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18-06-2010, 23:55
This is my first stab at an 8th ed. Dwarfs army, it's slightly more aggressive and combat-heavy than usual. C & c welcome; I'm giving it a spin tomorrow so will report back with results...probably facing High Elves or WoC, so it should be a tough fight. I've only played one demo game so far w/8th ed. rules, so be merciless!

Dwarf Lord w/Shieldbearers, MRChallenge, GW w/MRKragg, RMight, RFury, Gromril Armour w/RRes, RStone. 301pts

Runesmith w/shield, MRBalance (or Spellbinding? -haven't extensively checked out new magic rules) and RSpellbreaking. 147pts

Thane BSB w/MRGromril, RPres, RCleaving, RStriking, RSpeed. 165pts

22x Longbeards w/shields, FC, RBattle, RDetermination. 334pts
15x warriors w/shields, musician. 140pts
15x warriors w/shields, musician. 140pts Afaik, to break enemy ranks you require a flanking unit with ranks of its own: hence the MSU warriors - hw/shield means that I have a better chance at surviving a round of attacks for my rank bonus to kick in at the end of combat and negate the enemy's.

20x Hammerers w/shields, FC, RBattle. 315pts
25x Slayers w/standard bearer, musician. 293pts
GT w/RAcc, RPen, RBurning. 135pts
2x BTs w/engineers, 1w/RBurning, 1w/MRImmolation and RBurning 160pts

Organ Gun 120pts


I have a second variant of this list written without the Dwarf Lord: Instead it features a Cannon w/RForging and a Daemon Slayer w/MRSmiting, RMight, and RSpeed. Striking in I order means that a Slayer kitted out like this can be a one man wrecking crew against any kind of nasty monster, monstrous infantry, and beefy lords of the non-WoC (I7 is just killer now) variety.