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18-06-2010, 09:39
Had a little think about how i'll play my Slann in the new rules and up to this point ive always taken becalming cogitation, but now with miscasts happening on sixes it seems more like you'd be doing your opponent a favour as they could freely throw 6 dice at a spell and not have to worry about miscasts.

Bit of a shame but I should really get soul of stone in nowadays anyway so i guess that ones gonna be swapped me-thinks.

Also magic resistance 3 on a slann is a little tasty, 2+ ward against magic woop!

Last but not least, transcendant healing. Utterly useless now that you can only have ward or regen. Not that I saw it used much anyway.

All in all Im a little interested to see if these are going to be changed much in the FAQ's, seems to me like it could be too large a section to completely re-write for an FAQ.

18-06-2010, 15:30
discarding 6's is nto that bad, if he get 2, thats 12 out of he rolls, imagin a roll of 1,3,4,5,6,6 = 25 with out 6 it goes down to 13 so his big spell is not coming out even with 6 dice.

Now lets imaggina 1,2,4,5,5,6= 23 with out the 6 its 17 + the caster depending on the spell ....

just though of its while guessing, i do actually thinks is not that good hahaha :D

My slan is going to have focused rumination, know whole lore, and now i will give him soul of stone with cupper hands

Ultimate Life Form
18-06-2010, 15:32
Well the fact remains that it prevents IF so you are guaranteed the chance to dispel.

18-06-2010, 15:53
not tu mention if he doest reach the casting limit the wizard wont be able to cast again, thats realy good.

18-06-2010, 15:58
I'll go Mystery, Rumination, Unfathomable pressence. and pick plaque of protection and cupped hands as items

18-06-2010, 19:45
not tu mention if he doest reach the casting limit the wizard wont be able to cast again, thats realy good.

walgis go read the romor thread please.

You are not allow to cast anymore only in you roll a 1 or 2, the slann adding allways a dice will allways roll snake eyes so 2, wo only 1/36 times will this happen on 2 dice, and if you roll 3 never

18-06-2010, 20:35
Focus of Mystery (whole lore): about the same. (more spells but able to choose if double is rolled.)
Focussed Rumination (+1 die): extremely good, even better than before
Transcendent Healing (4+ regen): from situational to 100% useless.
Harrowing Scrutiny (Terror): less useful, not worth it, really
Higher State of Consciousness(immune to mundane): more magical attacks but much more shooting. useful for a lone slann and, depending on targetting/"look out sir"-rules, also in Temple Guard.
Becalming Cogitation (drop 6s): a lot less useful, but probably still worth taking (due to fewer dispel dice and scrolls)
Unfathomable Presence (MR3): if it still protects the whole unit, it is quite a bit worse. if it only works for the slann, it is 95% useless (plague of protection).
Soul of Stone (re-roll miscast): instead of 1/36 must rerolls there are now 3 or 4/36 must re-rolls and those rerolls have a chance of 3 or 4/36 be the same. it's probably slightly better, in the sense that it will come into use more often. the main problem is the miscast table, though, because almost all results hurt a lot.

-always take rumination.
-mystery is still very good.
-soul of stone and becalming cogitation can be useful.
-higher state depends on targetting rules for slann
-the rest isn't worth bothering.