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21-06-2010, 23:28
Well, an idea I've been playing with, putting my faith into the Saurus once more.

Slann Mage Priest- Soul of Stone, Focus of Mystery, Battle Standard, Cupped Hands of the Old Ones, Curse Charm of Tepok, Itxi Grubs - 390 pts

Chakax - 335 pts

Skink Priest- Level 2, Diadem of Power - 125 pts

20 Saurus - Full Command, Spears - 270 pts

20 Saurus - Full Command - 250 pts

16 Temple Guard - Full Command, Plaque of Dominion - 341 pts

4 Terradons - 120 pts

2 Salamanders - Extra Handlers - 160 pts

Total 1991 pts.

22-06-2010, 01:06
Chakax is way too expensive for what he does... way too expensive...

Also, with the way Magic works now... That Diadem is useless to you, unless you want to lessen your Slann's casting. Also, you cannot take Itxi Grubs with Cupped Hands as they are both Arcane items.

22-06-2010, 06:46
Egads. You're right in some places.

So what it's probably looking like is swapping the Diadem out for a scroll, The grubs out for a Terradon

However I will be keeping Chakax. He may be expensive but he can easily go toe to toe with ANY character in the game which is downright silly for a hero and his scout/assassin/fanatic etc. denial is a fantastic little trick in itself.

22-06-2010, 16:14
No, no he can't. He costs as much as a fully equipped hardcore combat lord, yet most of those will deck him in a turn.

For example:
Chaos Lord of Tzeentch with Amulet of 5+ ward save (in new BRB), Chaos Runesword, chaos horsey and shield = 334pts. He will deck Chakax pretty much every time due to 1+/4++ and 6 WS9 S6 attacks.

Basically, Chakax is rubbish for a few reasons. First off, he doesn't actually hit hard enough. 4 Ws5 S7 attacks with (effectively) ASF is lovely and all, but that's only 2 hits and at best 1 wound. Therefore he won't kill anything decent (excepting assassins and the like) in 1 turn. Next, he isn't actually very well protected. T5 2W 5+/5++ is not enough to stop hero level attackers, never mind lords. His 'reveal magic items' trick is nice, but at the end of the day he's just not worth his huge price tag.

I'd suggest saurus should be 6 wide. They're tough and hit hard, so make use of that - they're also too expensive to go big for ranks.

You have very few support units in a mainly infantry army. That could lead to problems...

You also have no hammers. Saurus are great, but flank charges help you deal with massive horde units due to removing steadfast.

22-06-2010, 20:47
Actually, let's clarify this.

First of all, in your scenario....take that Chaos Runesword and throw it away. It's a hand weapon. No special effects, bonuses or anything.

Second, Chakax is rerolling to hit. So you're Lord is WS 8, has S5, 5 attacks and is going LAST.

Chakax hits on 4s with rerolls, so 3 hits. He wounds on 2s. 3 wounds, easy. Your lord now has a 5+ save and his ward.

Not to mention you're throwing a Lord at Chakax to dispose of him. That leaves him and all his attacks focused on something that's not the unit.

And Chakax will probably not be unbuffed. The Lore of Beasts, Life or Light are all potent things now so the Slann will probably be turning his Guardian into a god of death for the sake of it through this whole thing. Chakax is potent. Very potent. But like a lot of things he requires co-ordination with other units as support. (Oddly enough I play 'nids in 40k and Eldar too. I know all about supporting things and working in tandem.)

The lack of a hammer unit...true. But again, all working in tandem. Keep the units in a line. Charge one and next turn the others eat your flank. The problem with Lizardmen is it's a very low initiative army across the board. A hammer unit is useless if your opponent turns around and focuses on it, ripping it apart before it does anything. So an attrition based war suits them better.

Also, points are tweaked a little. Maths fails late at night and early in the morning.

Essentially it's now...

Slann - BSB, FoM, SoS, Cupped Hands, Curse Charm
Skink Priest - Level 2, Plaque of Tepok

20 Saurus - HWS, Full Command
20 Saurus - Spears, Full Command

16 Temple Guard- Full Command, Plaque of Dominion
4 Terradons

2 Salamanders.

To address a few things....

The 2D6 charge range means the army is considerably faster than before. Taking a Ld test to march with Cold Blooded and a Slann? Easy.

Terradons make nice little War Machine and Wizard hunters.

Salamanders are now ridiculous with their template.

Temple Guard and Saurus are nice big blocks. They can soak things.

Low initiative in general means that going all out and charging forward seems silly. Call me a traditionalist but I like my masked ranks. I feel that taking too many 'hammer' units would be redundant. Cold Ones are expensive and low initiative, Kroxigor are 3/4s of 3 Saurus for more points and Skinks are skinks. Stegadons are an option but risky. I expect a flood of War Machines now. Special Hammer units would get pasted by those, hard. Infantry survive more.

So I went for my roots. In 5th edition I used to field a unit of 50 Saurus. I might bring that back soon enough.