View Full Version : 2500p All Knight Brets + magic. 8th.

18-06-2010, 22:07
Prophetess(Life)- level 4, verdant heart, warhorse [280]
BSB - barded warhorse, warbanner, virtue of duty [139]
Damsel (Beasts-basic)- steed, DS [105p]
Damsel (Beasts-basic)- steed [80p]

14 Knights errant - Full command, errantry banner <Damsel
10 knights of the Realm - Full Command, twilight banner <damsel+Bsb

9 questing knights - Full command
9 questing Knights - Full command
4 peguses knights - full command

11 Grail knights - Standard, Musician, Banner of defense<Proph.

Battleplan In a sentence: Casters augment, Busses Smash.

Damsels offer protection to the big busses via MR and make them more potent in combat. The damsels cast their basic spell at effective level 2 whilst the proph at effective level 5. Perfect spell setup would be dweller below(brutalize elves/hordes) regrowth(keep the Grail knighs at max) stoneskin(grailes at tough 5) and the basic (great vs gunlines and stubborn).

1-2 busses attacking per unit -questers play troubleshooters/support.
Pegs on magehunt/warmachine/ missiletroops/light units.

Looking to punch a hole and rinse and repeat. Knight units are very well protected bs shooting/magic missiels via ward/MR, armor and can be further bolster via stoneskin, +1 tough from beasts, and the lore of life basic spell.

Should be fun!Thoughts?