View Full Version : Any advice for modeling/painting a Chaos Dragon?

22-06-2010, 20:06
I just purchased the Galrauch Chaos Dragon model and don't really like the colors that GW put on the dragon on the box. I was wondering what color schemes other people have used that turned out nicely.

I'm not planning on using the model as Galrauch, but just a mount for a character...I was wondering if building a small platform on the back of the dragon to mount an infantry character works, or if I'll need to buy a mounted hero.

Also what type of scenery looks really cool when added to the base, I think that rocks/ground is a little generic...maybe skeleton bits would be cool just to have bones scattered around on the ground.

If anyone has pictures of a dragon that they have modeled, I'd like to see it.

Thanks for any advice!

Vile Druchii
23-06-2010, 00:09
Just some random ideas!

If you're painting a lot of flesh on a model, I tend to favour using a white undercoat and painting with washes, one layer at a time. You can really control highlights and shading with this technique.

A fighting platform can look awesome, but remember to make it realistic too. This is a dragon that will be flying through the skies and swooping down at enemies. The platform needs to look like it will safely support someone. Just something as simple as a few chains can achieve this though.

As for the base, go crazy! Use a whole box of skellies, poke their spears out of the ground and have piles of charred remains. Also, try using a.bit of the wall scenery. I like using the part with the tree growing through the wall. It gives a nice effect, but doesn't make the base look too busy.

Seth the Dark
23-06-2010, 00:13
As far as scenery I would go for some a ruined building.

23-06-2010, 04:12
If you are looking for a simple solution for the rider on your dragon, a chaos knight fits perfectly on the back just behind the wings. I made one tzeentch and one khorne chaos knight and just switch out depending on which I want to use. It almost snaps into place so no glue is necessary. Granted, the chaos knight looks a little pedestrian compared to other chaos lord models, but it works.