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Commissar Vaughn
18-06-2010, 23:39
Well, somebody had too...

So now the rules are known somewhat, and copies are available for viewing at least what do we reckon?

Im not even decided on whether Ill bother with 8th edition, I dont think its an improvment at all: basically 6th ed weighed down with a ton of Special Rules it doesnt need. It comes to something when a game has more special rules than actual core rules....

Whether or not Dogs of War are still viable will play a major part in my decision.

The fact they dont seem to get a mention doesnt bode well for us, though then again they didnt get a mention in 6th either untill the WD lists. I cant see a major problem with converting the list as it is to 8th, but some of the special stuff that takes up a hero + rare slot now might be tricky to accomodate. Will we get the Errata for DOW to clarify this, even if we have to wait like we did in 6th edition?

Who knows. Currently, at least, it looks like we cant take allies...

Just a couple of things that occured to me whilst reading through:

It looks like pikes now fight in four ranks at all times...even when moving! It looks like the rule for fighting in one rank now only applies to spears rather than any "fights in X ranks" weapons.

This could be quite handy if Im right, allowing as many attacks as a horde but over a narrower frontage. And striking first of course, good with only I3!

Magc items look good, some nice choices, you can even make your paymaster a level 2 wizard and get him blown up....and his bodyguard have TEN banners to choose from!

At least our generals get a decent sword now. And am I right in thinking anyone can use his LD while he's alive? Or something. Not bad with our average LD.

Overall based on what little Ive seen, we shouldnt be too badly off, certainly better than in 7th. With our huge variety of troop types I cant see a problem with the scenarios, weve the tools for any job....just hope GW remembers those who have kept the faith at errata time!

Anyone else got any thoughts?

18-06-2010, 23:42
Unless an errata specifically to deal with DoW and Chaos Dwarves is produced, they are both NOT PLAYABLE in 8th edition. Without the tabled index of your troop type to convert from 7th ed lingo (Ogre sized, US3 etc) to 8th ed lingo/rules (Inf, MI, MC, Cav etc), I cant see anyone being to play them without simply making stuff up for a friendly game (as in not being able to play them at tournament for sure).

18-06-2010, 23:51
I honestly don't see how hard it is to classify dogs of war units. heck, most of it is described in their name.

ogres are monstrous creatures(I've never recalled them being mounted on 25mm bases), halfing hot-pots are war-machines, and cavalry are cavalry.

heck, the generic magic item list gave dogs of war characters something to finally play with.

overall, for casual play you'll be fine. If your wanting to go into tournaments I would plan to use them as empire just in case there's any issues.