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17-06-2010, 16:34
Ok so new to fantasy in general, big 40k player last 10+ years so know the jist of fantasy and have been reading up on 8th ed.

So idea is with 8th ed you get stubborn for lots of ranks, So 2 big blocks of gors one with a lord in and one with a bsb.
So both units should be Ld9 stubborn (for a while at least) re-rolling.

2+ save +1 attack for saving, +1 attack for everyone in b2b

makes unit frenzy, has heavy armour and +4 ward

Slug tongue is just a nasty git so having him in there

Minotaurs can fight in 2 ranks so can flank and thats like 18 s7 + 1s5(impact) + 1s5(stomp)

Raiders just be a pest

Beastlord 226
Ramhorn Helm, Heavy Armour
Gnarled Hide, Tali Protect
Brass Cleaver

Slugtounge 190
Hand Weapon

Gorbull 245
BSB, Great Weapon, Armour of Destiny

5 Ungor Raiders 30
Short bows

5 Ungor Raiders 30
Short bows

5 Ungor Raiders 30
Short bows

5 Ungor Raiders 30
Short bows

25 Gors 215
2x Hand Weapons, Musician, Standard

29 Gors 247
2x Hand Weapons, Full Cmd

6 Minotaurs 378
Great Weapons

6 Minotaurs 378
Great Weapons

17-06-2010, 19:26
It looks like it could work. Two large blocks with scary mino units running up the flanks. I'm not sure that the ungor raiders will do anything for you. Also the gor's are rather expensive for what they do. I haven't played any 8th ed games yet, but it looks okay and no else really knows what they're doing yet.

17-06-2010, 21:01
yea few people have said that, was thinking two units of 5 harpies instead to be annoying? they're I5 at 2 attacks so pretty good.

gives me 10pts so can give BL uncanny senses (+1 I) so he's I6, good for getting the clout on chaos warriors ;)

18-06-2010, 06:20
not even one dispell scroll?

your going to run into lvl 4 wizards (like my slann) who has a decent magic defense against mistcast (cupper hands) and stone thingy, that is going to chew through your units with fire spells, or lvl 4 DE sorcerers are going to be hitting you with 1D6 S4, 1D6 S5, 3D6 WS4, S4 attacks, and more things.

on an average with my slan i get 7 dice, which allows me to throw, 1+1, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and add to all of those 4 due to his lvl, your are msotly only able to dispell one of those spells (all of them being thrown quite savely since the average its, 11, 11, 14'5, 18)

Those 2 minotaur units are going to be tough though ranked up fireball can do some damage also the skinks with blowpipes, i guess both units will come quite ranked down

18-06-2010, 09:31
How many pts is ye slann @ lvl4 and tricked out?

18-06-2010, 13:52
450 or so, still my only character at 2k lvl so i actually have less points on characters than you, and he can cause havoc among your units.

salamnders can easily downrank does gor units while the slan downranks the bulls (which i must say i Love and are nasty)

18-06-2010, 13:55
Only one dispel scroll per army now but there are other scrolls that cause effects not sure of points only had a quick look at the items.