View Full Version : Can empire detachments always stand and shoot?

Running Kid
20-06-2010, 19:10
So I was playing a game against my brothers empire with my high elves and we had an argument about if the empire detachment rule always allows a detachment to stand and shoot at a unit charging the parent unit if within 3" of the parent.

My dragon princes were hidden in a wood so that they could see his unit of swordsmen but hidden from his handgunner detachment when I declared my charge. I was also under half of my total charge distance from both the swordsmen and his detachment. Eventually though the detachment would be able to see me as exited the woods approximately 3" to 4" away from the swordsmen.

He says he can stand and shoot at me because the empire army book says that a detachment can stand and shoot even when the parent unit may not. He wants to treat this as if it says they can always stand and shoot if within 3" of the parent and the charging unit is in its front arc, no matter what.

To me this says that if I started my charge under half of my charge distance from the parent unit but over half away from the detachment then he is able to stand and shoot as normal.

Also, is it possible to stand and shoot at a unit that you cant see at the beginning of the charge, or is it that you can try and shoot if the moment you are able to see them they are more than half their charge distance away?

My logic also says that there just wasn't enough time for the detachment to fire at my dragon princes, after all they wouldn't be able to stand at shoot if I charged them, why should they be able to stand and shoot when I charge the parent unit right next to it, no more than 1/2" to the right?

What do you guys think? Could his detachment shoot my dragon princes or did he not have enough time?

20-06-2010, 19:22
Read the detachment rules?

Seriously, it gives you the answer right there.

Also, you cant shoot something you cannot see.

20-06-2010, 19:32
Agreed with what theunwantedbeing has said.

Running Kid
20-06-2010, 23:15
I don't have the book but that is what he cited to say he can shoot me but I don't think that is what it means. Could you quote it if you have the book, me and my brother don't live together. Or do you mean you agree with my brother?

Also its only that he couldn't see me at the beginning of the charge but I would eventually move out of the woods and in sight of the hangunners.

Just to make things clear as well assume he could see me but I am below half of my charge distance, do the handgunners not care and just have lightening fast reflexes? Like what if I started my charge 1" away from the swordsmen?

20-06-2010, 23:32
In my (german) Codex it is stated that the detachment can stand and shoot even if the attacked main unit could not. They even point out that the enemy can't be too close for a stand and shoot reaction. It's not stated that they don't use the line of sight rules anymore.

Running Kid
20-06-2010, 23:36
They even point out that the enemy can't be too close for a stand and shoot reaction. Well if that's what if that's what the book says he should have just said it. Seems stupid but I guess I will have to accept it then.