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17-06-2010, 05:40
Hey guys,

Ive played 40k since second edition. However Ive never really gotten into fantasy.

I picked up some Tomb Kings when they first came out, but gave up fantasy shortly there after. My only regular opponent was fanatic heavy/magic heavy goblins that sucked to play against.

Ive been thinking about getting into fantasy for real this time, and the group I play with have been considering it as well.

I decided, Id like to play skaven, as their fluff is hilarious. I especially love Clan Skyre with their crazy destructive gadgets. I also want to play a magic heavy list. I put together this 2k list to build/paint to.

Be advised the last time i played fantasy was 6th edition (i think). And im very much a noob, so let me have it if im being an idiot over something.

2k Clan Skyre Skaven

Grey Seer -240

Warlock Engineer, lvl 2, Warp energy condesor, 120

Warlock Engineer, lvl 2, 100

Cheiftan, Battle Standard bearer, Banner of Clan Superiority, Poisoned Attacks, Tail Weapon -123


30 Clanrats w/ Shields, Musician, Banner
Attached Poisoned Mortat -212

30 Clanrats w/ Shields, musician, banner
Attached Ratling Gun - 202

24 Storm Vermin, Musican, Banner-War Banner,
Attacbed Ratling Gun - 283

3x20 Skaven Slaves - 120

10 Night Runners, slings
Attached Warp Grinder -140


2x4 Warplock Jezzails 160


2x DoomWheel 300

I know Skaven Arent considered a beginner friendly army, so any tips suggestions you could shoot my way would be much appreciated.

I also had someone mention that Skyre armies are considered cheesy...
I dont want to be THAT guy, are they really that bad? All the awesomeness seems to have an equivalent chance of blowing up in your face.

17-06-2010, 18:57
Great list. Youve got numbers, shooting and combat. You'll do very well. The only thing I can reccomend is a little protection on your seer. Drop the Poisoned attacks on the cheiftain and give him Rival Hide Talisman.