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16-06-2010, 09:34
So theres a big tourney coming up in July with 50 players and I am planning to go. However there is this silly rule that all models have to be painted and based (boo, hiss). Knowing my rather profound lack of painted figs of any kind (seriously sad considering I`ve had these armies for years), Malorian has graciously agreed to lend me an army of his:D.
I decided on Dwarfs as I had a whee bit of experience with them back in the 4th or 5th Edition. Not exactly sure but it was when Chaos Dwarfs still had an army book. Now I got rather bored with them and eventually traded them off for some other army and havent really had much dealing with them since except for a complete and utter smackdown by Malorian which I apparently won because he had below minimum core units...oh tsk tsk;).
Anyways, I`m hoping to get at least a few battles in before the tourney date and try out a couple combos. Mainly what is better to take, Lord or Runelord.

First up:
The Throng of Clan Ironhorn of Karak Azul
Lord Balnar Thoreksson
Shieldbearers, Sh, Rune of Snorri Spanglehelm, Rune of Fury, Rune of Cleaving, 2xRune of Spite-273
Thane Felrik Balnarsson
Master Rune of Gromril, Oath Stone, GW w/Master Rune of Swiftness-139
Runesmith Iorek
GW, 3xRune of Spellbreaking-149
Runesmith Valtrix
GW, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking-149
24 Warriors
Sh, FC-241
19 Longbeards
Sh, FC, Rune of Stoicism, Rune of Sanctuary-331
10 Quarrelers
10 Thunderers
18 Hammerers
Sh, FC, Rune of Battle, Rune of Sanctuary-304
2xBolt Throwers
1w/Engineer, Rune of Penetration-85
1w/Engineer, Rune of Burning-65
2x Organ Guns


To me this list just looks nasty. Solid magic defense with 5 Dice and 4 Runes and some hard hitting units.
Of course I could be wrong lol. Guess we`re going to see tomorrow. Chime in with any suggestions and advice as this is a rather significant shift from speedy little naked goat boys:p.

16-06-2010, 14:52
I think you made a mistake because you can't take two runes of spite.

A great weapon with a rune turns into just a hand weapon unless you also add the master run rune of grim.

And also remember that dwarfs get 4 DD base, with with 2 rune priests and the rune of balance you will have 7 dice in your pool :)

As far as the lord vs rune lord goes, I find the rune lord was awesome for giving me dispel dice and the tactical ability to rune units into flanks, however he was also a sitting duck and when monsters hit my line I had nothing that could kill them.

So my vote goes for a killy lord.

Hope it works out for you :)

16-06-2010, 19:39
Uhm yeah typo. Meant Runes of Iron lol.
And yeah 7 DD instead of 5.
As for the GW Thane goin to havta figure something else out there lol.

16-06-2010, 19:49
I'd say go with the Rune Lord. People can just avoid your dwarf lord, they can't avoid the rune lord. Plus you can save the points from the runesmiths (easy to kill) and get even better magic protection. Just park the anvil behind your artillery hill. Your cannons/bolt throwers/organ guns will shoot down any monsters coming your way. And if you get a bad turn of shooting, just wrath and ruin the monster and try again next turn.

Then again, I am a huge fan of Anvils, simply because M3 can be so annoying.

16-06-2010, 20:04
I'd say go with the Rune Lord. People can just avoid your dwarf lord,...

Hey Seabo, did you have any luck avoiding my dwarf lord? ;)

(On a side note, I just thought of a conversion idea where I model my thane with the master rune of challenge to look like Scorpion from Mortal Combat. "Come here!" "Get over here!" :p)

16-06-2010, 20:31
Hey Seabo, did you have any luck avoiding my dwarf lord? ;)

(On a side note, I just thought of a conversion idea where I model my thane with the master rune of challenge to look like Scorpion from Mortal Combat. "Come here!" "Get over here!" :p)

Touche. ;)

But what do you find more useful? A hard to kill lord (or in Malorian's case, a str 6, d6 wounds lord who is still pretty hard to kill), or a model which gives you magic defense and which actually gives you the charge?

