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23-06-2010, 15:03
Iím a long time 40k player looking to get into Fantasy. Iím spending a great deal of time learning about the various fantasy armies and I have a question that originates from my 40k paradigm. I play a highly maneuverable Eldar army and I know how to capitalize on mobility during a 40k game. So I was thinking a highly maneuverable Fantasy army might help me transition into Fantasy Ė specifically an all-cavalry Wood Elf, Warriors of Chaos, or Orcs and Goblins army (or any other army that has cavalry as a core choice).

Problem is Iíve only ever seen big blocks of core units shuffling about on a tabletop. I can only assume this is the case because itís clearly wise to have a strong block core instead of scooting about on the flanks picking off vulnerable units. Should I dispel the notion of an army of wood elf cavalry plinking away at my opponents exposed units before darting away? Is the idea of swarms of goblin spiders simply uncompetitive? Does an army need a strong core of blocked troops to function in Fantasy?

Thanks in advance

23-06-2010, 15:25
All cavalry lists work great for 7ed but they won't be nearly as useful comee 8th. You're going to be better off attempting an infantry based army now, as they're getting buffed and will be much more maneuverable.

23-06-2010, 21:55
Im also a big fan of the eldar mobility and love the flying and calvary aspects of warhammer fb. I always call my farseer in falcon a space chariot. Just like the eldar in 40k, u still need some bulk and presence to whether the storm and capture the field.

I will still run highly mobile HE armies with big block of troops as back up. probly not calv per se but giant eagles and mounted characters on griffins and such.

Wood elves will probly be pretty fun with a few stalwart units of spears and a ton of fast calv, inlcuding the uber cool war hawk riders. plus there archers lines have a much more efficient presence as they can fire in two ranks and therefore take up much less space.

Im a big fan of Warriors of Chaos marauder horsemen as well, nothin like a buncha big ugly guy with strange tattos whippin axes at ur face and running away.