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15-06-2010, 23:08
So with the ability to redirect a charge into something new with a passed Ld check, and the ability to reform after to beat an opponent (wipe out or make him flee) this drastically changes the tactics of throw-away units.

Redirecting is now impossible except against units with hatred/frenzy (assuming those rules stay the same).

Baiting will only work if there is no other unit in range to redirect into.

Speed-bumping will still work however since you now fight in initiative order getting the charge off isn't as important any more.

How are people planning to control the movement phase? Is it even possible?

16-06-2010, 01:06
This will depend greatly on the exact wording of the movement rules (notably for skirmishers).

It will still be possible to just bait units, as long as the bait is the only valid chargeable unit. Sacrificial baiting will continue to work much as normal.

All in all though, I suspect the movement phase of 8th Ed. will significantly constrain most sophisticated movement tactics.

16-06-2010, 04:27
To be fair, against most canny opponents now you can't necessarily bait them without hatred/frenzy. They will see the bait for what it is - you can say they have a little Admiral (Ackbar) in them. I have a feeling we will have to do much the same as in chess - create no win situations which will result in either the lines being angled weirdly during our turn (which perhaps we can capitalize on with higher than average charge rolls?) or one unit being left out to dry.

The how is still kind of fuzzy, but I'm not the fastest learner, so I imagine it will be August before I've figured the first "tier" of these tactics.

As witch says though, sacrificial baiting will be much the same, which may end up being *the* baiting of 8th, which makes me very happy that I have trolls and snotlings.

16-06-2010, 04:59
Hatred no longer is forced to pursue.* I looked it up after it came up in a demo game with DE's. (I could be mistaken and it was just in another place in the BRB that I didn't find. But there was no mention of forced pursuit under the Hatred Special rule nor in the flee & pursuit section of the rulebook.)

Frenzy rules weren't that much different.

On topic , it is much much harder to slow down one flank with minimal points whilst mashing the opposite with your hammer units. Tarpitting/Sacrifice remains one of the few techniques left to hold someone up imo. And steadfast allows just about everyone to make such a unit.

Lord Solar Plexus
16-06-2010, 06:52
The how is still kind of fuzzy, but I'm not the fastest learner, so I imagine it will be August before I've figured the first "tier" of these tactics.

Same here, August at the earliest, except that I'm not sure which year. ;)

In my experience, imposing your will on the opposition is now a lot more difficult. Of course you can still put a unit up front for them to charge and then flee. It might not help to get a flank charge but it could mean another round of shooting. We need to remember though that getting the charge as such isn't as important except when the units in question are relatively equal.