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18-06-2010, 21:41
Can you mix armies in LOTR SBG?

And if I have Easterlings could I throw in some Harad, Khand, Umbar or Mahud?

Sniper Kelly
18-06-2010, 23:41
Yes to both questions, you can take allied armies which are listed in the Legions of Middle Earth book.

18-06-2010, 23:47
Are there any cons by doing this?

19-06-2010, 00:03
a hero from each allied faction is required

19-06-2010, 01:33
The maximum number of bow armed troops in EACH faction has to be no more than 33%, so depending on who you ally with you may get less bows, or be forced to take worse bowmen.

The Marshel
19-06-2010, 16:04
under legions of middle earth rules an army must
-have an overall leader
-consist of at least 3 miniatures and comply with model limits
-must have at least one hero from each army list present
-of the warriors taken from each army list, only 33% may have bows. this is calculated on a per army list basis
- any army list present in the force must be able to ally with ALL other amy list in the force

so, as an example

u must first select a main army list for your army. this is the parents list so to speak. for sake of example well use the easterling list to make a 500 point army. now you must pick a leader from the easterling list if the easterling list is to be the main force. (note, it doesnt really matter which army the leader is from really, but this is something that is decided when u write up the army, not when u deploy)

so, u need a hero from your easterling list. We'll take khamul, so 125 points.
now, we need some warriors, 4 with swords and shields, 4 with spears and shield, 4 with bows. this way you have 33% bows, now we have 229 points.

so you want to add some haradrim? first, u need to check the armies easterlings may ally with. these are listed within their army list in legions of middle earth. looking at the avalible allies, we find that the serpant horde list is avalible to easterlings as allies.

as it is a new army contingent, we need a hero from this list, so haradrim chieftain. next well add say, warriors with spear and 3 warriors with bow. now we are at 328 points. its important to note here that each contingent (ie, each group of miniatures selected from an individual battle list) must be at 33% bows. so you may not in this case take 12 easterlings with swords and shields, and 6 haradrim with bow. this doesn't count as 33% for the army. this is 0% for the easterling contingent and 100% for the harad contingent, and thus illegal.

next, we decide we want to add moria goblins from the "dwellers below" list. first thing you do, check the allies list. in this case we find that the dwellers below may ally with the serpent hoard, but may not ally with the easterlings. due to this, moria goblins may not be taken in this particular army. instead we will take khandish, who may ally with both our existing contingents. add a hero and fill out the rest of the points.

hope this makes it clear

20-06-2010, 11:29
So if I ally Easterlings and Harad, both of them has to have 33% Bows or less?

The Marshel
20-06-2010, 12:10
yes, so you cant take all haradrim bowmen and still have max archery. the rule was made specifically to stop people taking the best archers alone. this way you cant spam elf archers in dwarf armies or the likes

25-06-2010, 11:57
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Gondor fan!!!
04-07-2010, 11:31
Is there any limit on the max amount of models?

captain krak
04-07-2010, 13:59
yes. In a 500 point game, for example, the max model limit is 50.