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Part III of V

The angel of death – Undivided devotion.

The freight train rumbled to an agonizing stop on the rails inside of the Auschwitz compound. The human cargo that was packed tightly into its bevy of cattle cars continued to groan and clamor, suffering as they were from a four-day journey without food, water, bathroom facilities, or even fresh air. The Jewish prisoners were the latest victims of the Nazi campaign to liquidate the Jewish population of Hungary, the last Jewish community to remain intact during the war. Their final destination was the violent, Dantesque nightmare of Auschwitz, the premier Nazi death factory in southwestern Poland, the most efficient cog in the wheel of the Nazi’s Endlosung, Final Solution, to the so-called Jewish question.

The doors of each cattle car were violently thrown open by Nazi SS soldiers carrying machine guns. "Raus, raus!" ("Out, out!") they screamed at the frightened and bewildered Jews, who hurried out the doors under a rain of cudgel blows and past the snapping, barking jaws of the camp’s German Shepherds. The air was thick with the deafening and confusing sound of orders being screamed, dogs barking, and the stench of burning flesh and hair that spewed from the smokestacks of the camp’s 5 crematoria 24 hours a day. Families were separated immediately, with the males forming one line and the females forming another. Most victims were unaware that this was the last time that they would see their loved ones alive, unaware of their lost opportunity to say last good-byes.

The SS troops marched the doomed prisoners to the head of the ramp onto which they had exited. They were led before an SS officer who, in the midst of all the madness, agony and death, seemed very out of place. His handsome face was set with a kind smile, his uniform impeccably tailored, cleaned and pressed. He was cheerfully whistling an opera tune, one of his favorites by Wagner. His eyes betrayed nothing but a cursory interest in the drama that was unfolding before him, the drama of which he alone was the chief architect. He carried a riding crop, but rather than using it to strike the prisoners as they passed before him, he merely used it to indicate which direction he selected them to go in, links oder rechts, left or right. Unbeknownst to the prisoners, this charming and handsome officer with the innocuous demeanor was engaging in his favorite activity at Auschwitz, selecting which new arrivals were fit to work and which ones should be sent immediately to the gas chambers and crematorium. Those sent to the left, roughly 10 to 30 percent of all new arrivals, had their lives spared, at least for the moment. Those sent to the right, usually 70 to 90 percent of all new arrivals, had been condemned to die without even a passing glance from their judge and jury at Auschwitz. The officer who held omnipotent sway over the fate of all the camp’s prisoners was Dr. Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death.

Mengele was the second son of a well-to-do Bavarian industrialist whose family still runs an implement factory in Germany. He is described by those who knew him in his youth as a serious student and a young person with obvious intelligence and ambition.

In 1931 at the age of 20 he joined the Stahlhelm (Steel Helmet); he joined the SA in 1923 and applied for party membership in 1937. Upon being accepted into the Nazi party, he applied for membership in the SS.
In his university studies, Mengele chose to concentrate on physical anthropology and genetics, eventually working under Otmar von Verschuer at the Frankfurt University Institute of Hereditary Biology and Racial Hygiene.

Prior to his arrival at Auschwitz, he had published three articles, one of which was his dissertation in the Anthropological Institute at the University of Munich and which was entitled "Racial-Morphological Examination of the Anterior Portion of the Lower Jaw in Four Racial Groups". His medical dissertation, published in 1938, was entitled "Genealogical Studies in the Cases of Cleft Lip-Jaw-Palate". This was a predecessor to his work on genetic abnormalities and indirectly on twins which was to take place at Auschwitz. The third article - entitled "Hereditary Transmission of Fistulae Auris" was published in conjunction with research done on the Lenz-Vershuer principle of "irregular, dominant hereditary process". It appeared in 1928 that Mengele was destined for the academia.

A less known fact of Doctor Mengele was his secret fascination with the occult. He prided himself in the forbidden knowledge he horded. He was fascinated with early genetic manipulation and human biology. Prior to leaving for Auschwitz he had written a paper outlining an experimental procedure that would boost muscle growth in a human ten-fold, the side effects were unknown. Due to the ambiguous nature of the document it was never published in any credible scientific journals. Perhaps it was fate that the paper fell into the hands of Dr. Grausen, a gaunt scientist whose practices were less known of then Mengele’s. Dr. Grausen immediately sent forth for Dr, Mengele to discuss the paper. With haste Dr. Mengele arrived at the mysterious Doctor’s laboratory. They exchanged pleasantries and immediately set to work. Dr. Mengele explained his paper to the skeletal Grausen who sat and never spoke. His eyes were transfixed on Dr. Mengele, for one of the first times in his life Mengele felt uneasy, like an impending tide of responsibility and change were about to crash upon Mengele. Mengele remained pessimistic in the validity of his paper, he said that empirical data would have to be taken which meant a lot of experimentation. Experiments that would leave the patients dead. Dr. Grausen smiled and softly said: “Es kann arrangiert warden” .

Soon after the meeting Dr. Mengele took change of the medical facilities at Auschwitz. He had full reign of the operation, no one asked questions. He had access to all the supplies he needed and he didn’t have to answer to other physicians. He still had to answer to one man, Grausen. Grausen ordered Mengele to conduct work on his paper that became known as: “Das übermensch Projekt”. He would spend many days operating on live patients, extracting muscle tissue, injecting their eyes with dye, surgery with no anesthetic. The halls of his building were filling with the blood soaked cries of terror and agony, music to his ears. He attempted a myriad of operations to increase muscle mass. He failed time and time again, those left alive after the process were incinerated to remove evidence of failure. Dr. Mengele turned to using twins for his operations. He would remove limbs from one of the twins and graft the muscle from the limb to the limb of another. It was important to Dr. Mengele to make sure that the patients were awake and fully aware of the nightmare they were going through. Prior to examination the twins were treated fairly well.

