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17-06-2010, 04:53
I'm working on a game variant for a night when some of my friends are getting together to paint models. something that would work with more than two people. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Here we go. I call it.....

40k Throwdown

Force Selection

1200 total points to spend on exactly 6 units
-They can be from any codexes that you want
-No duplicates (even the same or near same unit in another codex)
-Spend evenly or pile all the points into one unit
-All units must be valid (not over or under sized)
-Must be from one entry in the codex (no HQ & Troop combos)
-A transport that can be chosen as dedicated is acceptable
-Vehicles are a go
-Special characters are a go

Board Setup

24" by 24" board (maybe with two of my ruins on it)

Initial Setup

Two players are chosen to start at random.
Each secretly chooses a single one of their units.
Random opposite table edges are selected.
Roll for first turn.


Gameplay continues until one of the units is eliminated.
The winning units gets a gold star.

Match Complete

Immediately upon the elimination of one of the units the match is over. The turn is not finished.
The winning unit is brought back to full strength by adding any dead models and repairing any vehicle damage.
Any once per game effects on the winning unit are reset. (combi weapons, one use powers, etc)
The next challenger may take the next turn moving on from any table edge or deploying according to deep strike if permitted by the unit.

Selecting New Challenger

Once a unit is defeated check if the winning unit is the units third consecutive gold star, if it is, the unit is awesome and removed from the competition.
Then proceed to selecting both new challengers.

To select a single new challenger is an open bid system, simply declare out loud the points value of the unit you intend to challenge with, anyone may bid a lower amount. Continue freely bidding until a lowest bidder is established. The lowest bidder will take his turn.

Rules note: Once a unit has participated in a throwdown it may not be selected again until all the players other eligible units have been selected.

Selecting Two New Challengers

In the event that the winning unit has been removed due to accumulating 3 gold stars the first unit is selected by the player who has played the fewest matches. This is kept secret until deployment (which is done like in initial game setup) The next unit is selected by bidding (as in selecting a new challenger).

Determining a winner

At the end of the allotted gaming time the overall winner is determined thusly.

Ultimate winner: Ahead in most units with gold stars and best win/loss ratio ( There may or may not be an ultimate winner.)

Major winner: Best win/loss ratio

Minor winner: Most units removed from play due to gold star accumulation

Rare Circumstance

In the event that an opponent fields a unit that the current unit cannot damage in any way ( AV value or Toughness that cannot be harmed by any weapon in the unit) then the unit that can't do any damage is removed and a new unit selected by the standard bid system. This will not count as a loss for the player of the removed unit, but will be a gold star for the untouchable unit.