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Dvi wolflord
22-06-2010, 18:46
starting new fantasy army
what should i get and can u give some suggest a army list
plz message back

22-06-2010, 20:00
What do you like?

Combat, shooting, magic, warmachines,massive units, monsters. A bit of everything?

Looking at your biography, you have Ogres and O+G. This screams combat/ monsters. In that case, Beastmen or warriors would be a good route, if you want a similar army. Or if you want something differant, Empire or Undead would be a big change

Tell all the nice warseers this before anything else, so we can help


22-06-2010, 22:13
I say Beastmen!

I'm picking them as my 2nd army (VC player). They're new and shiny and ripe with possibilities

But, honestly, without knowing what you want from your army it's hard to give you much advice.

Agnar the Howler
22-06-2010, 22:38
Warning!: Novel-length post incoming!

Firstly i'm going to make a polite request for some better spelling and grammar and a bit of a more mature approach to titles (a lot of people see One Billion and One exclamation marks followed by a 1 and instantly get put off, so keeping punctuation marks to a minimum is best); but it's only some friendly advice.

Secondly, is this your first Fantasy army or just a new one? A person's first army (if they have one) can be a good judge of character, and can also help people get to know what a person might like in future armies. A player's first army should always be one that they enjoy both the look of, and the feel of; nothing more. If you play an army because it wins everytime, then the whole WHFB experience will be very dull. Always go for looks and feel above all else, and if your army also happens to win games, it's an added bonus!

Thirdly, what armies the players in your area use? It's not going to be fun if we suggest Daemons and you end up facing other Daemons all the time; a little variety never hurts. It can also help us to avoid suggesting armies that might suffer being weak vs most of the armies you play against. For example, if people constantly play gunline lists, then it's going to be hugely counter-productive suggesting an expensive, elite army of footsloggers. However, we also want to avoid giving you instant 'I-Win' armies, as it will not be fun for you or your opponent if you steamroll him everytime without hassle.

Fourthly, do you have any armies in mind? It's always easier to help you choose from, say, a shortlist of 3 or so armies; it's a lot harder to choose from the entire range, especially when people can easily just make biased suggestions in favour of their own armies.

Penultimately, ask to look through the store copies of the suggested army book(s) at your local store; ask the employees if they have any experience with the armies and if they have any models around to give you a quick demo game. If not, ask if they can help you make a quick 500pt-750pt-1000pt army list, or just ask for advice on the basic structures of an effective list. Even ask on here for help. But avoid asking for them to be done for you. You need to learn how structure them and how to add units that compliment each other, getting someone else to do it for you is lazy and teaches you nothing.

It is infinitely better to make your own list and post it up here for advice than to ask for one ready made.

Ultimately, it's up to you. You can choose to ignore everyone and go with something completely different. You could choose to ignore a few or most comments, you could even choose to accept all of them. In the end, whatever appeals to you the most is the army for you. All we can do here is suggest armies based off experience (which can often lead to biased opinions, or opinions based on above/below average outcomes) or the information you give us (which is open to vastly interpretations).

If an army appeals to you, if it looks good and you like the feel of it, then forget people's opinions and go with it, as chances are you'll have a lot more fun with an army you chose using your own feelings and instincts than using some randomer's comments.

Your chosen army should always fit as much of your own criteria as possible. If there's an army that you like the look and feel of but it can't win games for toffee, but there's also an army that you like the look and feel of and has a good chance of winning on top of that, then go for the one that can win, as having a mixed bag of results is better than having runs of the same one.

However, if there's an army that always wins, but you don't like the look or feel of and an army that doesn't always win, but you like the look and feel of, go for the you like the look and feel of; there's no point playing an army that you're going to hate putting together, painting and pushing around a table.