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24-02-2006, 02:53
Just started working my way through Babylon 5 for the first time. Halfway through through the first series now. Anyhow, to 40k. The 'Deathstalker', a soul feaster, or collector, comes to the station. They 'retrieve' the souls of people when they die, capturing their essence.

Well, that's not really the issue. These deathstalker folks, well...they have a nice bony ridge/bump in his forehead. And he did mention, quite significantly, "The Greater Good". Nothing too special, but I wondered if there was actually anything more than coincidence here? If need be, please put spoiler tags on, but only if it's something thats from after the first half of season 1!

So, any input?


24-02-2006, 04:58
I am very familiar with both 40K and B5. Both have well thought out (B5) or developed (40k) depth.

B5 is not a prequel to 40K. There are some similarities (IMO Minbari are Elves in space) but these are superficial. It is hard not to find similarities between two Sci-Fi universes.

B5 is set a couple of hundred years in the future, 40K is set 38 thousand years in the future.

40K fluff will not spoil B5 story lines.

Edit: BTW "Deathstalker" was a Warmaster for a dead race, I think you were refering to "Soul Hunters".

24-02-2006, 08:10
The B5 and 40k universes are utterly and totally separate. There may have been some "inspiration"* taken by the GW designers from B5, but they've taken "inspiration" from virtually every other sci-fi universe out there - from Star Wars to the works of Jules Verne.

One thing I would say about B5 is that there's a lot of things that ocur in the first season that don't actually get explained until much, much later on. ;)

* Some might say "have ripped off". :angel:

24-02-2006, 08:54
That, and Ja'Dur was known as Deathwalker, not Deathstalker. The Soul Hunters do not turn up again for some time (a few cameos and the River of Souls TV film).

Whilst there are plenty of other similarities, I don't think the Shak Tot are one of these, really.