View Full Version : 3000 Daemons Slaanesh for 8th

19-06-2010, 11:11
Looking at rewriting my 2250 list for 3k so i can still fit some decent magic into a list with zero tzeentch.

Keeper of secrets lv 4, torment blade, siren song, allure of slaanesh, enrapturing gaze = 650

The masque = 90
Herald steed, BSB, despair, torment blade, allure of slaanesh = 245
Herald torment blade, allure of slaanesh = 120
Herald torment blade, allure of slaanesh = 120

29 daemonettes full command = 378 (1 herald here)
29 daemonettes full command = 378 (other herald here)
5 furies = 60

12 seekers standard, siren = 325
11 seekers standard, siren = 301 (mounted herald goes here)

6 fiends = 330

Total: 2997

seekers have become the fastest unit (besides chariot heroes) available to slaanesh daemons with new charge rules, but even so, all of the M10 models have taken a nerf to their charge range. also seekers can shut down those blocks of shooty units with siren standard long range charges. units of 12 for a 2nd rank so they can pull off flanks.

similarly, fiends in 2 ranks of 3 so that they can actually get a flank bonus, while losing minimum attacks (21 attacks from the 6 models).

ive removed the siren songs from the footslogging heralds because its now a slight hindrance to my chances of winning combat if im charged as opposed to charging. kipper still has it for sniping opposing lone characters.

since BSBs now affect all Ld tests, theres less point in spamming lv 1 wizards with the 1 spell (heck i dont know if thats still possible with the 'no repeat spells' rule). kipper can reliably pull off atleast 2 spells a turn with the new power dice rules, in fact he/she/it is a better caster than in 7th because of them.

furies mainly to pick off a warmachine or 2, larger units of them are redundant with the new spreading out rules for skirmishers.

C&C and other nifty tricks welcome.