Sure, you also save 100 points or so on the dwarf lord, but for that you can get a thane with a shield, great weapon, rune of stone and rune of challenge (101 points) and you won't need any easy to kill runesmiths.

I will say this though: The dwarf book is balanced well enough that both are perfectly viable choices. Just like Malorian I've used both, and we've come to different conclusions on which choice we prefer. Try them both out and tell us what you think. :D

17-06-2010, 00:17
Well now, based off of those rather insightful replies I have opted for another setup. At least for the first battle lol. Totally forgot about the 4 DD base thing.

The Throng of Clan Ironhorn of Karak Azul
Anvil of Doom, Sh, Master Rune of Balance, 2xSpellbreaking Runes-418
GW, Sh, Rune of Stone, Oath Stone-96
GW, Sh, Rune of Stone, Master Rune of Challenge-101
24 Warriors
Sh, FC-241
19 Longbeards
Sh, FC, Rune of Stoicism, Rune of Sanctuary-331
10 Quarrelers
10 Thunderers
18 Hammerers
Sh, FC, Rune of Courage-294
2xBolt Throwers
1w/Engineer, Rune of Penetration-85
1w/Engineer, Rune of Burning-65
Rune of Reloading-100
2x Organ Guns


Having a battle tonight. Should be an interesting one:D

17-06-2010, 08:02
Dwarfs vs Lizardmen

Lizardman Force
Slann BSB
Scar Vet
Skink Priest w/EotG
18 Temple Guard
18 Spear Saurus
2x12 Skinks
2x3 Terradons
2 Salamanders

Table and Deployment
The table was a very whacky setup with a forested hill in top center, trees bottom right and a hill just off mid left.
I deployed my nice little Dwarf castle on the left side left to right with Thunderers, BT, Longbeards, Organ Gun, Hammerers, Warriors, Organ Gun, Quarrelers, Cannon and then the other BT in the woods. Anvil tucked in behind the lines.
Lizardmen deployed left to right Skinks, Salamander, Stegadon, Temple Guard, EotG, Spear Saurus, Skinks, Terradons, Salamander, Terradons.

Pregame Thoughts
As soon as I started deploying I realized that the decision to deploy in a semicircle about 10' behind a hill was a very BAD idea. The initial strategy was that, with all my warmachines except for the Organ Guns on angles around the hill I should have some fairly nice shots. However, it gave his main hard hitting units extremely nice cover from most of my units.
Meh, hindsight is a bugger:D.

Dwarfs got first turn. Batrep to follow soon

18-06-2010, 01:13
I think your shooting even out of place as it is will rock his stegs and wither some of those units down befor he can get the all important flank double team to take out you blocks...................Win for the Stunties.................Good Luck.......

18-06-2010, 03:30
Quick change on my list before I get into the batrep. I decided to drop the Burning and Reloading runes from my warmachines and theRune of Stone from the Hammerer Thane and instead gave him Rune of Gromril. Then gave the Oathstone to the Longbeard Thane with Rune of Challenge.
Slann took Lore of Metal.

Turn 1
No movement....surprise!
Cannon first opens up with an angle shot on the Saurus Spears that, with a good bounce, should plow right into the EotG. Sadly it gets 10' on the initial shot and overshoots.
Thunderers next open up on the left Salamander and take out a skink and splat the Salamander.
Quarrelers fire at the left Terradons and kill 2.
Anvil calls down Wrath and Ruin on the other Terradons and also kill 2. The last survivor is no sadly restricted to M2 for the next turn:D.
Bolt Thrower with the Penetration rune hits the Spear Saurus and kills 3.
Not a bad first turn.
Not surprisingly he passes all his leadership checks.

Everything moves forward at top speed.
In the Magic Phase he is quite surprised to find that I have 8 Dispel Dice, equalling his casting Dice:). He of course puts up the free, nondispellable ward save....oh like thats not total :cheese: lol.
I dispel everything and use a spellbreaking rune on the Molten Metal spell.
No shooting as everything marched.

