View Full Version : For Fun - Origins of the Ork Dreads...

19-06-2010, 13:37
Seems as though the ork dread (and maybe all dreadnaught designs may have started in the 60 in the US.

Exhibit A (and only one, really).


Tell me that doesn't strike an amazing resemblance to a few tons of pewter (before the new models came out, of course) most up us have laying in our Heavy slots right now?

Source for story... (http://kotaku.com/5556757/the-real-metal-gear)

Although the newer versions are decidedly moving towards a Tau aesthetic, these are truely Orky and should be given consideration as the genesis of the kan/dread.

(I can see a little Russbot in there too!)


19-06-2010, 13:55
Hmm... I may have to have a go at making a ork dread that looks like that...