Twins in the experiments describe three days of what must have been psychological examination and three days of laboratory experiments. "Three times a week we were marched to Auschwitz to a big brick building, sort of like a big gymnasium. They would keep us there for about six or eight hours at a time - most of the days. ..... “We would have to sit naked in the large room where we first entered, and people in white jackets would observe us and write down notes. They also would study every part of our bodies. They would photograph, measure our heads and arms and bodies, and compare the measurements of one twin to another. The process seemed to go on and on."

The progress of Dr. Mengele’s übermensch Projekt was slow. His creations would rarely live a few days past “conception”. Most of the time their spines would snap as their increased muscle mass would spasm. Internal bleeding was also rampant in the survivors. None of them were combat capable by far. The experiments continued without relent and countless had died under Dr. Mengele’s knife. His operating chamber became a macabre diary of his work. The metal work was all stained by the foul crimson hue of dried blood. The sting of copper scented the stale air. The operations became more and more crude and violent. Infection was wide-spread and no efforts were conduct to contain the issue. Dr. Mengele’s passion for his work left him sleepless for many nights, the sound of snapping bone shearing sinew kept most of the guards awake. From a scene of surgical surgery to an abattoir, Dr. Mengele persisted on to complete his work.

Before the liberation of Auschwitz by Soviet forces in January, 1945. Dr. Mengele had completed a functioning, coherent prototype of the übermensch. He sent reports to Dr. Grausen detailing the project completion and permission for further work. Mengele had successfully created a monster that could take orders. The brutish hulk stood in the upper 7 feet. It’s body was stitched with scars. The beast could understand and follow basic orders, it’s strength was unparalleled. Dr. Mengele named his creature: “Fabius”, a regal name for such a magnificent creature.

When the Soviets liberated the death-camp no signs of Dr. Mengele or his creature could be found. His surgery was filled with mangled corpses of the hospital’s guards, butchered savagely. Dr. Mengele nor Grausen were ever heard of again.

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i like how you picked a chaos thing that we didn't suspect very nice but yes it was hard to follow and it seemed like he wasn;t into the occult as much as the others and explain the muscle thing a bit more but i know what comes out when your sick so i don't blame you for the low quality re wirte it when your feeling better

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This is a TRUE story
It is claimed by a reliable source, that Nazi war criminal, Dr.Josef Mengele, has an illigitimate daughter, who was born in early 1961 to an Australian woman of German ancestry. Who had been in Paraguay. Staying in a German colony there with her mother and brother, in mid-1960. It is believed the mother of the child was unaware, at the time, of who the child’s father was. But that her mother (now deceased), referred to as “A” in some articles, was well and truly aware and indeed had friends or relatives in that colony. The mother discovered the horrific truth in the mid-70’s, according to the source, believed to be a close relative and confidente of the child’s mother, until recently. The mother who is referred to as “V”.

The child was adopted out and was born in Australia.

According to the source. The child tracked her birth mother down in the early ’90’s. The mother “freaked”. She acknowledged that she was indeed her mother but didn’t want to meet her, but gave her some information regarding her background. But nothing was published as to exactly what. The girl/woman probably is unaware of who her father is(?)

The child had enclosed a few snapshots. One being a close-up of herself and the second, of her 2 children; A baby girl and a toddler son. The mother was quoted as commenting on how the child had an “eerie and uncanny” resemblence to Josef Mengele. That she had “hauntingly beautiful blue eyes”. But what affected the mother more was that both Mengele and his daughter had a mole on the left side of their faces, in almost an identical position. The child had blonde hair, whereas Mengele’s was darker. Otherwise, apparently she was said to have a very strong resemblence to her infamous father.

If that woman, who was referred to as “J” put all the pieces together. It would probably be enough to get her thinking, as there’s the issue of a private adoption, and certain conditions we involved. One being their race! Another, I believe, was religion. Mengele’s parents were strict Catholics.

They stated the child was 4 weeks premature. Apparently Mengele referred to her as “his early birthday present” or “another early birthday present”. This makes sense. Mengele’s birthdate is March 16. His son Rolf’s is March 11. Therefore it would be fair, to my way of thinking, to assume his daughter was born between March 1 and March 15 1961. There was other information too, and to be honest. The whole thing has me really thinking. What would you do if you found out your father was one of the 'so called', most hated men in history?

I’d be interested in any feedback. It’s an issue, I have never thought about before, but there must be many children out there whose father, or less likely, mother is an almost universal hated figure. And they are unaware of it. The law of averages says some MUST discover the truth. What a nightmare! If the pieces are put together from the things I have read on various Jewish, Nazi and non-Jewish forum sites etc. Since the child knew enough to trace her birth mother. I think she would well and truelly have enough information to really wonder whether it could be her they are talking about. In other words, she could trace herself!

There is a poll about Mengele’s daughter at http://www.misterpoll.com/3708044159.html

Check it out.

UPDATE: It appears the mother has headed for the hills. According to several articles. She has flown the coup to the Barossa Valley in the state of South Australia. This area has a large German population.

I wonder if she intends telling her daughter the truth about her father before someone tracks her down..and they will. I would not like to hear something like that from the media or worse. - On some TV news show!

*Some information obtained from Wikipedia; Internet Encyclopaedia.