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17-06-2010, 23:33
Excuse my ignorance...

Has there been any clarification on who must issue challenges in a WoC unit containing 2 Characters or a Character and a Champion when there is a warshrine in the army?

Both Chars must issue and accept challenges... Is there and order for this?

17-06-2010, 23:45
Ran into this same problem when I first started playing WoC until a senior player pointed out to me that there can only be one challenge per combat. So if it is your turn, you can pick one of the two and issue the challenge, then the other character cannot issue a challenge in that same battle, so the special rule no longer applies. If it is your opponent's turn and he issues a challenge, you accept with the character of your choosing, and no more challenges can be issued, as above.

20-06-2010, 15:07
Doesn't armybook usually trump rulebook? For example;

You have characters A and B. A must issue a challenge, so he does. There is now one challenge going, and rulebook says no more can be done. However, armybook specifically says that B MUST issue a challenge. Since army book is more spesific, and ab>rb, shouldn't B in this case ignore rulebook ruling and go on with the army book?

20-06-2010, 15:55
The rule actually states that they must issue challenges "whenever they are able." (WoC p.43). If a challenge is already happening, then the other characters are not able to challenge.

For this same reason, I believe that you can challenge with a unit champ even when you have a character in the unit, and no warshrine on the table. Similarly, a unit champ can accept a challenge instead of a character, since the rule only states that you can't refuse.