Turn 2
The Longbeards shift slightly to get a better angle at anything coming over the hill.
In the shooting phase the Cannon guesses beautifully on the Spear Saurus and kill 2 before bouncing into the EotG which makes its ward save.
Thunderers blast a Skink off the the Stegadon and also wound it.
The Quarrelers cause 2 wounds to the surviving Salamander and also kill a handler.
Normal Bolthrower tries to skewer the Stegadon again but ward save is made.
Penetrating Bolt Thrower hits the EotG but again the ward save is made....notice a theme here?
The one Organ Gun that has LOS sizes up the Spear Saurus fires 6 shots. 2 Saurus fail their ward and drop riddled with iron.
Anvil tries to Wrath and Ruin the Steg but only gets 2 hits. One fails to wound and the other is saved.

Stegadon, Temple Guard, EotG and Spear Saurus all crest the hill. Next turn there's going to be charges...
In the Magic phase everything is dispelled until the little priest decides to roll Comet....triple 6....*sigh*
He places it right behind the right Organ Gun pretty much smack in the middle of my battleline. A sense of impending doom descends on the Dwarven throng...
Shooting accomplishes squat...gotta love fighting with an army that has armour :p.

Turn 3
What follows is a nuke of epic proportions as the right Organ gun is vaporized along with 2 crewmen. Entire left Organ gun crew, 5 Hammerers, 3 Warriors, 3 Bolt Thrower crew and 2 Quarrlers are also desintegrated....
Things have just gotten really, really bad.....
With entire plan of battle thrown out the window I have to radically improvise...something Dwarfs are not exactly known for...
Longbeards march right up to the Stegadon and issue the Rune of Challenge on the Temple Guard. My plan here is to use the Anvil to charge them into the Stegadon and crush it then overrun forcing the Temple Guard to try and swing to charge them but they will be woefully out of range...so the plan goes...
Hammerers move up to be able to flank charge the Temple Gaurds and the Warriors prepare to be combo charged by the EotG and Spear Saurus.
Shooting phase starts off not so bad.
Cannon kills 2 more Spear Saurus.
Thunderers ping another skink and cause a wound to the Steg.
Quarrelers kill a terradon.
Penetrating Bolt Thrower gets a wound on the EotG.
Anvil rolls for the magic charge on the Longbeards and....rolls a 1...:(. Followed by a 3 meaning it is out for 2 rounds...major disaster is about to come.....
Conclusion coming tonight!

18-06-2010, 06:32
Wow, that is not good. I'm rooting for you!

And man, those 2d6 str 4 hits from the comet really messed you up. Bad luck with that. Bad luck with the ward saves. Bad luck with the miscast anvil (don't you wish EoGs did that?). Still, your dwarfs. Tough it out, it is what we do.

18-06-2010, 11:18
And now the thrilling conclusion.....

Runelord Gorten let loose a string of oaths as the massive shockwave from the comet flung him away from the Anvil. His Guardians echoed the sentiments as they too were pummeled by dirt and debris.
The entire forward line was enveloped in a massive cloud, the screams almost drowning out the roar of the impact.
Then a silence descended. The dust settled and Gortens jaw slackened as he saw the devastation the Lizards magic had wrought. So many of their precious warmachines had been destroyed or had crew casualties, the once strong battleline was in tatters.
And above it all, just cresting the rise of the hill, the Lizards closed in for the kill....

