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16-06-2010, 14:20
i hope this is the right place to post this if not please move.

basically im starting an ogre army and i was wondering if any of you would mind giving me some advice about what to have in my army, what works and what doesnt? im looking to have at least a 1500pt army any help would be great


immortal git
16-06-2010, 22:50
where can i start:
-butchers are very good and you kinda need them to have competative lists, i always have two, hunters may seem great on paper but just dont deliver, you NEED a bruiser in a army that doesnt have a tyrant, so maybe a bsb? always useful, irongguts are the shiz, dont bother paying for champions in units unless your facing a dragon as the points will catch up to you, i hope this helps, any other questions feel free to ask

Lord Inquisitor
16-06-2010, 23:11
Well, difficult for any of us to say what with the new edition and everything, but...

1) You need a butcher.
2) You need a BSB bruiser.
3) A Tyrant is probably a good idea.

You probably don't have more points for characters.

4) Bulls are good, probably best naked in the new edition.
5) Ironguts are great and probably AMAZING in units of 6 or 10 in the new edition.
6) A gigantic (50+!) gnoblar unit might be a good choice as a tarpit.


7) Scraplaunchers look to be good in the new edition. I think one is definately a good choice
8) Leadbelchers are a reasonable choice, probably best in units of 2 with a bellower.


9) Either maneaters or giants are a good choice, both expensive but useful.

Overall, the bulk of your army should probably be units of bulls or ironguts in units of 6 (two ranks of three) or 8 (two ranks of four). You can fiddle around with these sizes - you could even make a gigantic unit of bulls or ironguts if you wanted - but one thing is sure, you'll need plenty of bulls and irongut models! After that you can add some fun stuff but get a decent core made first.

17-06-2010, 12:05
Man Eaters with hanguns, leathal,
Big, big blocks of gnoblars.
2 Butchers.
I never bother with leadbelchers, but in 8th ed big games might give a unit of 6 (fire in 2 ranks) a run out.
Fist full of laurals and ragbanner comes in handy.
I don't take banners for bulls, as they are not worth giving away 100 victory points. I also use MSU's, so command potentialy equals another 25% increase in unit cost!!
Though thinkgs are changing in 8th, in my test games, I have never gotten so many bull charges off, blocks of gnobalrs very scary, i am using 4 ranks of 12. Units of 6 ogres seem to be great also. But we shall see

17-06-2010, 13:38
I don't take banners for bulls, as they are not worth giving away 100 victory points. I also use MSU's, so command potentialy equals another 25% increase in unit cost!!

I would might actually reconsider this as I heard many of the scenarios in 8th are objective based and you can only hold objectives with standards ><

17-06-2010, 14:23
I always add yetis to my lists though the percent system plays havok with special choices but as said sort out core first then work around that.

17-06-2010, 15:58
OK. I played a 2500pt game of 8th against empire yesterday with my ogres. here is what i found. Ironguts in units of 6 are awsome. I would usually take 5 wounds then return with a ton of attacks and win combats. I killed 12 greatswords on the charge and won combat two turns in a row. I ran 3 units of 5 bulls with AHW, bellower, and banner in each unit. Each of those had a character join it. I had one unit of 5 ironguts with bellower, banner, warbanner. this is where my tyrant went. I had two butchers a tyrant and a bruiser BSB. my last element was two bull rhinox riders.

The rhinox were amazing. I charged 10 knights in two ranks with an attached warrior priest and won combat even after charging, and the rhinox had only one wound before going in thanks to his stupid cannons.

I ended up losing the game, but that was more due to getting used to the new rules and some really bad leadership roles. The new fear is awsome, greatswords and knights being WS1 is great for ogres.

The new terrain rules are AWSOME fun. Get bulls and ironguts and if you want more specific ogre tactics, head over to the ogres stronghold forum. great info for ogres there. very active ogre community and a positive atmosphere.