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Col. Dash
21-06-2010, 13:00
Having looked at the book, and absolutely loving the new trolls models I decided to work on my army some more. Here is my new list using the 8th edition rules I remember from reading the book. This is a 2250 point list. At work so i do not remember all the details.

Skarsnik or another Night Gobbo Lord
Night Gobbo- BSB with either the Spider Banner or Big Red Banner(points are they same)
Night Gobbo Big Boss- Giant cave Squig, a minor magic weapon(>30 points)
Night Gobbo Big boss- a minor magic item(>30 points)
Night Gobbo Shaman- dispell Scroll
Night Gobbo Shaman- Sneaky staff of Stealin'

Night Goblins x 40 spear, shield, full com, netters, 2 x Fanatics
Night Goblins x 40 spear, shield, full com, netters, 2x Fanatics
Night Goblins x 20 short bow, full com, Fanatic

Squig Hoppers x 10
Squig Hoppers x 10

River Trolls x 9

The trolls form a center with Skarsnik or the lord. The spider banner BSB goes in the short bow unit and gives the 20 archers poisoned attacks. I might make the ground pounder big boss into another giant squig hopper boss. The trolls obviously take up a huge chunk of points so its possible I might put the gobbo lord in a spear unit and have them next to the trolls for the leadership. How does this look? The shamen due to the nastiness of the OnG miscast table will be defensive in nature.

21-06-2010, 18:52
Your BSB wont need Big Red bannor - now Every BSB allows rerolls for all tests anyway so it's worthless in 8th ed.

Full command on archers is suicidal - drop it and keep just the musician

9 trolls - sounds good but I'd stick with just 6 - effective and the points saved will allow for some decent stuff like snotling bases, squig herder teams - and I like the river troll upgrade but it's pricey!

And for 2250 points you have VERY little in terms of model count - at 2250 I'm packing 2 units of 30 spears, 40 common gobbos, 2 units of 20 archers, and then supporting units - so I'd look at were your sinking points as 8th ed for gobbos is going to be all about the numbers - right now your list (while fluffy) lacks any punch, it'll hold the enemy up for a bit then slowly crumble.

Trust me - i'm a gobbo!

22-06-2010, 02:45
With 8th focusing on larger numbers of units with more models per unit alot is changing. For instance those expensive fanatics are less effective because they're still only killing the same amount of models as in 7th but they're just as costly and unreliable.

At the same time nets are much more worth it at there's more models attacking who are affected by it.

Similarly the squig hoppers are basically crap due to low Initiative which will cause them to be striking last even if they charge (at least until this is fixed somehow), their only edge is you can't shoot or run from forced movement. So they're war machine hunters as anything else will rape them before they get their attacks.

Consider that pump wagons and doom divers got buffed as pump wagons can be taken without draining you of rare slots and doom divers are now the only war machine of it's type that still ignores armour saves. Though not alot of wounds it's very useful and even more reliable than before for killing those pesky knights.

Lastly I agree that 100 goblins with a few trolls and hoppers thrown in isn't enough for this army to win many games.