Turn 3 (continued)
Stegadon charges the front and Temple Guard charge the flank of the Longbeards.
EotG and Spear Saurus declare charges on the Warriors.
Terradon charges the lone surviving Organ Gun crewman.
Skinks charge the Cannon crew.
At least one happy note here is that he screwed up his charge order and the EotG ended up blocking the Spear Saurus so they had to wheel drastically to get into combat and ended up just out of range....Awesomesauce....
Everything else moves into supporting positions.
Magic phase sees pretty much everything dispelled until the Scar Vet unveils a trinket that gives him powlvl5 Steed of Shadows and declares a charge on the Bolt Thrower Engineer. Confidently I pick up 3 dice and promptly roll 2 1's...
The EotG then Booms and causes another bucket load of casualties.
For shooting the unengaged Skinks try to pepper the Anvil but are awestruck by it's sheer power and fail miserably.
Combat is another story as the combination of 6 Steg impact hits and 10 S5 Temple Guard attacks almost completely annihlate the Longbeards. The one silver lining in this is the doughty unit champ that plunges his greataxe (they were written off anyways so why not go for the S6?) into the Stegadons soft underbelly causing 2 wounds.
Roaring in defiance the Thane singles out the Temple Guard Champion and, accepting the stunning blow of the halberd with even more defiance, smashes him down in a fury of blows.
Sadly the Longbeards are soundly broken and the few survivors are run down. The Stegadon runs off the board but the Temple Guard only manage to pursue 3' and are now in perfect range for a rear charge by the Hammerers.
Scar Vet rips apart the Engineer.
EotG manages 2 impact hits and then rolls dismally. In return the warriors mange to kill a Skink and end up winning combat! EotG holds...grr stubborn....
Terradon and Organ gun crewman play slappy hands and decide to wait for next turn.

Turn 4
Hammerers charge the rear of the Temple Guard.
Quarrelers fail their terror check from the EotG and retreat 2'...oh wait! They're dwarfs...1'....
Thunderers reform into ranks.
Bolt Thrower misses the Saurus Spears.
Combat sees the Hammerers rip through the Temple Guard causing 6 casualties and wiping out the entire rear rank. The Temple Guard are stubborn, go figure, and easily hold.
Warriors manage nothing this time and in return only take 2 casualties from the EotG resulting in another win but it holds.
The Skinks in combat manage to take down a cannon crewman but lose 1 in return. The stout dwarfs hold.

Scar Vet charges the Hammerers flank.
Lone Skink handler does a Banzai on the Thunderers.
Steg returns to the board and angles to charge the Hammerers next turn.
Boom kills an Anvil Guardian and takes out 2 Warriors.
Only shooting is the Skinks again trying to take on the Anvil but once more they whiff.
In combat the Scar Vet bellows a challenge that the Thane willingly accepts. Shrugging off two crushing blows(2 6's to save rolled), the Thane decapitates him.
The stunned Temple Guard flounder with their swords and cause no casualties and in return another 4 are pummeled by the massive hammers. Again they hold.
EotG and Warriors both swing ineffectually at each other but the CR of the Warriors prevail and the EotG loses combat. He then promptly rolls 3 5's for a break test....OI!!!!!:D
In a great display of dwarven atheletics the Warriors actually rundown the EotG and plow right into the Spear Saurus.
The epic charge of the Skink into the Thunderers is tragically cut short as he is pummeled relentlessly and flattened under heavy iron boots.

Turn 5
Quarrelers rally.
No other movement.
Thunderers eye the massive bulk of the Stegadon virtually right on top of them and, with careful adjustments for angle of the earth relative to wind velocity(short range combined with +1 to hit guns and Large Target means needing only 2+ to hit), unleash a hail of lead that makes the Howdah swiss cheese and kills all the skinks. One also manages to find a soft spot on the armoured creature and causes another wound. The Stegadon, with no handlers left and down to 3 wounds, passes its test.
In combat the Hammerers again trade blows with their hulking, scaled counterparts, each side losing 3. Again the Temple Guard hold.
The Skink/Cannon Crew engagement ends in another stalemate.
The grizzled Warrior champion issues a challenge and promptly brains the Spear Saurus champ. Sadly, his brethren are rather tired from their epic run and do not land any blows. In response the 7 remaing Saurus go completely ninja and kill 9!!!
The brave Warriors morale finally breaks and they are run down. The Sauri are now dangerously close to the Anvil.

