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17-06-2010, 15:26
Another 8 ed question.

Skirmishers count as having zero ranks for purposes of combat resolution and steadfast.

Does this mean a (non-skirmishing) unit, e.g. cav, fighting a skirmisher unit will count as steadfast even if this cav unit only has a fighting rank and no 'extra ranks'.

Two thoughts:

-steadfast refers to the combat results section for information on ranks.

1 rank is a greater number of ranks than zero ranks.


Does the fighting rank count as a rank for steadfast when fighting skirmishers, even though it is not an 'extra rank' thus does not add any bonus to CR?

17-06-2010, 16:50
Skirimishers rank up when they go to combat. They do have ranks, but they have no rank bonus. My guess is it boils down to if steadfast is talking about ranks or rank bonuses?

17-06-2010, 16:57
Yep, skirmishers do rank up in combat but they are stated as counting as having zero ranks when fighting.

Steadfast talks about ranks, but confusingly refers to the combat section which explains how 'extra ranks' give combat resolution bonus. This confusion is what raises my question.

17-06-2010, 17:03
To be honest, sounds like a topic best left for when the book has actually been published, though I am extremely tempted to ask you exact quotes :p

999/1000 answers will, at this point, hovever all begin "Well, my guess is..."

17-06-2010, 17:16
Yeah, I guess my best bet is to get back down to GW as its vets night and hog the book till I work it out :P

If anyone is going to a GW tonight please take a look at these rules and report back! o:)