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16-06-2010, 17:44
having seen the new magic and character selection rules - which are both awesome and terrifying, i realised that i could still have a pretty dominant magic phase and up the leadership for my night goblin horde that is slowly taking shape. this means in my case, adding skarsnik who have some nifty abilities for his points and is by no means underpowered but gets me ld8 across the board.

NG Great Shaman - staff of baduum, level 4

NG Shaman - level 2, staff of sneaky stealin
NG Big Boss - great cave squig, some form of magicy goodness
NG Big Boss - great weapon, itty ring
NG Big Boss - BSB, raggedy banner
NG Big Boss - great Weapon

30 NG - hw&shield, netters, musician & banner, 2 fanatics
30 NG - hw&shield, netters, full command, 1 fanatic
30 NG - hw&shield, netters, full command, 2 fanatics
20 NG - bows, musician
20 NG - bows, musician

8 squig hoppers
2 spear chukkas
Rock lobba
2 Spear chukkas


as you can see, it's very simple - with no fast cav. the goal is to use the mass of war machines (anyone who says it's cheesy can get lost, i'm playing goblins ffs) to make the enemy come to me, whereby i will throw enough magic juice at them to severely dent their army and then move forward with the giant (who is there to distract shooting from my NG blocks) and squig hoppers, who will be held in place by one of the bow units.
basically, it's wave upon wave of slow grind until the enemy reaches my night goblin blocks, where hopefully they will be beat up enough for even night gobbos, with their big bosses to beat them.

i have a few points spare and am considering merging the two bow units into another infantry block to power skarsnik's staff - 5 S6 hits from a bound item is pretty good going and with the way magic now works, the great shaman will be casting even the best spells from the lore on 2d6 (average roll is a 12).

i am aware that i'm lacking big hitting power, diverting units and fast cav for flanking and war machine hunting. really tempted to sacrifice some of the big bosses (as they are there to be a bit more killy against rank and file troops) for 2-3 units of 2 trolls to sit inbetween my lines where chariots and cavalry would normally go and support charges, and also work as charge diverters. the percentage scores will work in my favour, but i have to balance that against stupidity tests at ld8.

Conversions: as this army is fun, it will have some fun conversions. the rock lobba will be a troll with club hitting a seesaw type device loaded not with rocks, but caged squigs. the spear chukkas will be trolls with javelins guided by NG crew. the giant will have at least one handler and will be painted green by gobbos during the battle

it may or may not work, but it's worth a go and it will be FUN.

18-06-2010, 01:08
Keep in mind that with the new rules for initiative, your hoppers are going to die. I would reconsider taking them unless you really, really like the models. Otherwise, the list looks pretty solid.

18-06-2010, 01:36
Hoppers are probibly going to be only good for a few things they used to be used for............

1 being skirmisher/scout hunting.............

Other then this I like your list...............