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21-06-2010, 10:45
My new beasts go to a local comped tourney - and come out alright!

So, this weekend we were playing our local bout of games. We like to try out some different systems. Last time it was ETC lists, this time we went for the WPS-comp as see here:


The list I used was heavvily inspired by Time of Madness' 8th edition mock-up, though we were playing 7th ed of course.


Here's how it looked:


- Steel Claws
- Trollhide
- Gouge-Tusks
= 245pts

Wargor (BSB)
- Heavy Armour/shield
- Sword of Might
- Ramhorn Helm
- Gnarled Hide
= 166pts

Bray Shaman
- Lvl 2
- 2 x Disp Scrolls
= 160


20 Gors
- Full Command
- Extra Hand Weapons
= 185pts

22 Ungors
- Full Command
- Spears
= 147pts

8 Ungor Raiders
= 46 pts

9 Ungor Raiders
= 54 pts

Tuskgor Chariot
= 80pts

Tuskgor Chariot
= 80pts

Tuskgor Chariot
= 80pts


18 Bestigors
***General and bsb here***
- Full Command
- Warbanner
= 271pts

3 Minotaurs
- Additional Hand weapons
= 177 pts

= 55 pts

= 225 pts

= 275 pts

TOTAL POINTS = 2246 pts
Comp score = 20

Match 1 - Chaos Warrios
I faced a list containing:
Exalted Hero
3 Sorcerers
Block of 10-15 Chosen
Block of 10-15 Warriors
2 blocks of 16 marauders
2 Chaos Chariots
6 Chaos Knights
3 Chaos Ogres

I deployed my blocks in the middle of the field, with the ungors and minotaurs and a chariot on the right flank while the left flank was held by 2 chariots. The monsters deployed alongside my regiments in the middle.

On the left flank I was facing a lone chaos chariot and on the right the ogres and marauders with the warriors, chosen and knights in the middle. Last marauders and chariot deployed slightly to the right.

I inched forwards for my first turn, except for the chariots who sped forward at a steady pace. In his turn he did the same and in my 2nd turn I answered by declaring a charge against his chosen with the razorgor, hoping to strike his sorcerer, and the chariots on the left against the knights and the chariot. Everything else inched forward.

Chariots didn't do much. Downed a knight and caused a wound on the Chaoc chariots. My dice-rolling was abysmal throughout the day. But they held on. Razorgor cause a wound on the sorcerer, earning me some 90 vps and held.

In his turn his other chariot charged the ungors and chewed them up. Overran and wound up next to the table edge. Razorgor lost, fled and didn't stop fleeing until he'd run off the table in subsequent turns.

In my turn I charged the knights AND warriors with my bestigors while the giant just charged the warriors. They headed right past and out of sight from his own ASF giant which just stood there looking dumb. Chariot on the right flank charged the marauders.

In my shooting phase the Cygor FINALLY managed to score a hit on the giant with his stone. 5 wounds caused. Ouch.

In combat my Chariot in combat with his chariot finally succumbed and died a painful death. My chariot in combat with the marauders caused some wounds, lost but held firm.

In the central fight my Beastlord offered a challenge which his (summoned) exalted hero accepted. Naturally, with my hatred for him and D3 extra attacks I gobbled him up with an overkill score of +4. Bestigor, BSB and Giant made short work of a load of warriors and knights. Both units promptly fled and were chased down.

In his turn he manuevoured his chariot on the right into place while his giant charged my remaining gor regiment, and the chosen followed in its wake. His magicians had been a real pain throughout the battle, one of the flying around on a disc and casting nasty spells that hurt my cygor. Ogres charged the minotaurs.

In combat the giant won and broke the gors who fled, but it didn't manage to catch them. Chariot put some hurt on the marauders, lost, but held. Or maybe it was even, don't matter. Minotaurs won over the ogres and caused them to flee.

I think this was my 5th turn so remaining regiments didn't do much else except manouver. Gors rallied. Cygor didn't do much as usual. Minotaurs charged the chariot on the right flank and ate it up.

In his turn the giant once again charged the gors. Chariot on the left charged bestigors from behind. His magic finally fried the cygor Chariot caused some casualties on the bestigor, but they won easily and the chariot ran off, ending up just beside the wood that I'd hidden my shaman in. Gors overpowered the giant and caused it to run off.

In my turn the shaman declared a charge on the chariot, causing it to run through the chosen regiment, but without causing any major damage. Giant declared a failed charge against one of the marauder units. Chariot on the right flank lost and fled from the marauders but survived.

In his last turn the remaining chariot and giant rallied. His chosen charged my raiders, but they just fled off the board. Ogres once again charged my minotaurs but the combat ended in a draw.

