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22-06-2010, 00:18
So i am deciding to play my DE again now when the new edition of the rulebook is released and haven't even played one game with there new Army book so thought i could post my first idea of a list here.

Master: Heavy armour, shield, sea dragon cloak, Biting blade and Black dragon egg. Will use the the BDE for the breath attack in CC.

Lvl 2 sorceress: Sacrificial dagger, Tome of furion. To get that extra kick i the new magic system with help of the dagger.

Lvl 2 sorceress: Focus Familiar, Dispel scroll. The Familiar to get som extra protection with help of the LOS rules.

20 DE warriors: spear and shield Full command.

23 DE warriors: spear and shield Full command. Little bigger for the sacrificial dagger. ;)

10 DE Repeater Crossbowmen

10 DE Repeater Crossbowmen

10 Black Ark Corsairs: dual full command. 40 Shots a turn on 4+ and as many stand and shot on 5+ god for standing in the way if nothing else.

2 DE chariots, supporting charges

20 Black Guard: Full command, Ring of Hotec. Any double becomes a miscast nuff said.

5 Cold one Knights: Full Command. supporting charges

Hydra: The big tank with the new rules.

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers: Long range shooting.

The things i am doubtful about is the second chariot and sorceress, as well as the Cold one Knights.

What do you think?

22-06-2010, 01:35
Yes to chariot and sorceress, no to knights.

If you have the points in heros still you might consider a master with either the ring or a null stone. As it stands you have alot of offense but consider that you're against a much more damaging magic phase, while the ring is under priced and overpowered.

As for the chariot impact hits are always a yes especially with how the rules have gone, just make sure to use them right or it'll be even more disastrous than it used to be. Also without the S7 auto kill on them they're much more useful.

Small unit of knights who can't break ranks? I'd rather see some harpies or dark riders to hunt war machines and mages, this unit isn't going to have a big impact on most games, spend these points on that master.

I'm pretty sure at least your first sorceress is illegal with 2 arcane items (i'd have to check rule book again on magic items), though it looks like you might be able to scroll it up with another arcane item as per your second sorceress.

22-06-2010, 09:47
Do you mean that should move the Ring from the BG to a Master to improve its survivability? You might be right about the Arcane items been so long since i played so only remembered that you couldn't take duplicate's of most thing.

Your Mum Rang
22-06-2010, 10:10
A nice list indeed. Four solid blocks will always work.

You Sorceress is illegal. Take the Tome over the Dagger IMO. That might need you'll be re-jigging your Spearmen as one is obviously fodder for her. I REALLY like the small Corsair unit. So much so I may add them into my list (I currently have 5 Shades who are unsure of their place) because they add more shooting and make an excellent flanking block to cancel ranks when 2x5.

22-06-2010, 10:18
I was thinking that the dagger would become more useful i new magic rules as its an easy way of making sure that you don't miscast. I am pondering right now what i should do for the point i get back for illegal items and the CoK. I am locking at expanding the Corsairs so the don't lose the necessary 2 ranks and a BSB. Thoughts?

Your Mum Rang
22-06-2010, 11:59
I don't see how the Dagger has a major impact upon miscasting. It's not like you can re-roll or anything.

22-06-2010, 14:44
Well I see it like this. If i Use lets say 3 dice to cast a spell and None of them is a 6 but i didn't have enough to make the spell i can then decide to use the dagger knowing to be safe from miscast instead of throwing 4 dice and have a higher probability of a miscast.

22-06-2010, 16:54
So this is the uppdated verion.

20 Dark elf Spearmen
Shield, Full command

23 Dark elf Spearmen
Shield, Full command

10 Dark Eelf Repeater Crossbowmen

10 Dark Eelf Repeater Crossbowmen

10 Black arc Corsairs
Dual Hand crossbows, full command

20 Black Guard
Ring of hotec, full command

Cold one Chariot

Cold one Chariot

War Hydra

Repeater Boltthrower

Repeater Boltthrower

Shield, Black dragon eggs, Heartseeker, Blood armour

BSB Heavy armour Seal of ghrond

Lvl 2, Sacrificial dagger

Lvl 2, Focus Familiar

22-06-2010, 16:55
I meant that you should move the Ring off of the BG unit and onto a master to improve the survivability of the ring, not necessarily the master. I should have been more clear I suppose but I find when the enemy discovers that the ring is on a fairly easy to kill model with one wound and a poor save that he gets targeted, and yes the rest of the unit is nasty but i'd throw away a unit just to target the Lordling and kill the ring. Doubly so with there being no look out sir rules as well.

Also only casters can take arcane items, therefore your bsb is illegal.

22-06-2010, 17:15
I realized it about the master to so changed it to a seal of ghrond. But it feels now that i have nowhere to put the ring, should I maybe put it on the Lord and replace heartseeker With dagger of hotek?