View Full Version : Da' Deaf Warre'arz (Ogres 2249 pts)

18-06-2010, 22:47
8th edition retool of the OK Army. I have tried to stick with my old theme of a Ogre Gunline, but the percentages have dictated otherwise...

Heroes: (24%)
(1) Bruiser with heavy armour and Siegebreaker

(1) Hunter with (2) Sabretusks with Greyback Pelt

(1) Butcher with Halfling Cookbook

Core: (28%)
(6) Bulls with full command, light armour and ironfists

(4) Ironguts with standard and bellower (Bruiser goes here)

(25) Gnoblars with Groinbiter

(8) Trappers

Special: (32%)
3x(4) Leadbelchers with Thunderfists and Bellowers

Rare: (16%)
(4) Maneaters with heavy armour and brace of handguns