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24-02-2006, 18:43

I've decided that after 2 years of painting that it was time to paint an army. The army will be a space marine army, but the problem is I really don't can't choose between Ultramarines, Imperial Fist and Space Wolves. Tomorrow I'm going down the GW and buy the following stuff:

1 crusader squad ( for €5.- extra you get all kind of cool goodies:p )
1 tactical squad
1 terminator chaplain

I think this is a good base for an army, two 10 men squads and a well armoured chaplain and I've got some CC termies lying around here somewhere. ( and if I'm going with Space Wolves I've got some SW stuff too )

I hope you can convince me which of the three chapters to choose and I hope you will like this log

I will try to post pics twice a week, because I'm also quite busy with school. ( not this week, but after this week, it will be busy:cries: )


24-02-2006, 18:47
I'd go with Imperial Fists. For Space Wolves you'd probably need some of their chapter specific stuff and Ultramarines are too overdone IMO. If you can pull of yellow, the marines will look aces, and adding the tabards and older armour will make them look even better.


24-02-2006, 19:05
@knightofultramar: how expensive are the Land Raiders in the Netherlands?
in Germany they cost 50 and 60 , but you said "for 5.- extra". :confused:

24-02-2006, 19:16
landraiders cost €50.- and €60.- . With the crusader squad I mean black templar tactical squad with the upgrade sprue

24-02-2006, 19:54
ohhh :D well, ok I should read better next time :) thx

24-02-2006, 20:53
Go Ultramrine FTW brother. The glorious first company could always use some more support!

Join the Ultrawing!

Hideous Loon
24-02-2006, 22:02
It all boils down to one simple question: Can you paint yellow so that it looks good and smooth? If the answer is "Yes" then go Imperial Fists. If it's "No", then go Ultras, since blue is much easier to paint than yellow.

25-02-2006, 01:18
Yes ultramarine!!!

25-02-2006, 12:15
just returned. I've bought everything except the crusader squad which they didn't have, so I bought a BT assault squad. I'm going to GW on Wednesday for a blending class. I'm going to return the chaplain, because there's a huge crack in his T armour that which runs up to his neck:cries: . I'm going to paint them Imperial Fist. I'll post some pics later this they with the assembled squads.

Also thanks for the replies:D


25-02-2006, 12:50
Go for Maledictors :D Normal marines are grey like:

The first company stuff (veterans and terminators are black)

On the armour you can write (if you got the painting skills for it) various curses and stuff like that.

25-02-2006, 20:09
Sorry, but no pics today. Assembly is going slow because I'm painting a test mini. It's quite difficult for me to paint Imperial Fist, because it's a new style for me. I normally paint off a black undercoat, but for the yellow I use skull white with a layer of sunburst, lining in with chestnut, then touching up, after that 2 highlights. I think this army will not only be my first 40k army, but also a great learning experience. I have to say the bright yellow looks great. I'm going to assemble some more and this time I really promise that I will post pics.

have a good night and see you tomorrow.


26-02-2006, 08:52
Sounds nice.

26-02-2006, 18:30
here are some pics of the test mini. the highlights need some more work and the shoulderpad rim is also not finished. the base will be grey, for the summer campaign. the metal areas need some ink and some highlights. The first squad is almost assembled. I've primed 4 more marines today, but need another layer of white. I hope I can finish the test mini tonight, but it will be finished tomorrow for sure. Hope you enjoy the mini and C&C is welcome as always.:)



26-02-2006, 19:03
Not bad, not bad at all (for your first mini)

As you said the white highlights need cleaning up


28-02-2006, 15:43
Finally, finished the assembly of the first squad, 1 serg, 1 flamer and 5 bolter marines. 1 is painted, I'm painting 2 and the rest will be primed tomorrow or thursday. I must say the whole assembly really took longer then I expected:(

Can I have some more comment on the test mini? the only change I've made is the right shoulderpad which I painted black. I'll post a pic off him this evening.

Tomorrow I'm going to GW. I'm going to have a painting class (blending) and I'm gonna buy a new chaplain ( the one with the head uncovered )

05-03-2006, 20:05
really? assembly took me like 1 hour for a squad.... o well they certainly look good for your first mini. but you do notice the big whit spots right? i have that problem too.