Stegadon charges the Hammerers in the flank.
Spear Saurus try to charge the Anvil but are just out of range.
Skinks move closer to the Anvil but again are ineffectual.
The Skinks in combat kill a crewman but again lose one of their own and the dwarf holds once more.
Now the Hammerers..and the Impact Hits...2!!!! After the Stegadon and the Temple Guard have landed all their blows still 8 Hammerers and the Thane survive!
They promptly strike back giving the Steg another wound and reducing the Temple Guard to just 6 left and the Slann.
This time it is the Hammerers that lose combat however and are outnumbered by a fear causing creature....:(
Time to unveil the Rune of Courage :D. Stubborn break test is easily passed. I'm thimking my opponent was quite choked about this...especially after all the wisecracks I had made about his all stubborn, all mass terror army ;). At least the Temple Guard get to turn around now....

Turn 6
Quarrelers charge the Spear Saurus in the flank.
Thunderers swing so that they are just off the Temple Guards rear.
Runelord primes his trusty hammer to strike the Rune of Hearth and Home and....promptly rolls another 1....
This is the point when the bunker owner helpfully mentions that there is a garbage can sitting near our table that has seen a lot of dice thrown into it...
Quarrelers fail to hit and in return are wounded 4 out 4 attacks. They promptly fail their test and this time roll a whopping 3' to flee...oh wait!...dwarfs again...2'...
Needless to say they are run down. At leat their rather pitiful intercept has saved the Anvil :).
Skink/Cannon combat is again a draw. This Cannoneer deserves a medal!:D
Stegadon and Temple Guard wind up and kill 3 more Hammerers, I actually made 2 6+ saves!...this does not make me forgive my dice for the Anvil rolls....
In return the Thane lunges underneath the Stegadon and splits it open killing it. The Champion takes down a Temple Guard. Lizards lose combat but hold.

No moves.
Skinks target the Thunderers and manage a couple hits but they are all saved.
Lone Cannoneer is finally dragged down.
Temple Guard kill 2 Hammerers and in return lose 2 of their own.

Game ends.....
Dwarfs had the Anvil, 3 Hammerers, Thane, Bolt Thrower and the Thunderers left.
Lizardmen had 4 Temple Guard, Slann, 18 Skinks and 7 Spear Saurus.

Postgame Thoughts
Now that was sheer slaughter on both sides.
I honestly thought this would turn into a massacre, especially after the devastating Comet and failed Longbeard magical charge.
But, in true dwarf fashion, I dug in my heels, grumbled loudly about cheap, cheesy lizards and continued to grind away.
I thought this list actually worked quite well besides the obvious dice hiccups. After the Comet blast he was never able to get another really high roll and my huge pool of Dispel Dice effectively shut him down for the rest of the game.
Definite MVPs are the Hammerers who held out almost to the last man.
Honorable mention also has to go to the brave Longbeards who willingly sacrificed their lives to break up his battleline.
I think this is a fairly solid list and will work quite well with only a few tweaks...and new dice...
Till next week....

18-06-2010, 15:37
wow well played, Seabo. Thought you doomed after the opening turns, but dwarven tenacity won out ine the end......well drew out in the end.....

list seems nice, just get some new dice (or use the SevenSins patented "dice-primer"; put a bad die in the blender, kill it, let the other dice watch and tell them "this happens to bad dice")

19-06-2010, 06:31
Good on you to get the tie. That lizardmen player can be pretty rough for dwarfs if your warmachines don't do their part.

22-06-2010, 00:02
Well done on holding out for the draw, my enthusiasm and spirit would have drooped after the comet for sure!

22-06-2010, 20:08
Ty for the comments. Oh trust me lol, was not thinking very positive at the end of the 3rd...
Going to try out a tooled up Lord next battle I think...fairly sure I will take the Runelord but want to check out his killy power :D

22-06-2010, 20:11
There are a lot of ways to run a dwarf lord.

You can make him really killy, extremely defensive, or something inbetween.

I think you'll like it :)

22-06-2010, 20:19
I'll second that. Personally, I go with the defensive one, because 4 str 6 attacks from a great weapon are usually enough for me. But then again, from Malorian's BRs, I can see how the hitty ones can do well too.

I look forward to seeing how it works for you.

22-06-2010, 21:19
Amazing game Seabo, that was really epic! i can see the dwarfs digging in and battling of a swarm of lizzies and steggies coming at them from all sides after the meteor crashed!

