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17-06-2010, 17:45
Hey guys, looking for some guidance - I'm a monumental WFB noob looking to get in with 8th because I've heard really good things in the rumors and previews.

I'm pondering a Khorne-themed WoC list. I like the models for

Juggernaut Lord
Warriors on foot

Marauder Horsemen

Could a reasonably competitive list (in 8th) be built from that batch of model types? If so, for 8th how would you arm the MHmen - still with flails? I like how they look with Axes in hand

Ultimate Life Form
17-06-2010, 17:52
Yes, these will be as scary as ever. The Khornate warriors will slice and dice through everything, and now they can even restrain their frenzy (you'll soon learn that is very useful).

The Knights are also very scary, and the Marauder Horseman as Fast Cavalry top it off (they're well suited for harrassing tactics to support your main force).

Since as Khorne you don't have to concern yourself with Magic and shooting is not available, your army stands already it seems. ^^

17-06-2010, 17:53
Flails on khorne marauder horsemen is probably the better option to just using hand weapons.

Generally though, you will have no problem being competitive with those models.

17-06-2010, 17:54
Thanks guys I really appreciate the input before going to the store to buy lots of expensive plastic/metal :D

17-06-2010, 18:04
I've been running the all Khorne WoC on occassion for about a year now, and it was not a very strong list in 7th Ed. 8th Ed. will likely change that, especially with the new changes to magic which give Khorne the possibility of decent dispelling without taking a wizard.

I've also ran a couple WoC lists under the rumored 8th ed. rules, and found that the Marauders on foot with Mark of Khorne and Great Weapons are incredibly useful. I put a 40 man unit of them with Wulfrik, and just chewed up and spit out my friend's Flamers of Tzeentch (popping up on the board behind your opponents line when skirmishers no longer have 360 line of sight is huge). A hoard (or two) of marauders will likely become a staple of any WoC Khorne list. Especially considering that they whole unit costs about 250 points (although the downside is that it costs about $100 for three boxes of marauders which equals 48 figures).

17-06-2010, 18:08
Shoot - they sound great (effectiveness-wise) but I sure don't like foot-Marauder models much :(

17-06-2010, 18:14
Be careful about putting together a list with only knights, chaos warriors and marauder horsemen. You will find yourself short on wounds and models, and other armies with shooting or magic will whittle down your units while you close into hand to hand. I've run the 2 chaos knights, 2 chariots, 3 marauder horsemen, and warshrine list many times, and find it difficult to keep enough guys alive to win out.

Then again, it could be that I just suck. :cries:

Ultimate Life Form
17-06-2010, 18:20
It depends on who you face. I for once with my Lizardmen see no way to shoot any wounds out of 1+ save models. Knights are my bane. A Slann with the Lore of Metal however might have to say a word or two... (but I usually go Carnosaur)

17-06-2010, 20:58
Shoot - they sound great (effectiveness-wise) but I sure don't like foot-Marauder models much :(

Neither do I, I use beastmen as marauders. You could also use historical models like vikings or celts or similar, or convert the marauders with heads and arms from the horsemen box, they look a bit better then. Or convert flagellants.

17-06-2010, 21:01
+1 to what Mrtn said (on using beastmen as marauders)! Fluffy and looks way better :)


17-06-2010, 21:04
Good idea! :)

17-06-2010, 22:50
You guys are taking the wind out of my sails, stealing the gem right out of my donut.

I actually like the marauder models, they look great painted in crimson and gold. I'm working on a 40 block of Khorne and a 40 block of Tzeentch (don't ask), and I'm digging the look. Maybe I'll post a couple pictures.

17-06-2010, 23:00
A good paintjob can make a huge difference, you should post shots :)

17-06-2010, 23:37
This is my first try at posting pics, so here goes...





Can't seem to make them any bigger, took them with my lady's cell phone...

Ultimate Life Form
17-06-2010, 23:42
Nice, but is there a chance of getting bigger pics?

Also this thread will be dragged into MP&T...

17-06-2010, 23:46
Yeah fair enough. I appreciate the input on my options for 8th and Warriors so far though :)