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16-06-2010, 09:19
Well I saw the pre-order for today and I decided to come up with a quick list. i know that the book isn't out yet but given the rumors I think this may work, if not tell me how to move things around to make it better but keep in mind that these are really all the models I have with the exception of a few corsairs, Dark riders, Cold One Knights, an unopened box of warriors, hydra, Assassin, and a few other models.

Lords: 17.78%

supreme sorceress
lvl 4
Dark Pegasus
Black Staff
Pendant of Khaeleth
Points: 400

Heroes: 11.02%

Battle Standard Bearer
Heavy Armour
Sea Dragon Cloak
Sword of Might
Enchanted Shield
Talisman of Protection - can be switched out depending on the new magic items
Points: 248

Core: 43.56%

50X Warriors
Full Command - Battle Standard
Points: 390

10x Crossbowmen
Standard Bearer
Points: 110

10x Crossbowmen
Standard Bearer
Points: 110

15x Corsairs
Full Command - Sea Serpent Standard
Points: 200

10x Dark Riders
Points: 170

Special: 18.67%

10x Shades (read third post)
Great Weapons
Points: 180

7X Cold One Knights
Standard Bearer - Standard of Slaughter
Points: 240

Rare: 8.89%

2x Bolt Throwers
Points: 200

Total: 2,248

I can switch out the shades if I want for the bad a$$ assassin, (Rending Stars, Manbane, Cloak of Twilight, Additional Hand Weapon), and throw a crossbow on the master or a hydra and bow for the master. The crossbowmen have a banner if it is needed to capture quarters or shields if they don't. As you can see Even if I decide to do these changes I will stay within the percent limitations.

Over all this list comes in two parts, a soft hammer and anvil and hard fast hammer and anvil.

The soft part is the 50 warriors, 15 corsairs, and master on the chariot. this group has a ton of str 3 attacks and a few hard hitting str 5 attacks. With this set up i have the BSB bubble and a lot of combat rez to counter larger light infantry.

The other side will have the Dark Riders, Cold One Knights and either: shades, Hydra, or Assassin.

This is vary fast with the harder guys hitting the flank while the Dark Riders try to hit the rear. They also generate descent combat rez with the high str attacks and the Standard of slaughter.

The rest of the units will sit in the back field with the Crossbowmen grabbing my quarters and the Bolt Throwers taking a nice hill (e.i.) GW tables + terrain.

The Sorceress should be able to generate a lot of dice. those given plus the staff and its own Power of Darkness should rack up the dice if the initial roll fail. at the worst I will still have a minimum of 4 dice a turn, and on average around I guess 10 also if I go magic heavy, which means the assassin, I will have 5 spells and 2 bound spells which I feels to be decent.

16-06-2010, 10:42
A supreme sorceress can't be level 2.

16-06-2010, 16:16
i was adding an additional magic level. Also I was thinking last night and would it be better to drop the shades and either go the assassin route or get the hydra and split the DR units? I have one large unit I am beginning to fear the stone throwers so with the assassin i can take out big badies and war machines as my DR help out my COK or is it better to have the hydra help out the COK and split the DR units to go war machine hunting.

16-06-2010, 18:38
Not sure, I'll post help once I've read the book and am in a position to do so.

Until then, I'm just playing 7th.

17-06-2010, 09:45
Think the 50 Warriors is probably a bit over kill. 50 Night goblins and skaven slaves etc but on warriors probably a bit pricey and hard to manouver

17-06-2010, 16:19
I decided on 50 because i am combining my 2 25 man units. this way they attack in 4 ranks. front line, second rank, spears, horde. and it leaves me with 10 guys spare before they lose attacks. it isn't much but it is still 41 hatred attacks in I order. the flanks are hopefully protected my the chariot and corsairs. I agree it is unwieldy but it is just there to steam down a side then reform and keep steaming it's like a rook in chess for me. also I have the easy to maneuver cavalry units.

This was just my original thought but if you disagree I am all ears. I am also still torn between shades, assassin, or hydra. hydras looking better though.

18-06-2010, 03:30
come on people throw me some advice here. I don't live near a gaming group till next month so I don't have a chance to see the book like some out there. so show me some love please.

18-06-2010, 03:49
Think the 50 Warriors is probably a bit over kill. 50 Night goblins and skaven slaves etc but on warriors probably a bit pricey and hard to manouver

Srsly. Stabdagger. +1 Dice after rolling... It lets you fix a fail which would otherwise end your casting for the turn... And look at all those batteries!

Also, Lore of Shadow is sexy.

18-06-2010, 05:42
That's a good idea, but what about the new miscast/overcast list thing and with the step up rumor wouldn't she get a sharp pointy stick through her eye (watching dawn of the dead)

I guess it could work if i used the unit as point denying unit but where is the fun in that =P i will try it out though maybe just sit her in the unit till they come close then pop her out the back but then the dice become iffy.