View Full Version : leafblower?

Dark Aly
19-06-2010, 00:30
just a quick question- what is meant by leaf blower armies? most of the names for armies are fairly straight forward but i don't get this one. thought it might be double lash as it moves folk around but i'm now led to believe its guard.

19-06-2010, 00:36
It's the name given to Darkwynn's mechanized guard list last year at hard boys where it "blew" off all of the other armies off the table.

Darkwynn admitted he got lucky with opponent selection and with always going first, he would alpha strike an army and pretty much cripple it. He would mop it up in later turns.

His 2500 games took about an hour, hence the leafblower name. This is not a name that should be given to guard armies, instead they should be called "Mech Guard". Leafblower is specific to darkwynn.

Justicar Valius
19-06-2010, 00:38
Leafblower is list name given by ard boyz opponent finalist. It was revealed this leafblower list in all the 2.5k point battles at top level no game took more than an hour. "It was amazing it blew me away like a leafblower"


Dark Aly
19-06-2010, 00:47
ok thanks.