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21-06-2010, 06:13
Here's my first crack at an 8th ed list. Having decided to go back to my first ever fantasy army, i wanted to crank a themed slaanesh force. Here is the list for your perusal. Forgive the funny names, its a thing i have for fluffing out units. Comments welcome!

The Debauched host 3,000 points


Prince Sigvald- 425 points


Sliskus, Bearer of the tapestry of abandon. Exalted champion (BSB)- 229 points

W/ Mark of Slaanesh, shield, Soporific musk and rapturous standard. Mounted on chaos steed.

Ducard, Playwright of the wanton (Chaos sorcerer)- 160 points

W/ Mark of Slaanesh, level two upgrade, conjoined houmonculous and spell familiar


20 Exquisite Sword swains (Chaos warriors)- 360 points

W/ Mark of Slaanesh, additional hand weapons and full command.

40 Footpads of Shornaal (Marauders)- 230 points

W/ Mark of Slaanesh, great weapons and full command

20 Chaos warriors- 360 points

W/ Mark of Slaanesh, hand weapons and shields and full command.


20 Ushers of Perfection (Chosen)- 440 points

W/ Mark of Slaanesh, Halberds and full command.

10 Knights of the Covetous Prince (Chaos Knights)- 460 points

W/ Mark of Slaanesh and full command.


The Rapturous din of Lanshor (Hellcannon)- 205 points

Altar of Blessed wine and sweet meats (War shrine)- 130 points

2,999 points

21-06-2010, 06:15
pendant on a 2w sorc hero seems pretty useless

21-06-2010, 06:22
Sorry, that was meant to be swapped out for conjoined Houmoncoulous before posting. Duly amended

21-06-2010, 20:00
I was wondering if a slaaneshi sorceror was really worth it at the end of the day. Has the lore performed for anyone?

21-06-2010, 20:39
I think that ecstatic seizures should be fun against horde units, lots of guys with low toughness, not to mention if you use a lvl 4 sorc lord it cast on an 8!
But with remains in play spells getting better in 8th ed the lore should be better, just not against ITP armies.

I like all of the infantry you are using, but I'm a little disappointed that you didn't make a creative name for your second unit of chaos warriors.

21-06-2010, 21:14
your warrior and chosen units need to be way bigger. I would recomend removing the not-named warriors, and putting in more chosen and making your other warrior unit a bit bigger. This will chunk up your army, to keep up with the 8th ed trend

21-06-2010, 23:51
@Skullduggery- the second warrior unit is meant to be the Lascivious blades. Not sure why i forgot to add it in.

@Thesherriff- I can see where you're coming from. Im just wary about cutting down on the number of units i have. I saw a hefty Black orc unit all but decimated from one spell in this edition! I will run a few games with the warriors bulked up like you suggest though

22-06-2010, 12:33
for chaos warriors and chosen i feel that 20 is a good number too. They have the killy/surviving power to make up for less models.

22-06-2010, 20:43
But there balck orcs. You are warriors of chaos, who never run away, have tonnes more attacks, better aermour, Ws, Strength, everything!. And what spell was it?. Must have been pretty powerfull to take out black orcs

23-06-2010, 00:07
The purple sun of Xereus, the roving pit of shades one from the lore of death. I know my initiative is plenty higher but by god it's a horrendous spell.

I'll try the warriors at a larger size. Im comfortable with 20 chosen however.