25-06-2010, 17:56
Dwarfs vs. Dark Elves

Second game was vs a rather off-the-wall Delf list. I wanted to check out a Lord and Miners so added those.
New Dwarf List
Master Rune of Smiting, Rune of Stone, Rune of Snorri Spangelhelm, Shieldbearers
Shield, Rune of Stone, Rune of Fury
GW, 2xRune of Spellbreaking, Rune of Warding
24 Warriors
Hw, Sh, FC
2x10 Quarrelers
10 Thunderers
19 Longbeards
Sh, FC w/Rune of Courage
10 Miners
18 Hammerers
Sh, FCw/Rune of Battle
2xOrgan Gun

Dark Elf List
Executioner Axe, Crimson Armour
Black Guard Special Char
Lvl2 Sorceress
lvl2 Sorceress
4x10 Warriors w/RC
19 Spear Elves
18 Black Guard
10 CoK

Table and Initial Setup
There were two hills at top left and bottom right. A forest was mid right with another far left center. Just off center right was some ruins.
I deployed mostly on the hill in a fairly classic, at least I think, castle formation except for a unit of Quarrelers that deployed center left.
Dark Elves mostly deployed at an angle from the hill. CoK and two units of Repeaters deployed opposite my Quarrelers. All RBTs faced the hill.

Pregame Thoughts
The only thing that really scared me was the 4 RBTs. I was fairly confident that I could take the rest of the army and that my high toughness and armour would save me from the crossbows.

Dwarfs get the first turn

25-06-2010, 18:05
What list are you using for the tournament? Remember that you have to send it in by today!

25-06-2010, 18:26
Turn 1
No movement.
Cannon aims at the Black Guard but is dismally short (not so good at guessing range on an angle:().
BT skewers 2 Spear Elves.
Quarrelers kill some of the screening Repeater warriors.

Dark Elves
Whole line moves forward rapidly.
Magic is a bust.
RBTs all take aim at the Thunderers and wipe them off the board in a hail of arrows.

Turn 2
Miners fail to turn up.
Longbeards march up the right table edge to confront the Spear Elves. Rest of the army stays put.
Cannon manages to squash 1 Black Guard.
Both Bolt Throwers whiff.
Only Organ Gun in range misfires but it's only a Fzz..Clunk.
Quarrelers both take aim at the CoK's and kill 2.

Dark Elves
Again a general move, this time at a regular move, no marching except for CoK's.
Magic once more does not accomplish much.
Shooting sees 2 Quarrelers and 3 Warriors die to Repeater fire.
RBTs split their fire at the 2 BTs. 1 BT is completely destroyed along with a crewman and the other take a wound and loses its Engineer.

Turn 3
Miners show up and move towards the RBTs.
Longbeards march right up to the Spear Elves.
Hammerers and Warriors angle and prepare to meet the eventual charge of the Black Guard.
In shooting the cannon overshoots.
The Quarrelers kill a CoK.
BT misses its shot.
An Organ Gun targets some Repeaters and kill 8. The other kills 6 from another group.

Dark Elves
CoK's charge the Quarrelers who Stand and Shoot killing another.
Spear Elves charge the Longbeards.
Magic is again pretty pitiful.
In the shooting phase 2 RBTs and all the Repeaters are concentrated on the Warrior unit, I think my Runesmith was starting to tick him off :D. 8 are dropped but the rest hold.
The other 2 RBTs fire point blank into the Miners and kill 6. Thankfully they hold.
In Combat the CoKs predictably crush the Quarrelers and overrun off the board...
The Spear Elves reveal an Assassin who must have just woken up from a nap because he completely whiffs all of his attacks :p. The Spear Elves are also unable to get past the armour.
In response the Dwarfs go Banzai and wipe out an entire rank. The Spear Elves lose and run 9". Longbeards, determined to show the Beardlings how a proper battle should be fought, promptly roll boxcars and take them down :D.

Final 3 turns coming soon...

25-06-2010, 19:21
What list are you using for the tournament? Remember that you have to send it in by today!

