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24-02-2006, 11:33
Hee is my emp army i want to use next tournament in Utrecht. This is going to be the first time i will use them there. Please give some pointers.
The first spearunit is stying with the mortars, the rest is marching to the enemy. Knights on the fare flanks and Ogres more to the centre. Spears in the very centre. Or with refused flank: spears and mortars on one site, Ogres next to spearunit 2 and knights next to Ogres

El Count -amour of met iron+sword of might
Wiz (L2) -dscroll Lore of Shadow
Wiz (L2) -dscroll+luckstone Lore of Light

20 Spearmen -full com+shields
Detachment 1
10 Halberdiers+shields
Detachment 2
8 Archers shooting screen

20 Spearmen -full com+shields
Detachment 1
10 Swordmen
Detachment 2
10 free comp

5 knights -music
5 knights -full com. innercirkel

2 mortars
6 Ironguts -banner+belower
3 Leadbelchers

24-02-2006, 16:19
since your elector is on foot and is your only combat character, I would give him the armor of meteoric iron(as you did), a GW, the holy relic, and depends on who you are playing, give him the spectrum.as for your detachments, take out the archers from the 1st one and put 5 handgunners, do the same with the free companies. You do know you can have two knights of the inner circle units(1 normal, and one of the wight wolf) right? as for your special units take out one mortar and put in a cannon, and finally...ditch the LBs take a hellblaster instead. good luck!

26-02-2006, 07:43
I would diagree with you orlando. He has the basics of the list fine.

Elector: Give him a great weapon and a ward save.

Spearmen: You should probably have units of 25, they last longer.

Swordsmen detachments: Drop them and take handgunners.

Knights are fine, no need for a second Inner Circle, especially in a unit of 5 that's only used for flanking anyway.

Artillery: You *may* want a cannon instead of a mortar. It depends if you think you can already handle chariots and enemy artillery you don't need one.

Helblaster or Leadbelchers? Not sure on that one, Leadbelchers are certainly better in CC but the Helblaster has much more powerful shooting.

26-02-2006, 07:59
Just battled against Woodelves yesterday. lost! I did not keep my battleline incheck. The leadbelcher worked a charm, they can shoot as many as a Hellb and still attack like ogres. The mortars didn't do much (have to work on guessing range and throw the right dice), but WE don't have large units soo that was a bit expected. I'm going to drop the engineer for some handgunners. And 2 ironguts for some more spearmen maybe and warbanner for the knights. Banner of Valour worked well. greatweapon for my count sounds good. but not a ward save. To many points in one model with a small change he sees combat. Thanks to both so far.