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Spiney Norman
15-06-2010, 21:15
Here's my first draft army list in light of my 8th Ed intro game. Basically shifting the emphasis from defensive to offensive on the troop blocks, and focusing on survivability for characters over killyness. The BSB in particular seems pretty essential for low-average Ld armies. According to the staffer that was running our intro, the BSB conveys a reroll to ALL Ld based tests, not just break tests.

One thing I didn't really get too good a look at was the common magic items list, so I might alter a few things when I see it.

Lords - 152 (8%)
General of the Empire
Full plate armour, Enchanted shield, Holy Relic (joins Greatswords)

Heroes - 423 (21%)
Captain of the Empire
Battle Standard Bearer, Armour of Meteoric Iron (joins Greatswords)

Warrior Priest
Great Weapon, Heavy Armour (joins Halberdiers)

Battle Wizard
Level 2, Lore of Light, Dispel Scroll

Battle Wizard
Level 2, Lore of Light

Core - 827 (41%)
40 Halberdiers
Full command

12 Crossbowmen (Detachment: Halberdiers)
12 Crossbowmen (Detachment: Greatswords)
20 Swordsmen (Detachment: Halberdiers)

10 Knights
Full command, Steel Standard

Special - 595 (30%)
29 Greatswords
Full command

Great Cannon
Great Cannon

Army Total = 1997 pts

A Shadow
16-06-2010, 00:58
Just wondering why the Halberdiers and Greatswords are so large?

Spiney Norman
16-06-2010, 06:26
Because 10 wide units get to fight in 3 ranks in 8th Edition

I'm loving hatred on 30 halberdier attacks

A Shadow
16-06-2010, 23:29
Ouch. Way to encourage people to increase the frontage of their units. Does that still apply if only half the unit is in base contact though?

Spiney Norman
17-06-2010, 00:32
Only the models in base contact and those directly behind them get to fight, so a frontage 10 Halberdier unit fighting a frontage 5x20mm unit would get to attack with the 7 models in base contact, the 7 behind them and the 7 behind them for a total of 21 models attacking.