3 Wordbearers troopers!


A close up of the Legion symbol, thid id the only one so far that isn't blocked my parchment, plus it's my first attempt......be gentle! hehe


And finally 3 more troopers base coated!


Cheers all!!

07-12-2010, 02:21
The Word Bearers look great! Your freehand also looks very good. Clearer pics would definitely do them justice!

12-12-2010, 11:42
What's that middle guy at the bottom holding? ...looks like a chicken.

Also like Chaplain Smackasaurus BTW ;)

06-01-2011, 15:32
Cheers guys!

Captain, it's a head...........not original but meh, haha!

Anyways i'm not dead yadda yadda!

Update time!!!! 3 more troopers!! (clearer pics especially for Hushrong, hehe)




Cheers for looking!

11-01-2011, 11:06
Woot, double post FTW

Finished the Zerkers




The complete squad together!


Cheers all!

11-01-2011, 12:14
Ohhh, looking nice Paulface. What ya gonna be working on next? You're way ahead of me now. I'm so lazy...

11-01-2011, 17:27
Old school box :) they were stable man.

Great looking squad !

Maybe one suggestion, you could put somthing contrastly on the bases , for example some green tuft or somthing like that, I think the look of models would profit from that.

30-01-2011, 11:02
Kublai- Lol yeah i love the old boxes, from the good old days when your plastic joy was sent by actual trolls!!!
Yeah i was thinking of going back and adding some static grass after i finish the next tactical squad!

Fezza- I will answer your question in the form of an update, hehe









Also got some Forgeworld joy in the form of some mk3 suits and bolt guns for when i increase the army to 1500!

Cheers for looking!!!

30-01-2011, 12:39
Looking aces matey. How many termies you having? That the whole squad or there gonna be more?

I see you went with the bare-heads-instead-of-converting-those-damn-helmets look as well. I decided I'd never be precise enough with the cutting and filing to get them all looking similar enough. Bare heads are the way forward. ;)

30-01-2011, 19:45
mk3 sounds promising.

The termis are realy cool, maybye FW brings out a PH kit for termis in the future( but your head solution works fine) , I think the PH armour variants have been very successfull.

05-02-2011, 11:10
Fezza- Thats the whole squad, may make them bigger if i boost the list!

Haha, yup thats pretty much why, plus i never use bare heads for my chapter so i have tons spare!

Kublai- Yeah the mk3 are a lovely kit, hopefully they'll release them soon.....they haz da knowledge......they haz da technologiez!!! hehe

Well update time!



Plasma gunner


Flamer dude



Cheers for looking!

05-02-2011, 19:22
That FW flamer really gives a different look to the regular ones. More of the torso exposed so the Mk4 chestplate is more pbvious. Pretty cool really.

06-02-2011, 11:46
love that Flamer dude :)

06-02-2011, 18:34
Looks really good! This is definitely one of my favourite pre heresy logs at the moment. Keep it up, I'm looking forward to see more stuff!


19-02-2011, 14:53
Fezza- Yeah its a nice wee bit of kit.....a bit of an **** to fit though!!

Kublai- Cheers dude!

BeatTheBeat- Thanks matey, glad you like the stuff, much appreciated!






Cheers all!

20-02-2011, 11:39
cool stuff ,he biscuit I have noticed that on the first pic the bolter has a flash ( I dont know is it called flash in englisch, you know this mould lines) perhaps you could remove them. I think your great looking models would look even better.

You choose the FW bolters right, they look assume :)

How about a nice group pic ?

20-02-2011, 11:51
Nice these minis looks good, grim, dark and gritty. I really like the chaplin. There is a nice mix of bitz on the minis and the conversions are cool. However some more color on the bases would make them pop more. Maybe some dried grass or so?


05-03-2011, 15:53
Kublai- Cheers dude, yeah i noticed that just after taking the photo, i've clean it up now though. Yeah the forgeworld pre heresy stuff is amazing!!!

Animerik- Cheers matey and also......damn!!!! I went to GW yesterday to get supplies and forgot to buy some dried grass......cuuuuurses!!!! hehe

Well the last 4 troopers are finally done!!



The finished tactical squad


And finally a blurry shot of the army so far!!


Cheers for looking!

05-03-2011, 17:49
Nice work matey, they're looking great all ranked up. I need to place a FW order for all those cool weapons and stuff some time damn it!

06-03-2011, 10:10
The chaos blogs are really hot at the mo with loads of great work, but i must say the chaps are my fave. Everything about them i like, apart from the itch they give me to make a cityfight board :D

06-03-2011, 11:09
Excellent project log!

What 'stage' are your Word Bearers at in terms of the Heresy? Will there be Gal Vorbak or are they at the pre-humiliation, pre-pilgrimage to the EoT stage of their career?

09-03-2011, 13:34
Fezza- cheers dude, the forgeworld stuffs be nice, but the umbra bolters are flash and moldline-tastic! They look good though!!

MOMUS- Haha, thanks dude, glad you like them! :) Do it......make a city fight board.......you know it makes sense! lol :D

MvS- Thanks matey, emm i would say they are just aftre the events in 'battle for the abyss' So they've turned against the imperium, but haven't changed their colours yet. No plans for any Gal Vorbak just yet, but i may be tempted if i make the army upto 2000 points! :)

Cheers for looking

10-03-2011, 12:30
I love the gray and the red!
Solid work!

04-04-2011, 15:47
Cheers Aghast!

Well thats the army finished!!!!!!

Rolling Thunder!!!!!




And finally a wee Army shot!!


Cheers to everyone thats posted and kept me motivated!!!

I have plans to add another 500 points, but that will have to wait until my dark eldar are done! woot!!!

04-04-2011, 15:50
Pre - 'Red' Word Bearers are my favourite Chapter and I have to say that you're really doing them proud my friend.

Keep up the good work!

04-04-2011, 22:28
Wonderful work, it's been great following this army from start to (kind of) finish! Definitely one of the best Word Bearers forces in general and PH Word Bearers in particular that I've seen. Congrats!


Solun Decius
05-04-2011, 14:01
Congrats on finishing! The Army shot looks great.