Already sent it.
Runelord Thordrek Ironhorn
GW, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking, Rune of Stone, 2xRune of Iron-256pts

Thane Iorek Thordreksson
Rune of Stone, Sh, Rune of Cleaving, Pistol-97pts

Thane Norin Belnarsson
GW, Rune of Stone, Rune of Warding-99pts

24 Warriors
HW, Sh, FC-241pts
19 Longbeards (Norin here)
GW, Sh, FC w/Rune of Stoicism-316pts
12 Quarrelers
12 Thunderers

19 Hammerers (Iorek here)
Sh, FC w/Rune of Courage-307pts
Bolt Thrower
15 Miners
Standard Bearer, Prospector-185pts
Grudge Thrower
Rune of Accuracy, Engineer w/Handgun-125pts

Organ Gun-120pts
Organ Gun-120pts


Comp score is 22.1....hoping that's good lol. Not really familiar with this system lol.

25-06-2010, 20:31
Intersting choice going with the fighter rune lord.

I can't remember who it was but there was a string of reports from a guy who did the same thing and I seem to remember he did fairly well.

P.S. If we meet at the tournament my fighter shaman is so going to take on your fighter runelord ;)

26-06-2010, 18:02
Conclusion of Dwarfs vs Dark Elves

Turn 4
Miners charge an RBT.
Longbeards swing back towards the middle of the table.
Warriors and Hammerers angle to meet the Black Guard charge.
In shooting one unit of Repeaters is wiped out and the other is reduced to 1 man.
Organ Guns then open up on the Black Guard and cut down all but 6 and the 2 Heroes.
In combat the Miners crush the RBT and overrun into another.

Dark Elves
Black Guard charge the Warriors.
CoKs show up back on the board.
One RBT moves away from the Miners and the remaining Repeaters move up and shoot at the Quarreler unit but dont manage any kills.
In combat the Dreadlord challenges and the Champ accepts. Bad idea as the Executioner Axe clobbers him and gives the Delves a ton of overkill bonus. The rest of the Black Guard wipe out the front rank and, needing snake eyes to hold, the Warriors flee and are caught.
Miners kill the RBT crew and once again overrun into another.

Turn 5
No charges.
Hammerers turn to get back into frontal arc of the Black Guard.
Longbeards decide to go after the totally ineffective sorceress that is hiding in the woods.
In the shooting phase both Organ Guns open up on the Black Guard. One misfires and blows itself up:cries: but the other mows down everyone but the Dreadlord.
Quarrelers, Cannon and BT combine to reduce the CoKs to 2.
In combat the Miners only kill 1 crewman and the other holds.

Dark Elves
CoKs charge the Quarrelers.
Dreadlord moves away from the hill, trying to get into cover of the ruins.
Lone RBT manages to get another wound on the BT and kills another crewman.
In combat the CoKs kill a couple Quarrelers but the sturdy Dwarfs hold.
Miners kill the last crewman and are left sitting in front of the last RBT...

Turn 6
Miners turn to face the last RBT.
Longbeards chug through the woods.
Hammerers give up on chasing the Dreadlord and just sit.
In shooting the Organ Gun causes 2 wounds to the Dreadlord but the rest of the warmachines miss.
Once again the Quarrelers lose a few to the CoKs but hold.

Dark Elves
No charges.
RBT shoots the Miners at point blank range and kills all but the Standard Bearer who thankfully holds.
CoKs finally break the Quarrelers and run them down.

Game over.
Surviving Forces
Dwarfs-Lord and Hammerers, Longbeards and Thane, 1 Miner, BT(at half points), Cannon and Organ Gun
Dark Elves-Dreadlord(at half points), Sorceress, 2 CoKs, RBT, 17 Repeater Warriors

Massacre to the Dwarfs!!!!!!

Postgame Thoughts
Well this one went fairly according to plan. The Dark Elves were pretty much unable to get any spells off all game except for the odd chillwind that never really amounted to any casualties.
The Miners were awesome killing 3 RBTs easily making over double their points cost. Hammerers were pretty much a big rock in the battleline that he was determined to stay away from.
All in all this was a very good game :D