Battle ended with a solid for me IIRC, but ended up being calculated at 14,5 pts in my favour and 5,5 pts to him according to how we play our tournies (20 pts divided between the players).

Match 2 - Daemons

I faced:
Daemon prince
6 Flesh hounds
6 seekers
3 fiends
20 Daemonettes
20 Horrors
20 Bloodletters
3 Screamers
3 Flamers
Herald of tzeentch
Herald of khorne on chariot

My opponent recently finished 8th in our nationals. He's a good player.

The dice cursed me throughout the game. I didn't manage to get a single spell off on account of my dice rolling. My opponent only ever had to use a single scroll and that was in my last turn... Cygor consistently failed on account of the dice rolling. Guesses were perfect, hit scored on the scatter die, but misfire on the artillery die... Sigh.

Had a minor hissy fit, threw my (own) dice a little bit off the table and started using someone else at which point my luck improved somewhat. I'd lost too much too early though in the first 2 turns for me to be able to recover.

Highlight of the game was when he charged by bestigors with the daemon prince and hounds. I challenged him with the beastlord... and promptly failed to wound the prince despite re-rolls to hit and 3 additional attacks... sigh. Naturally I also failed 2 regeneration rolls. Might be I killed a dog.

Next combat phase He scored 3 wounds on the beastlord. I now needed to make 3 regeneration rolls in order to survive to strike back. Guess who rolled a load of sixes? Beastlord came back with a vengeance, causing more than a few wounds on the prince and the remaining regiment took out a few hounds so combat resolution wiped the prince and hounds from the table.

From that point on he pretty much cleared the table though. Pretty much everything got fried by magic or flamers and in the end I had something like the BSB with a single wound, a chariot and my Shaman still standing. BSB took out the screamers and on my last turn the final chariot landed a lucky magic charge on the seekers with irresistable force and gobbled them up. Naturally he was charged by the fiends after that and given a beating.

The match ended with 2,5 pts to me and 17,5 pts to him. His single best score of the day, so I definitively had some seriously bad luck. That and his load of S5 shooting and magic.

Match 3 - Bretonnians

List consisting of:
Hero on Griffon
7 Grail knights, Paladin and sorceress
7 Knights of the realm, BSB and Sorceress
7 Errants
Grail Reliquary of some 20+ men
2 units of 10 archers
4 Pegasus Knights

The game started off badly, with his knight ploughing through my ungors and minotaurs and cygor. Unfortunately for them, I then declared a charge against the griffon w my chariot and Bestigors, to which he responded by fleeing. He didn't stop either, but ran off the edge after a couple of turns.

Grail knights had pursued off the table, but when they came back in my Giant was ready for them and tore them apart over a number of turns. Only to get finished off by the pegasi.

Bestigors and Gors first took care of the Reliquary and Errants in a mass battle while the razorgor tried dealing some damage to the Knights of the realm. KotR won and pursued. Landing them in a non-favourable position which allowed me to manoueveur with my Bestigors and a chariot and charge them... They were soundly beaten and caught. One of the chariots had mopped up some archers on the left flank while the other one on the same flank had gotten chewed up by the pegasi.

In the end all he had left was the pegasi and less than half of the errants. The trebuchet decided to quit early due to a misfire accident.

Total score was some 17,5 in my favour and 2,5 to him. The match had started badly, and I was a bit tired (alot) but I caught up and started playing better (and had alot of luck with that griffon, yes).

Total score for me was 34 pts, which landed me 4th place out of 8th. The lists which came ahead of me were High Elves, Lizardmen and Daemons placing just ahead with 35,5 pts. Considering beasts are ranked as a Band C army in ETC I think I did alright.

Next time we'll probably be playing ETC though and I'm a bit baffled as to how I'll tackle the dragons and other nasty stuff that I know'll pop up. On the other hand I'll then be able to field 2600 pts instead so...

21-06-2010, 11:55
well done, satan (that doesn't sound right for some reason....)

22-06-2010, 00:14
Nicely done, you must control your temper though, my man. I just sulk and look like I'm going to cry myself :D

22-06-2010, 20:03
Nice report. Do we get to see your beastmen sometime? I can't remember you showing them?

22-06-2010, 20:16
Cheers guys!

@selone - Haha, well, I guess hissy fit is a bit of an overstatement. I AM getting tired of those dice though - they always let me down! ;-)

@mrtn - I'll see if I can't get someone to upload the pics they took of the army. It's not really "mine" as I bought it painted, but I enjoy going over the paintjobs and improving a little bit upon them and end it all with a layer of varnish.

23-06-2010, 19:11
Awesome job!
Way to see some Beastman wins :D