View Full Version : High Elves 3000pts (8th confirmed rumours used)

17-06-2010, 19:20
Hero. (Caladai)
Noble, armour of destiny, great weapon, shield, barded elven steed = 161.
(The armour of destiny is from the confirmed common magic item list, it is heavy armour with a 4+ ward save for 50pts)

Hero. (Sarathai)
Noble, BSB, talisman of preservation, great weapon, shield, heavy armour, barded elven steed = 185.
(The talisman of preservation is from the confirmed common magic item list, it gives a 4+ ward save for 45pts)

Core Units.
*30 lothern seaguard, standard bearer, banner of eternal flame = 380. (6*5)
(The banner of eternal flame is from the confirmed common magic item list, it makes all shooting and CC attacks flaming for 10pts)

2*30 lothern seaguard, *2 standard bearers = 740. (6*5)

Special Units.
*30 phoenix guard, keeper of the flame, standard bearer, warbanner, amulet of light = 509. (6*5) (Noble goes here)

*30 phoenix guard, keeper of the flame, standard bearer, gem of courage = 484. (6*5) (BSB goes here)

*4 tiranoc chariots = 340.

Rare Units.
*4 great eagles = 300.

= 3000.

Models 152 + 4 monsters + 4 war machines.

The large blocks come in a 6 by 5 formation to gain more attacks and hopefully stubborn.
The chariots are for helping flank kills and the great eagles go war machine and fast cavalry hunting.
The LSG shoot 3*21 shots a turn with the 'salvo fire' special rule and fight in 4 ranks for 24 reroll ASF attacks.
The PG have a 2+ ward against magic and +1 CR from fear for a total of +6 CR each from all sources (BSB, warbanner, standards, 3 ranks).

17-06-2010, 19:32
as far as i can tell you don't have all that much hitting power. I would change you're specials around to include something that can flank and cut apart the enemy. Swordmasters or White lions come to mind since your entire army is based around infantry. Also you might want something to deal with monsters, and something for magic too...

17-06-2010, 20:51
You don't get bonus CR from fear, that much is confirmed

18-06-2010, 13:22
The rule for fear in combat is your opponent takes a leadership test, if they fail their WS and I are reduced to 1. That is big for your army concidering you cause fear so WONT be reduced but could affect your opponent.

18-06-2010, 22:09
I was thinking a VERY similar thing, but with 2 blocks of 50 Seaguard in Horde, and a unit of 40 Phoenix Guard. Got me a few more points to get a mage or two in there. The Lore of Shadows Strenght=Ld spell is GROSS for Spear hordes. Ok, so I hit you on 3's or 4's with rerolls, then wound on 2, with..well..no real conceivable armour saves. They average 30 kills against WS4+ models without ward saves.

18-06-2010, 23:27
Wow Assasin that is one gross combo. WOuld be nice to take a fire mage and a shadow mage by the sound of it. Have to pick lores in your army list but still roll for spells so not sure if you get the spell.
Is that shadow spell the basic one you can drop to? I dont think it would be, sounds too good for that.

19-06-2010, 03:23
No, its not....thats why you take seerstaff to make sure you get it!

19-06-2010, 05:10
touche Sir. My hat off to you....and our arrows off to the enemy...