View Full Version : 1-2k WoC Monstrous Crusade

18-06-2010, 21:37
Ok, usual thing, 8th ed is coming, before I invest too much cash in those lovely river troll models, how does the following look at various point breaks


6 Trolls
6 Trolls
5 Hounds
5 Hounds


the above +

6 Trolls


Mark of Slannesh on one giant
9 extra wolves

Obviously I can play around with various unit sizes in that since 18 trolls can be split in various configurations. But in general, how does it look?

Onto 3k, im not sure what I really want to add yet, the only thing not going in would be any human based stuff, monsters ahoy for this lot, apart from maybe chariots, using Stegadons as a replacement for them

18-06-2010, 21:46
honestly i'm inclined to do the bare minimum of trolls and use dragon ogres and ogres instead. Troll's stupidity will cause problems otherwise.

18-06-2010, 22:01
8th suddenly makes stupidity alot less of a problem -

LD8 + banner reroll on all LD based tests if im reading it right means its less of a problem. and since im the worst wfb player in the world, i dont mind it not being as competative as it could be

19-06-2010, 07:44
trolls have horrible initiative. if i were you, i would take a mix, take a unit of 4 trolls, and a unit of 3 with throgg in it. take a unit of ogres (6 with mok and chaos armor) and then lastly a unit of dragon ogres.