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21-06-2010, 06:35
There's lots of tacticas popping up these days, but there has yet to be one regarding everyone's favorite monster-towed death-sleds, the Chariots! Whether as humble as a Gobbo wolf chariot or as brutal as a High Elf Lion Chariot, many armies have access to one of these impact-hit delivering death machines, and given that they can't be insta-killed anymore, it seems a great time to bring them out.

That said, with the advent of big stubborn blocks of troops it's no longer as simple as "throw 2 lion chariots into a block and watch 2d6+12 S5 attacks rip them to bits," as even a unit with a single rank will still sit stubborn against you, and that means holding and one stuck chariot in most cases (and generally such things don't go well for the chariots). This of course means there will be some different thoughts as to what to do with them in this edition.

Combo charges seem the biggest one to me, keep them near a large ranked unit and let them do the damage while your actual unit provides the ranks to stop the foe from being stubborn (I'm planning on doing a 5x6 Seaguard block flanked by 2 Lion Chariots). Such a unit should easily punch through all but the biggest block, and also leave one chariot free to pursue while the other units reform and point in a better direction.

Any other thoughts on these guys?

Ooh. I just realized that my crew on my Lion Chariots are s6 now. Happy day.

21-06-2010, 11:33
Well i just realised my Black Coach Wraith will go back to being S5. Awesome :)

21-06-2010, 12:49
The only chariot I have access to is the War Altar for Empire and it's a wierd one. Now that the Arch-Lector is apparently getting uber-nerfed in every possible way the main use for this will be an unkillable unbreakable line-stopper. I think I will still use it as this though as now they cannot be instant killed it suddenly becomes very difficult to take out with T5, 4+/4+ save, 4 W, MR(2) etc. The priest on top can still be made nigh invincible with Dawn Armour so it could be something to completely nullify huge units and scary units if done right. Quite expensive if thats the only real use now though.


21-06-2010, 12:51
i thinking of chaos lord of khorne on chariot
3 extra attack sword and helm of many eyes

do the horsies from the chariot get the marks benefit seems it is one model taking the mark ?

gonna back it up with 2 tzeench mages and 2 hell cannons (mages might come out and be replaced with 5 chaos knights)

21-06-2010, 17:07
Does anyone know how merged profiles will work, will they affect chariots? So for example, with chaos chariots, the warriors are WS 5, while the steeds are WS 3, and the warriors have halbers, so would the combined profile allow for 6 S5 attacks?

21-06-2010, 17:11
I really don't think chariots will be as great as they used to be...

Good for a one time punch when you are ready to break an enemy unit, but this will only be possible with the support of other units.

The only chariots I own are for orcs (and I have a lot of them) and whereas they were a critical part of my army in 7th I'm thinking I'm going to just drop them for 8th in order to get more troops.

21-06-2010, 17:19
I really don't think chariots will be as great as they used to be...

Good for a one time punch when you are ready to break an enemy unit, but this will only be possible with the support of other units.

or with a lot of other charriots, a charge from 4 charriots might break a unit.
then again, might not if its a really big units and still has ranks..... ponders

Prince Sairion
21-06-2010, 17:20
Glanced (didn't get chance for a thorough read) at the chariot rules today at GW, the staffers said that chariots can now march, which with my
glance I could not see anything to prove them wrong.

So whilst chariots are now not going straight forward into enemy blocks, my tyranoc chariots can now scoot round the back/flank of an engaged block and avoid all the stepping up attacks!

With S7 auto-kill gone too, they may not be as bad as people (and I) thought they would be, though I wouldn't only charge one at a time into combat if I could help it.

For Chaos though, khorne lord on a khorne chariot with the +3 attack weapon becomes tasty. Also rolls a LD test not to charge stupidly into a bad situation.

23-06-2010, 05:40
Yeah...I think things like Tiranoc chariots suddenly become quite valuable as Warmachine/archer hunters if they can suddenly march. Cheap, cheerful and should still outnumber machine crews unless something VERY bad happens. I think that those "outrider" style chariots have become much stronger....

My Lion Chariot Linebreaker groups on the other hand just lack a bit of punch...they'll still kill foolish numbers of models, but given that even 1 rank of the foe will leave them stubborn, it's less of a good idea to plow them into ranked infantry, as I've had great luck with in 7th. (Seriously, 3 Lion Chariots hitting one unit is absurd...we have lots of Chaos lists with NO shooting and this just wrecks them). That said, they could be a nice way to finish off small units or cavalry. The random charge distance also hurts them quite a bit, as they're stuck WAY more than other units if they fail a charge, as impact hits are more than half the damage for most.

Really not sure what this will do to Tomb King chariot squadrons....they've done well here racking up kills then having high numbers with fear....not so much any more.

23-06-2010, 07:59
I obviously havent tested it but i imagine chariots will b awful for a frontal charge, at T4 with 4+ (the HE LC) as they will eat those attack backs even if they do tonsa damage.

Flank charges on other hand will be excellent, as they now will get +2 CR where they had none (and ur opp will have -1 cr without ON) and will allow much less reprisal form enemy units.

I loved running a mage in chariot in 7ed but I think they will b on foot now for protection and will leave the unit if there is gonna be big PD usage. chariot mage was mostly just useful for the rank denial and getting good LOS but from what I can tell i am going to be buffing alot more and fireballing less (just my play style.)

I have heard that chariots work as monsterous mount without the necessary mount reaction upon death, which leaves me wondering if thye will receive that thunder stomp. Hey the stegs get it why not us ;-P

I am quite sure they cannot march, and this is something me and the gw manager went over a few times in the book cause he knows i lieks mah mini elven tanks. (haha yeah right)

I am so relived they got ridda the dumbest rule in 7th- the 7 s auto kill. as if only chariots would suffer massive wounds from cannon shots. "haha your cannon ball only does two wounds to my lord! the chariot however dissolved upon contact with the missile."

23-06-2010, 08:12
yeah str 7 ID gone, and good riddance

Chariots will (as mentioned above) be support chargers I think, and if they can march even more so as getting the flanks becomes easier.

I don't know about all these horse pulled high elf stuff, but my cold one chariots are here to stay :)